Report: “Significant Disconnect” Between Derek Carr and Jon Gruden

With the season all but slipped away, there’s no question the Raiders are in for another rumor-filled offseason.

Last year, the hot topic was the status of quarterback Derek Carr. This year… well, it’s going to be a lot of the same. And maybe even more.

Carr left the Coliseum for the last time on Sunday to showers of boos and beer, and his reception on social media hasn’t been much better. The fan base is pretty well split on whether or not Carr should be the Raiders quarterback of the future so it should come as no surprise that a report popped up on Tuesday to fan the flames.

Via Michael Lombardi of The Athletic:

There is a significant disconnect between the coach and the quarterback. Gruden and Carr will play nice; they will say all the positives about one another. Still, having been around Gruden for many of those good years in Oakland, I know what he loves in quarterbacks: the toughness, the grit, the willingness to sacrifice, and most of a competitive drive to match his own. Carr makes too many mistakes with the ball, and whether it’s a fair assessment of his ability or not, he never displays the fire that would remind anyone of former quarterback Rich Gannon. Too many times he refuses to hold on for one more second, knowing he might get hit before releasing the ball.”

For what it’s worth, if Gruden and Carr are just playing nice, they are doing a good job of it. Typically in the past, it wasn’t difficult to tell if Gruden was unhappy with his quarterback, but we haven’t seen a lot of frustration with Carr from Gruden.

Remember, Lombardi was an executive under Al Davis for the entirety of Gruden’s first stint with the Raiders. So he knows how Gruden goes about the job. The question is, does Lombardi have a source on Gruden and Carr, or is he judging Gruden’s thoughts by his own experience being around him?

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13 thoughts on “Report: “Significant Disconnect” Between Derek Carr and Jon Gruden

  1. Play the players we signed n stop playn safe doing that also helped n lost games!!!! Use trick plays n desquises on defense n offence!!! And go for the yard on 4th n short we got the backs to do it!!!

  2. Try rod Smith at punt & kick return, use full backs more use rbs n fullbacks n passn plays! Use more jet sweep otions we got the speed that will press the power to move the chains! Kp Jacobs off so we DNT injure him more, we got strong n fast backs let’s do bunch options that’ll open up the number 2-4 receivers to op out to the TE we did that b4 n got 65yards + Td

  3. I noticed we kill the CBS on slant & wheel routes stay underneath & inside the pass protection n we take chunks out the field every time & we score n it’s proved every game but we DNT stay on top of the press n that kills us!

  4. On defense I think we die out cause of the plays if we start using box press zones false blitz sceme it’ll force them to throw mid to long field for 3rd n 4th dwns which wud open them up for sacks with or tfl!! And stay close DNT play so far off man press man on man

  5. I think we could use some defensive backs, corner backs n safties to cover mid & deep field! & We need linebackers & De for the edge n pass rush !!!

  6. If he doesn’t see with in himself that there is no leadership and direction of winning no matter what.Car if thats how you want to continue I playing maybe you should think of going to Clevland.They dont seem to mind what ever the quarterback does.We the RAIDER fans are tired of waiting for that quarterback with a fire lit up hos eds that wants and needs to lead a team in wining.Im tired of waiting but will be willing to give one more year no more.You yourself should be sick to your stomach in how your playing.Remember this its all about the team and wining not your personal records.Get off your Lazy *** and get it going If you really want to be Round for the next 10 year’s.Thats in the NFL your starting to become a wShed out used up QB.If you dont get it together you will be in on a team other than the Raiders watching the game as a spectator because no coach or team believes you can lead or win.Take for what you want Its your choice what you want to be remembered as a QB. In the NFL.Raiders for Life.

    1. You might outta start rooting for Clevland as apparently you don’t know much about the game…Carr cannot win by himself….A combination of poor officiating and poor kicker….too a degree…. and a collapse in defense is why the last game was lost….Agree with something said several times about trick plays,and just a bigger variety of offensive plays in general….The last 3 games …..and several more in general we have controlled at halftime to absolutely give away… and not score whatsoever in 2nd half….A few key defensive players,c pl wide receivers etc…and the Raiders will be a beast of a team…..imo

      1. Dont be a cry baby. You might recall all those interceptions and turnovers inside the 10 yard line which no one else threw the ball but Carr.As for him needing more on offence yes that he does.Our D really sucks but when they do above par in games it seems like mister QB just plays as if he does not give a ****.Maybe I’m wrong but if Quacks and walks like a duck dam must be a duck.

  7. Comments like these are a joke n completely inaccurate. Everyone mistakenly assumes Gannon was a Gruden trained QB which is so far from true. Gannon was at end of his career when Gruden came 2 town. Gannon played like he always did never transformed into different style player or typical Gruden QB.

    Also, Gruden never has had a style QB as he has never drafted a QB then coached him into a star. That being said comments of what Gruden likes in QB is crazy to fit his mold is ridiculous as Gruden’s mold is a lying, deceitful, mediocre coach.

    Finally, Gannon n Gruden did not get along that well as I remember many times hearing bout heated exchanges between the 2 of them. You people who report things to public should know what your speaking about prior to releasing it as something true.

  8. Well well well lets sll go blaming Derek. He has no receivers, and i am sure he is not calling all the plays. Gruden shows no emotion on the sidelines, we got beat by 30 by the Jets, he still just stands there with his scowl on. Reminds me of Marvin Lewis. I want to win somehow just win. With or without DC or JG…

  9. Gruden, is a true professional and learned from his past mistakes with under performing players.
    He understands the the media and is savy than most and will not bash Carr , because he is now a bargaining chip for 2020 draft picks and beyond . His vision is well planned with the Brain Trust Mayock in behind the shield plotting and planning their next big transaction that will give the Raiders more draft capital of picks to stack on top of their first 5 picks in 90 spots , having 2first Rds and three 3rd Rd picks .. they can easily add 2-3 more picks in the 2 -5 rounds , should they package Carr & Jackson since Jackson contract will start to accelerate soon.
    Which only increase The Raiders salary cap from the projected 70 mil to a whopping $100 mil or more when you consider the other cuts that will definitely happen. So the free agent flood gates will open in Las Vegas and it’s more enticing due to no state taxes ! Go Raiders ! Time to add the missing pieces and chase our next Lombardi!

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