Raiders Radio Host JT The Brick Offers Bold Approach to Defending the Chiefs’ Offense This Week

The Raiders have one last chance to keep their season alive, but it isn’t going to be easy.

On Sunday, the Raiders travel to Arrowhead Stadium and will take on the division-leading Chiefs. With a win, the Raiders would be a game out of first place in the AFC West and, at most, a game out of the Wild Card chase.

With so much on the line, the Raiders have to find a creative way to match up with the Chiefs, who dismantled them a month ago in Las Vegas. Raiders’ radio host JT The Brick brought up an idea on Monday that would take some guts, but might be something the coaches should consider…

Bench Johnathan Abram for a week.

“The way [Abram] gets exposed in the passing game is alarming and I’ve seen that movie enough with Kansas City,” JT said on Monday during his daily Las Vegas 920 AM radio show.

The Chiefs have picked on Abram in coverage for the last two years and the story was no different in their first meeting this year. According to Pro Football Focus, the Chiefs targeted Abram in coverage nine times in their week 10 matchup. On those throws, Patrick Mahomes was 9-9, for 127 yards, and 2 touchdowns.

What complicates the idea, though, is that Abram is playing his best football of the season. Pro Football Focus actually gave Abram his highest performance grade of the season against the Washington Football Team on Sunday.

Even so, the Raiders might have to try something different this week.

The good news is that Mahomes is struggling of late. His only great game in the last two months came against the Raiders. In fact, it boggles the mind how bad Mahomes has been against almost everyone but the Raiders.

It’s anyone’s guess what the Raiders will throw at the Chiefs this week, but if the last few games are any indication, the coaching staff probably won’t think too far outside of the box.

Then again, it’s not the defense that has been the problem lately. So maybe defensive coordinator Gus Bradley will be inclined to just leave well enough alone and hope the offense will put up more than 15 points this week.

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7 thoughts on “Raiders Radio Host JT The Brick Offers Bold Approach to Defending the Chiefs’ Offense This Week

  1. Great run protection, sealing the edge and always be sneaky when and often rush a real fast 5th man that can close on Mahomes or easily catch him. KC can protect our 4 man rush + give Mariota the QB job as he’s beat them often.

    1. That’s an excellent idea actually. Abram is being placed in the wrong position, and I’ve been really noticing it as time goes on. Re- position him as a LB since his strength is stopping power behind the line with soft coverage when need be and re-assign the safety position to someone else. He can really lay down the wood, but they are not playing him to his strengths.

      If the coaching staff is not willing to bench Carr, then have Mariota play as his stand in for several reps and flip flop between the two every so often to really keep the Chiefs D on their toes. They have two potent and explosive QB’s on the team, use them for all they are.

      It’s time to pull out some stops and change up the playbook in an. Unpredictable fashion, otherwise the team will be watching the playoffs in January at home on their couches.

  2. Why not just protect the middle of the field and see what happens, if you look at the film you will see the middle of the field always wide open

  3. Wanna get Creative?

    Move Abram to SAM LB. We have a **** Ton of LB injuries and with #24 on the Strong side he could Give Kelsey a Special Introduction to Really being Smashed coming off the line. I’m not talking a chip hit – i’m talking a Abram Slam.

  4. Give Mariota a shot. I love DC but hes just not getting it done Lets see Mariota give him a shot.If by half time hes not getting it done platoon in DC

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