Insider Has a Theory on Derek Carr “That’s Been the Thing With [Him] All Along”

The Raiders’ offense has suddenly gone stagnant and the root of the problem is going to be one of the major talking points on the team this week.

Was there a flawed game plan against the Washington Football Team that involved way too many scripted short throws and check-downs or is there something bigger going on?

Team insider Vic Tafur talked on The Athletic’s State of the Nation podcast after Sunday’s game and he offered an opinion on what has been going on with Derek Carr.

He believes Carr doesn’t have confidence in his offensive line.

“I think that’s been the thing with Derek all along,” Tafur said. “That’s why they spent so much money in past years on the O-line because he needs that confidence that he’ll have time to make plays. When he doesn’t, he starts to overthink things, do things too quickly, and not really wait for things to develop down the field.”

For what it’s worth, Carr is playing behind four offensive linemen that weren’t slated to be starters in the offseason. According to Pro Football Focus analytics, the Raiders’ offensive line has performed in the bottom third of the league as a pass-blocking group and is the second-worst run blocking unit in the NFL.

It did appear that Carr was quicker with his reads on Sunday. He didn’t seem as comfortable in the pocket and he rushed a few throws that didn’t need to be rushed.

Others noticed it, too…

On a side note, the scripted short throws can be a real drain on the offense at times. There isn’t a defense in the NFL that wouldn’t be happy to give up a 3-yard pass on first down.

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51 thoughts on “Insider Has a Theory on Derek Carr “That’s Been the Thing With [Him] All Along”

  1. The Raiders have lost their identity. So much for, just win baby!!! I can understand the refs made some bad calls, but you have fight thru adversity.
    The play calling is horrible, it’s as if the opposing teams have our playbook.
    And one more thing, use mariota more often..

    1. Yeah, you right. They don’t have an identity. You would be scared too if you had offensive line that can’t him or open holes for our running game. The defense has five players that play there hearts out from day one. There is going to be an overhaul at the season ending. What we need is a disapline coach and players that are consistent. Come draft time, I think they should look at these divisions two and three schools for talent. I’m a say it again on defense, drafting players from Michigan,Auburn, Ohio State, and Clemson. Those players haven’t worked out for us and it’s just getting worse.

    2. Carr lacks mental and physical toughness. He’s lacking courage to stand in the pocket. Thus poor reads ,hurried throws, and looks to blame others. 100% trade the guy.

  2. Derek Carr is a complete wadte of time and money.He plays scared,they completely built the offense around him and year after year fails Raiders give up on him

    1. Totally agree Carr has always been nervous in the pocket, even with a good O line. Pocket presence and the ability to see the field and read the defense is something I always said can’t be taught. Your either born with it or you just get by. Carr is just getting by. Not to mention he has no game management skills period. When a good QB takes the field you can feel his presence. You see his confidence and so do all those around him. He makes even mediocre players better and they win games not just luck into a win. It’s long past time to scrap the Carr.

      1. Yet the other QBs with comparable passing yards have about twice the TDs. 21 out of 28 passes last game were behind the line. Yards are not points.

      2. Carr can only scramble to his right he can’t throw on the run he’s scared to get hit. I ve gotta say owe he’s had no help from Mayock or Gruden with shabby first rnd draft selections. The Raiders will never change they will lose until they clean house. And for sure Mariota is twice the Qb as Carr is.Second overall pick compared to a 3rd rounder. Only makes sense to give the keys to him and let him finish the year out.Mariota brings a different angle to the Raiders. Carr will not run the ball at all unless there’s no other options and then he’ll slide a half yard short.How many times are we going to watch the draft and see the Raiders pick a fourth rnd. Guy 19th overall. They should trade away there first and second rnd draft picks for a couple decent o-lineman because they cannot recognize good talent coming out of the draft they do better in the later rounds. Renfro,Mad Max,Jacobs are the only decent players they’ve chosen sense Gruden took over. Hopefully fingers crossed that they trade Carr and Waller and throw in Jacobs and a First Round pick for Rogers next year. We have a great TE in Foster M. And Jacobs is not setting the world on fire and Waller is starting to get accident prone. Leatherwood is a bust he’s a depth player not a starter. Defense is still not that good as you can see when we need a stop very seldom do we get off the field with third and 6-8 yards because we have no linebackers.We pass on players like CD Lamb and Parson to get Leatherwood or Ruggs wow. Who are the talent scouts for the Raiders Ray Charles or Corkey. Da. Thanks Raider Nation. From the east coast I bleed Silver and Black. But I think we all should stand back and really look at what there doing. They suck at this point we’re ten years from the playoffs at this point.

  3. Yeah Right, that’s why last year he played so **** great all year huh or that’s why the year before that or the year before when he had amazing o lines he played so consistent and great huh or why he played so consistently great for the last bunch of years he had an amazing O line but not he played EXACTLY THE SAME AS NOW, with it without great o line he’s always been inconsistent, can’t score touchdown cuz he’s horrible in red zone, ALWAYS plays like garbage when we n really need a win, lives to end seasons with a bunch of losses EVERY YEAR, he’s streaky as far as his gameplay, plays great n wins two straight then plays like trash n loses 4 straight, wins 3 losses 3 does this over and over and over year after year after year regardless of great o line or weapons, plays great against a tough and high ranking team then plays horrible against a bunch to bottom feeders, everyone he scrambled out of the pocket you can almost guarantee he throwing it to the during 90% of the time, won’t run for a first down even if it’s 1, 2 or 3 yards out instead throws it away, he throws for a million POINTLESS and SCORELESS YARDS ALL BETWEEN THE TWO 20 YARD LINES and had a decent completion% so he looks like he’s playing great n it’s not his fault BUT IT IS!!! Give you just enough to get you excited for a little before he goes back to same old Derek who reminds you why you should get rid of him, likes to call stupid *** timeouts every game, For him 3rd down is just the oh if we don’t get it will get the ball back next time down not what it is the WE NEED A DANG FIRST DOWN KEEP GOING AND SCORE down, HE doesn’t ever play with that fire or urgency he’s just NOT a winner in fact he’s a LOSER. I can go for days he’s no good a natural LOSER but don’t worry he loves everyone n he’s a good guy, just NOT GOING TO GET YOU WINS REGARDLESS OF HIS FUCKING OFFENSIVE LINE!!!!!!!!!

    1. Said perfectly, I been a supporter for years, but I couldn’t agree more, he just ain’t it. I seen him fold year after year, he doesn’t have that fire we need to move up in the standings. I’m for moving on from him.

      1. And Kerry Collins…..He’s Kerry Schroeder

        DC has all the Raiders passing records but I would take Snake, Plunkett, Gannon, Lamonica, Hostetler, Palmer before DC to win a game

        1. Every one of those raiders qb had an offensive line and legitimate wide receivers

          If you’re going to evaluate a player, evaluate apples to apples not apples to Grapes.

          Both are fruits but they ain’t the same bud.

          1. WTF you talking about Carr has had great Offensive lines in the past and still didn’t win, he sucks, plays scared, is inaccurate and always chokes in the 4th qtr. Don’t give a crap about his inflated numbers when 80% are short passes. Dude is not a winner and should have been gone 3 yrs ago!!

        2. Honestly when the job was open for head coach for the raiders they could have had Andy Reid Mike McCarthy I don’t think the front line coaches want to go and play and want to go and coach the raiders. I would take Jack del Rio, and you forgot Jeff George Karl lol

    2. I think you covered everything I couldn’t have said it any better raiders can’t call a sandlot gamethe coaches and the scouts are horrible and picking in the draft everyone they pick is a bust plenty of quarterbacks they could have had but they stuck with car and I told everyone he won’t win nine games this year and last year they should have picked up Tom Brady please put Mariota in there for one game as she would happens.

    3. Funny how this Carr lovers can’t see that Carr is the major.problem for this team..
      Like u said, we used to have one of the best o line in the league, but Carr is still give us the same results then. he has no heart to play QB in this league.. people blame the offensive coordinator, but we failed to realize Carr keep changing the call to his liking..we will never go anywhere as long as Carr is our QB..

  4. Regardless he is a pro. He is scared of getting hit you could see it in his face, since he broke his leg. The line trying to hold the defense. are going to commit holding calls its up to him to create plays. We need a young and more aggressive QB trade him for a early draft pick. Sorry but with Carr we’ll never win the AFC.

    1. Its the game plan stupid!

      Olsen is playing not to lose. A steady diet of 2 to 3 yard passes and predictable dive plays to start EVERY game! Bradley is playing not to lose (how else do you account for the 6 to 7 minute discrepancy in time of possession?) Bend and then break! Bisaccia is playing not to lose! What other coach would say that focusing on results is not the only criteria for success? He is lost. Why didn’t he freeze before calling thos e 2 timeouts at the end of the game?
      IT IS THE TIMID GAME PLAN on both offense and defense!

      For this nonsense about Carr to be accurate, you would have to believe that his fear, timidity and lack of confidence in his offensive line suddenly disappear in the second half of games after his team falls behind!!! And how do you see the alleged fear “in his face” during plays when he is wearing a helmet with a facemask?

    2. Carr is gutless. His pocket awareness has always been suspect. I said it before and I’ll say it again…there’s a reason he doesn’t have the big contract…the team has no confidence in him…bring in Russell Wilson, who is under appreciated in Seattle, get a stretch wideout and let’s get crackin man!

  5. Fire the GM, bring in a QB that can run, hire a coach that favors a balanced offense, and sack the entire coaching staff, and stop signing deadbeats cast off by other clubs as garbage. Oh, and bury Tom Cable with all the stock of footballs.

    Most of all, keep Davis’ hands off of everything but money.

    1. Yeah right rebuild when we’ve been rebuilding for years!what a waste of time. Get nothing but offensive linemen who wont quit half the game. Just linemen who belong on the turf.

    2. now when you say “run” you must mean for his life behind that terrible o-line and the new qb would have to run and not throw because other than WHAHLERS or RENFRFROW there aren’t any receivers on the field wearing black and silver

  6. DC is a good not great QB that needs his confidence. He gets hit early in the game and struggles he can’t pull himself out. If he has a good start and has some success he is probably going to have a solid game. He throws the ball to quickly, always has since his big injuries. Game plans against Cinn, Washington were God awful. Carr will never win anything because he is not a winning QB. How many times have we seen him flushed out of the pocket run and make a throw. How about 1 in a 100. I see other QBs make those throws all the time. The worst part is the guy is very talented as far as his arm. He can spin it with the best of them, but his mind/confidence fucks him every time.

  7. The Raider offense is not good. The offensive line is weak. The quarterback thinks he is one
    of the best in the league without proving it with results. The defense shows some flashes
    of dominance, but plays a pretty predictable defensive scheme. This last week they did
    blitz and caused some disarray for the WFT. So, we (Raider fans) have to admit that we are
    not prepared to win at all costs. Organized professional sports is now more about the financial well-being of the (32) teams than about the winning and losing and the fans. So,
    you have pay the big contracts like D.Carr’s, and try to keep them from being hurt in the
    process. And the players accept that there is “No” commitment to winning, so they play to
    not get hurt, and play to just complete the contract and make the Maximum money.

    1. There are no playoffs this year AGAIN ! QB has proved to be an issue, so let’s turn it over to Mariota. WE have 4-5 games left, ler’s check him out, with No. 4 we’re going to lose out anyway, so let No. 8 have at it.

      I certainly pray that No. 4 does not obtain an extension with more dollars, he’s not worth it.

  8. Been a Raider fan since 1970 or so. Derek was a definite bright spot for this franchise when he came into the league 8 years ago. He still is sometimes. That’s the problem. Sometimes. Sometimes isn’t good enough in this league or anywhere else. Derek is not a true champion. He plays scared, misses his reads, on and on and on. I supported him for 8 years…. no more. It is time to move on. This is the best defense he has ever had. Can’t blame these losses on them anymore. This o-line isn’t the best but it is good enough to win these games…. especially against these bottom feeder teams. Also, he has more than enough offensive weapons around him. These losses and this disfunctionality on the offensive side of the ball are exactly why the Raiders keep losing. And, I hate to say it…. but they are all on the shoulders of Derek Carr. Trade him…start Marcus….. find a young qb…. just win baby!!!!!

  9. These are all admiral opinions. True facts as well but what u still r not seeing is this is where he wants to be this is his team.the problem isn’t with Derek it’s with the problems of others on his team. Regardless of how this year turns out he has done a very good job in leadership with this team not to mention still willing to play every game 100% knowing next game might not be the same team as today. No matter what that takes a toll that nobody can escape this year is like if he’s playing 50 first dates for those who don’t know the movie it’s bout a man who finds the woman he loves n she loves him but due to an unfortunate accident she cant remember past the first day yet they have been together for years. But everyday he has to re-introduce himself to her. So imagine how that feels when u have to do that every game of the season get some stability n watch what he can do

  10. Wait a minute. You understand that he worked without….

    1. The BRAND NEW Offensive line that was put together in the pre-season that replaced the entire Offensive line we decided to not keep from last year
    2. Starting Fullback – (Ingold)
    3. TWO Running backs (Drake and Richard)
    4. The deep threat that he worked with all last year and most of this year (Ruggs)
    5. Quite possibly the best Tight End in the NFL (Waller)
    6. The head coach he has worked with for the past 3 years (Gruden)

    So…yeah, it’s all his fault. SMH.

    1. The grass is always greener. Mariota never got to have a head coach for more than 2 years. 5 ocs in 4 years. No receiver worth a **** but Delanie Walker and one season with Corey Davis. His o line was garbage the year he got benched. RT started when the left tackle was back after suspension and Henry suddenly broke out. It made it easy to blame mariota until rt turned out to have a 71 passer rating without Henry.

  11. I have to agree with the other comments that “Just Win Baby” and “Commitment To Excellence ” are being trampled
    in the mud. I’ve been an East Coast Raider fan for over 50 years. This team is so frustrating. My dime store evaluation
    is Olsen needs to be fired. Since Miller is better than Parker, Miller needs to move to RT tackle, so when car if forced out of the pocket, it’s to the right where he can make a throw. Marriota needs to be red zone QB plus other situations to keep the defense guessing.

  12. We’ll, I think Carr does have enough positive stats to attract potential trade partners come end of season. I could see a QB needy team giving up some high picks for him. The question is wether ownership is going to move on from him?

  13. Same old Horse-poo comments throughout this section …” cars not a winner”, “fire this person or that person!”,etc.,etc. you see this is the exact mindset that has plagued this teams front office, ownership and fanbase for two decades and has set them back , doomed to mediocrity. Never sticking with anything or anyone. at the first sign of trouble everyone is like “abandon ship” or rather “abandon and then torpedo the ship ! if this isn’t bad enough the lone figure the raiders do decide to stick with long term -no matter his flaws(which were many )is forced to resign by a league leaked email chain from a time previous to his employment- thereby continuing this constant state of flux. I say screw this ! i can see it coming already the headline reads ” raiders hire some tired old/washed coaching candidate and watch as next season is quickly deposited in the dumpster as raider fans lament on how everyone needs to be fired again. ” with this our new normal ,what talented quality leaders in the nfl would agree to torch their credibility and commit almost certain career suicide by accepting the job in LV?. no one

  14. anybody notice the NE game last night when they rushed 45x???!!! our O-line cannot allow us to do something as great as that, yet people want to criticize DC!!! our problem, the raiders problem, is not DC it’s our O-line and could someone tell me who our #1 wide receiver is???? I’m sure there are quite a few idiots out there in Rader nation that want to draft a QB in the 1st round instead of a another o-lineman or #1 WR!!! get off DC, build the o-line and a #1!!! its not DCs fault that GRUDEN and RUGGS are in a tie for the idiot of the year award!!!

  15. Carr has had more than enough time to lead this team to victory. I as well as the rest of the Raider Nation are tired of hearing the excuses as to why we aren’t winning. Its time to s**t and get off the pot and move on from #4. We expect results not excuses.

    1. So did we have a different Oline against the Cowboys?? NO!!! Carr was great that game, right?! So what happened against the WFT? Carr is the main problem for this team, when ya Carr lovers going to see that!!! It’s not about the stats, it’s about winning!!

  16. The raiders need someone like Al Davis to lead the organization keep staff,players on check and make the necessary moves to win. Overall the coaching staff lacks fundamentals and the commitment to win. RIP AL DAVIS.

  17. Yada yada yada Carr …Meanwhile we cant replace him with anyone better so why let him get away ??Theres no one out there …Wilson looks like hell this year and will be a billion dollars ,,,Rogers is 100 yrs old ,,,Cam newton lol ,,,,Teddy Bridgewater ??Thats the best available …. Maybe kick Keep Mariotta and cross your fingers !!!! Im thanking god none of you are the Raiders GM lol …Nobody is worthy a a trade up in the draft either …

  18. I agree with every person here that wants Carr gone and everything they have said. I implored to a new raider friend(now old) , back even during the 12-4 season we had, that i couldnt stand derek carr and told him and his wife almost everything you all been saying now here then. They loved the guy and probably still do . my being a raider fan goes back to watching Kenny Stabler live and all the quarterbacks after him, and ive almost never missed a game. So i always new what i was talking about compared to all uninformed raider fans.
    On a side note, ive watched enough of ESPN to all the things they talk about concerning the Raiders. First let me say,I believe ESPN in the past have been notorious Raider haters, especially when they had all those ex broncos working there. So its funny to hear , up until now, them giving Derek Carr so much praise, which would give the uninformed raider fan a false depiction of Carr. My conspiracy theory(LOL), Is that they all darn know down there at ESPN that the Raiders will never win or progress with Carr, so they cover him like he is all so great so the Raiders (one way or another ) keep him and continue to keep on sucking.

    1. My comments about Derek Carr is that since his days at Fresno State, he puts up good stats. But stats don’t win Divisions, Playoff games, and Super bowl appearances. Just look at his team at Fresno State. Did he win more than 50% percent of the games he started as their quarterback? Then, he was bypassed by all (32) NFL football teams in the first round of the
      draft the year he was drafted. Although, he had superior stats. Then he gets in the NFL, and
      for eights years he has compiled a record as quarterback of, (53) wins, and (69) losses. What
      NFL organization should extend his $125 million dollar contract, and continue with him as their starting quarterback?

    2. One important thing that nobody talks about much and no one on this thread has. Its along the lines of accuracy, but the receiver may still catch the ball so it would count towards Carrs completion percentage, but his balls are not accurate at all with those short to intermediate passes. You see quarterbacks leading their pass perfectly in stride with the receiver where they can catch and run with it immediately making big plays. Our receivers are lunging left right up down and by the time they catch the ball the defender is right there alreadt to make the tackle. But carr gets credit for the completion . whippy doo. Go back and watch his short passes, and they are supposed to be the easy ones.

  19. Carr is Mediocre. He seems happy to throw 20 three yard passes every game, and get good states, and solid qb rating: abut still have the Raiders lose game after game.

    He is not, and never has been, a solid brave warrior quarterback and might be the very worst runner I’ve ever seen as a quarterback . Like so many others wrote, he plays scared and is constantly afraid to throw to wide receivers in diverse midrange and long routes, or to run even a couple extra yards to get a first down; sliding at times 5 yards before a defensive player approaches.

    Carr must go. Let him go; trade him; give him away. Move on. Also move on to coaches and managers who can finally pick players that the entire world predicts will be solid instead of constantly picking players that no other team would pick with same 1st round selections; always trying to outsmart the world with lunatic surprise draft picks — when solid heavily vetted alternatives scream to be picked instead.

  20. Bill Cowher as head coach get Mayock out of there. He couldn’t recognize a football player at band practice.At least the Raiders have a good recovery center.Need to stop applauding recovering addicts. Out here in the real world your a drunk you get fired and locked up your a pill head you get fired and locked up. I guess the NFL (National Felons League) all you have to do is come out and after that we can use that as an excuse. How about a group of 53 men get together and act like men. Unfortunately for the Raiders they get lack luster performances out of the players that are supposed to be the heart beat of the team.The Raiders are full of guys like Corey Littleton if you see a running play that breaks away you’ll see Corey Littleton standing there with his hands in his pocket.Make a tackle or go home bum.Leatherwood you need to stop.Go home and grow a set and come out and block.Look at the talent the Raiders should of had but Gruden and Mayock totally missed.You guys need to watch last chance high or any of those football shows on Netflix and you’ll see what our football players are made of. Da which way did he go George these are purdy rabbits can I have one George. Unfortunately for guys that want to win there’s two that want a check and go hang out with da boys you know what I mean. Hey be a New England fan they can rebuild in two years the Raiders need two centuries. It’s not that hard you don’t want to win go home. To the owners I’d Rather Forfiet than watch these bunch of fckn bum. Hey don’t worry we signed are kicker and punter to long contracts. Hey Cole your better then this should have demanded to be traded and Carson you stay steady because I can see you missing a 35 yard game winner. He’s a guy that was washed up and Gruden gave him a chance. But don’t claim any glory until you can to do it consistently for years not weeks. Be Better than Tucker then you can talk. Raider Nation Don’t go to the games and watch that ****. If the stands are empty maybe they’ll get it. To many excuses and not enough men. Plenty of cry babies

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