Raiders Radio Host Says There Are 3 Quarterbacks That Make the Raiders a “Lock” for the Playoffs

It’s the time of year for rumors and strong opinions, and the week’s latest strong opinion comes from Raider Nation Radio‘s JT the Brick.

Like everyone else around the Raiders, JT has been talking about quarterbacks and he believes there are three free agent quarterbacks that would guarantee the Raiders a spot in the playoffs next year.

Via the JT The Brick show on Tuesday…

“I think the only three quarterbacks that can bring the Raiders instantly to the playoffs next season, and let’s take Aiden [O’Connell] out of it [because] we’re talking about outside quarterbacks… There’s three quarterbacks that can take the Raiders to the playoffs next year. That would be Kirk Cousins, Russell Wilson and Baker Mayfield. Those are the three. You get any one of those three, you’re a lock. You’re in the playoffs.”

Like a lot of others covering the Raiders, JT believes the Raiders need to make an aggressive move to get a quarterback in the draft, but isn’t sure the decision-makers in the building will be willing to pay the cost to get one of the top picks in the draft.

JT believes Caleb Williams is the top prospect in the draft, but added this remark on the three quarterbacks that most believe will be taken after Williams…

“If you get Jayden Daniels, or Drake Maye, or J.J. McCarthy, you’ve got your guy to park to go to the playoffs for a long period of time, but not next year. Then you’re going to have Aiden that’s the starter, and Aiden might be able to take you to the playoffs. He won games down the stretch. I’d give the Raiders a puncher’s chance to get to the playoffs [with O’Connell], but I’m not going to guaratee it.”

Raider fans are scarred when it comes to signing veteran quarterbacks, but the addition of Wilson would be less than $2 million against the salary cap (because of offsets in his previous contract) and would allow the Raiders to make an investment in a rookie quarterback without throwing away the 2024 season.

As for Mayfield and Cousins, neither quarterback is going to sign for cheap and that dynamic should eliminate the Raiders from contention.

Even by Antonio Pierce’s standards, it would be a bold move to spend $40 million on a veteran quarterback and take another quarterback in the first round of the draft.

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8 thoughts on “Raiders Radio Host Says There Are 3 Quarterbacks That Make the Raiders a “Lock” for the Playoffs

  1. I’d like to have Russell. Sign a big time defensive tackle (Miami) through free agency. And at pick 13, draft an offensive tackle. 2nd round a coverage linebacker to stop Kelsy! Hopefully

  2. Oh yeah, just like garrapolo was supposed to be the savior along wit hoyer. Why do you write this garbage. Wilson is 35 pounds overweight and is a 60% sell of what he once was. Cousins is old though somewhat accurate.His injuries are showing his age, retire somewhere else. Mayfield, well how many teams has he played on? Stick with the Bucks. Now listen, i know its going to be tough to get Daniels but let’s try. The only other qb is fields. I am okay with that but like coach pierce said no BAND AIDS!

  3. There is not a QB playing that can make the Raiders a playoff lock. Tom Brady in his prime would be lucky to get this team in the playoffs. I will wager on that in a minute. Facts are Facts. This team is going to regress this year and will find out they did not hire the best coach.

  4. JT is still thinking he’s dealing with Jim Romes Clones where he came from. Last time I tried to talk to him on his Raiders post game show he hung up on me because I said Josh Mcdumbass was making Al roll over in his grave. The next day Mark fired him .JT needs to go back to laying bricks ¡


  6. I think John Dixon is off the hook and doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he says we will regress and find out AP was a bad HC. That’s preposterous and funny. Players don’t care about their head coach until they find out how much he cares then it’s game over. Players willing to run through walls for a HC is dangerous.

  7. Russell Wilson is not Jim Plunker. I think his career is over and he should fade gracefully. I think Minshew is an interesting catch. Would like to see what he brings to the Raiders.

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