Radio Host Offers “Massive Home Run” Draft Scenario for the Raiders

The Raiders are going to come away from this year’s draft with a quarterback, but the cost to get to the top of the draft could end up being too much for them to get Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, J.J. McCarthy or Drake Maye.

And that possibility brings up what might soon be an important question…

What will the Raiders do at quarterback if they can’t move up from pick 13?

Yahoo and Fox Sports Radio host Jason Fitz talked about that possibility this week and he believes a “home run scenario” might exist for the Raiders if that happens.

“I think [Michael] Penix is being undervalued and under talked about,” Fitz said on Raider Nation Radio’s The Morning Tailgate. “You’re talking about an imaginary scenario here, but if the Raiders [stay] at [pick] 13 and they’ve got the best defensive lineman on the board, or the best corner on the board or the best offensive lineman on the board, and they combine that with Michael Penix Jr., this becomes a massive home run [for the Raiders] and we’re doing cartwheels in the street. We’re throwing a parade.”

Penix has been scrutinized for his injury history, but from the standpoint of talent and potential, he doesn’t lack much.

Fitz is higher on Penix than most, and he shared one of the reasons why with The Morning Tailgate hosts…

“I talked to somebody the other day that’s really good with analyst. I asked him ‘What’s the works missing on Michael Penix Jr.?’

His answer really stuck in my head.

He said ‘The world is missing that you don’t have to specialize what you do to make him successful.’ For most of these candidates you could turn around and say ‘Do we run the right type of offense?’

With Michael Penix Jr., you don’t have to answer that question at all. He can come in and run your offense. He can run any normal pro offense in the NFL and I think there is strength to that.”

Just something to think about as the draft gets closer and the price to move up in the draft only seems to be getting higher.

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7 thoughts on “Radio Host Offers “Massive Home Run” Draft Scenario for the Raiders

  1. I’ve wanted Penix from the start. If we can get him I’d be thrilled. I think he’s more solid than some of the other highly touted QB prospects. Imagine him with our RBs and WRs. He can make any throw. Together with Aiden, we’d have a very good chance at making the playoffs. Let’s get a good WR (there are many in this draft), an OL and the rest defense. That’s my dream scenario.

  2. I’ve been watching pets for the last three years, running the Washington offense. He’s one of the most pure passers I’ve ever seen. He’s usually right on the money. I don’t care what kind of throw is needed. He’s got it the bomb the touch the outside across the field, you name it he’s got it, give him a little time with the front line and a good defense and I think the sky limit.

  3. Yes, I feel Michael Penix jr. Is well underrated. He matured and learn to slide. Also the best catchable balls. Draft with 13th. We have Anthony Brown Jr. On the future signing roster. He played pre-season for Ravens. But they had Huntley already.

  4. Penix Injury history is one thing, but I’m more concerned with his mobility. He hasn’t proven the ability to scramble and run with the ball. Pocket qb’s are not as successful as they once were. With the speed of linebackers and edge rushers it’s a must to be able to run.

  5. That would be a good aquisition if we cannot hit Daniels. Let JJ walk he screwed us over let him go. Go get Henry! Smashmouth football. Go get big cat williams from seattle. Patrick queen. Then find players in the draft. Oh and mike Lombardi you and your boy are both unemployed, just zip it

    1. I’ve always liked Penix. But…
      Bring in Wilson for cheap,
      Pick up top D tackle
      Resign our center
      13th pick, an offensive lineman to help slow down Chris Jones. 2nd round, pick up a linebacker with speed to keep up with Kelce.
      If you pick up a D Tackle, (Wilkens) with Crosby and Koonce, that 4 man pass rush is deep. The Raiders have to be able to dethrown the Chiefs. I’ll take a very good veteran QB over a rookie. And I believe in our running back White!!!

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