Raiders Radio Host Shares Aidan O’Connell’s Humble Account of His Game-Winning Throw Against the Jets

One of the benefits to being an NFL fan in this generation is the amount of access we have to the players.

Whether it’s through social media or members of the media covering the team, there has never been a time where we can know more about the players we watch on Sundays.

Everyone has access to the Raiders’ post-game interviews, but JT The Brick shared a simple but interesting conversation he had with Aidan O’Connell after Sunday’s win over the Jets. It sounds like the conversation wasn’t necessarily on the record, and maybe that gives us even more insight into O’Connell as a person.

Via JT The Brick on Monday morning from inside the Raiders facility…

“The players are off today and I was just on the grilled chicken lunch line with Aidan O’Connell. I went downstairs for a second and there’s Aidan O’Connell and I’m getting to know him. I asked him ‘what was the key to that touchdown to Michael Mayer as you stepped up in the pocket and rolled to the right?’ And he looked at me and he just said ‘a great catch.’

He didn’t say [annything] about him [or] how he stepped up in the pocket. No. He said ‘great catch’ to Michael Mayer, and I would agree. That was great catch and on a night where there weren’t many touchdowns.”

First, it sounds like O’Connell was working while the rest of the team was given the day off. That’s what the good quarterbacks do.

Secondly, what better opportunity to talk about yourself than when there isn’t a camera rolling?

There was no video and even if there was, no one would have judged O’Connell for talking about what he did on the play that turned out to be the game-winning touchdown. Instead, the Raiders rookie quarterback passed along the credit to his rookie teammate.

A good look for the future of the Raiders.

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5 thoughts on “Raiders Radio Host Shares Aidan O’Connell’s Humble Account of His Game-Winning Throw Against the Jets

  1. Aiden O’Connell is going to get better as go the Raiders. He’s been doing his homework watching film is good for him. The explosion will come.

  2. Aidan I believe will end up being the franchise QB as he works hard and has God with him and with God on his side he will succeed

  3. I hate to be negative but I’d still rather see the other #4. I’m so relieved to be rooting for my Raiders as I decided by the end of last year to root against the Boston B.S. Boys. I’m hoping that other teams continue to not attack our weakest link in my view. The OL is weak, hopefully K.Miller gets back soon as JE was not good. The Jets had a plan to let the new #4 beat them. I’d imagine that throw to Mayer would be picked off 70% of the time. It certainly was nice to see the defense hold multiple times, but it was against Z.Wilson. There are bigger opportunities coming so let’s hope luck stays on our side and they keep allowing JJ to carry the rock.

  4. I do miss Carr tho with is former Fresno State teammate 1 more yr would have been nice to see where it would lead to, but let’s give credit where it’s due to the other #4 (AOC) . He took the Silver & Black down the field after throwing a pick prior to the winning TD. (R4L) RAIDERS 4 LIFE

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