JT The Brick On The Raiders : “I Was On The Sideline, Don’t Tell Me What I Didn’t See”

The Raiders have looked like a different team over the last two weeks and every indication is that the departure of Josh McDaniels has everything to do with it.

In their own way, the players have spoken with their play on the field and their celebrations in the locker room. On Monday, Raiders radio host, JT The Brick, talked about the difference he has seen in the players since Antonio Pierce was named interim head coach.

“Those were two different halves,” JT said on the Raiders Sunday night game against the Jets. “The first half, the Jets were the better team. The Jets defensive line was pushing around the Raiders offensive line and Zach Wilson looked like a real quarterback. Something clicked at halftime, which is the first time Antonio Pierce had to go make adjustments and they came out a different team. That is coaching.”

“I was in Chicago, don’t tell me what I didn’t see,” JT continued. “I was behind the bench, about 30 rows up in the lower bowl in Chicago. No one was near the former coach, no one was off the bench, and the [Jets game] was the opposite. Everyone was up. Everybody was on the sidelines. Everybody was greeting everybody as they were coming off the field. There’s a noticeable change with this interim head coach in regard to when you are on the sideline and representing this team and organization.”

For all the game-planning and attention to detail that McDaniels was known for, it was his inability to get the most out of players that brought down his teams in Denver and Las Vegas.

The players may not have quit on McDaniels, but they didn’t have confidence in him, and it was obvious in the way they played on the field. They weren’t giving the same effort that we’ve seen in the last two weeks.

We don’t know what adjustments Pierce made in the locker room on Sunday night, but there’s no question that the team came out with more energy in the second half against the Jets. And that brings up an interesting question…

When was the last time the Raiders consistently came out in the second half and played better than the first half?

They almost never played well in the second half under McDaniels. In fact, they set records for disastrous endings with McDaniels on the sideline. Even going back to the Jon Gruden years, the Raiders were known for their underwhelming second-half efforts.

Maybe, just maybe, second-half disasters a will be a rarity for the Raiders now that Pierce is in charge.

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20 thoughts on “JT The Brick On The Raiders : “I Was On The Sideline, Don’t Tell Me What I Didn’t See”

  1. Raiders fans know we don’t have Super Bowl talent, but we want smart leaders that inspire the team. The Nation is back –no more Patriot Way –it hasn’t worked since Brady left!

  2. AOC is the key! His pre snap reads are that of Veteran player he’s not afraid of the moment either! Of course AP is a great motivator of men! Raiders are 12 point underdogs on Sunday in Miami! That’s all the motivation this play off team needs! Go Raiders!

  3. Exactly right and spot on. For the first time in many years (save Bisaccia) we have a coach that is more interested in being a good coach than their ego. Very proud of coach Pierce on assessing during the first half and making proper adjustments and “righting the ship” for maximum effort and effect.

    1. Heart and toughness can make up for a lack of talent. It’s not like we don’t have any talent. Indeed we have one of the top 3 pass rushers in Mad Max. One of the best, if not the best receivers in Davonte. And a top 5 running back in JJ. We also have sufficient leadership. That said, the stage is set for a Cinderella story! That’s right the Silver and Black is back!

      1. The Jets are far from one of the worst teams in the league. They were considered SB contenders before the start of the season. They have one of the best defenses in the league. It’s time to give the Raiders some credit. We aren’t that bad of a team and can go as far as the rookie QB can take us. The SB is probably a pipe dream, but we’re as good as many of the other teams fighting for the playoffs.

  4. We looked great but this next week will tell. We play two of the worst teams in the NFL. I believe the Raiders can go far this season

  5. I don’t know Nation!! The boys have looked good at times and terrible at times. I don’t believe we are there yet in terms of talent. The Raiders have been terrible for the last 20-25 years and I have not seen much to give me any hope that we have turned the corner. First of all we don’t know how to draft. Instead of taking the obvious choice we chase losers and players we as fans never heard of. Second, we don’t know how to tackle to save our lives. Third, we have an absolutely terrible scouting and personal development department. We could have taken Jalen Carter but no, we take a guy with a broken foot 🦶!! Makes no sense to me!! Lots of foolish moves over the last few years!! At least 4 first round picks just wasted!! Of 25 Gruden picks only 5 or 6 remain on the roster. Complete Waste!!

    1. I dont think theres any way a responsible organization could have drafted a prospect who was involved in a vehicular death just 2 years after a first round pick KILLS a young woman and her dog with his car…..could you imagine the **** show that would have been no matter the talent level. its easy to have 20/20 hindsight but be realistic.

  6. I hope Mr. Davis hires coach AP and his staff permanately. It’s obvious the players are being heard by the front office. Players are playing ball for one another, for coach AP and the Raiders Organization. The players, through there play, dedication of not quitting, evolving into a unit, should be coach AP’s interview. Raider fans waited way to long for this style of coaching.

  7. Love the players response to coach Pierce. Glad the Patriot way is gone. Sunday is huge for our defense which is playing much better. Not sure we have the speed to contain Miami, but 100% behind Patrick and our defense. The offensive line even looks better and JJ has responded! Hope they can keep Aiden upright enough to get our outstanding group of receivers the ball. I’ll put this group up against anyone else’s!
    A rough road ahead Raider fans but for the first time in seemingly forever, I am optimistic about the future direction that Mark is heading.

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