Raiders Reportedly In Play For Julio Jones

It was reported last week that Julio Jones is expected to be on the trade block and, considering who coaches the Raiders, one of the first teams immediately linked to likely being interested in him was the Raiders.

Now according to Denver radio host Benjamin Allbright, the Raiders are in play for Jones and an NBC Sports report on Monday seemed to point to a similar notion.

Jones has a cap number of $15.3 million in 2021, $11.5 million in 2022, and $11.5 million in 2023. As of now, OverTheCap shows the Raiders to have just over $5 million in salary cap room. The rookie class will take up most of that cap space, so if Jones was to join the Raiders it would require the Raiders to manipulate their cap in some fashion.

The only other team reported to be interested in Jones is the Ravens, but since he cannot be traded until June 1, there will surely be a lot more teams linked to him over the next 8 weeks.

It’s anyone’s guess what the cost would be to trade for Jones, but NBC Sports’ Peter King has guessed that a second-round pick in 2022 might get it done.

Is a future second-round pick too much to pay for a 32 year-old wide receiver?

Twitter doesn’t seem to think so…

Raiders Beat on Twitter: “POLL: Should the #Raiders pursue a trade for Julio Jones if the cost was a 2nd-round pick in 2022? / Twitter”

POLL: Should the #Raiders pursue a trade for Julio Jones if the cost was a 2nd-round pick in 2022?

And we all know the best football advice comes from Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Raiders Reportedly In Play For Julio Jones

  1. Get real. I cannot see taking him even for free. He is no Stephen Diggs. Get some defense and some guys on the Offensive line.

  2. Even if we do sign him Gruden will probably just cut him before week 1 because of “conduct detrimental to the team”

  3. Maybe if the Raiders were one or two players away from the SB. But they’re not. Would Gruden really blow a second-round pick and a ton of cap space on a player who will be on his way out by the time the Raiders can make a run?

  4. Raiders need to watch Iowa State football this season. Specifically coach Quarter back Brock Purdy, running back Brece of those two should be Hiesman winner. One other to follow will be line backer Mike Rose.
    They have a game at UNLV
    Have a great season coach

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