Raiders Reportedly In Talks With Nicholas Morrow But There Is “Interest Elsewhere”

According to The Athletic‘s Vic Tafur, the Raiders are making a push to bring back linebacker Nicholas Morrow.

Morrow was an undrafted free agent signed by the Raiders out of Greenville University in 2017. He started 11 games this year and statistically had his best season in the NFL with 78 tackles (including 8 for loss), 3 sacks, and an interception.

Only one Raiders linebacker (Littleton) logged more snaps at linebacker in 2020 than Morrow and he was the second-highest graded linebacker by Pro Football Focus on the roster (Kwiatkoski).

Unfortunately for the Raiders, others have taken note of how well Morrow, 25, played this year. Sirius XM NFL‘s Alex Marvez reported on Friday that there is interest outside of the Raiders in Morrow.

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Nicholas Morrow’s story is truly amazing. The Chiefs wanted to sign him out of college to play safety and he thought he was gonna be a Chief but knew the fit would be better with the Raiders at LB. Now on the door step of a pay day

Morrow made just under $3.3 million this year and figures to have a raise coming soon. Whether or not his money will be coming from the Raiders is something that we should know within the next couple weeks.

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3 thoughts on “Raiders Reportedly In Talks With Nicholas Morrow But There Is “Interest Elsewhere”

  1. Morrow was pretty good last year, though Kwiatkowski was better. But it would be worth it to keep him given the rest of the scrubs on that side of the ball. He’s not irreplaceable, though, so if he’s asking for too much, the Raiders can look at some free agents or targets in the draft.

  2. I have said, in a past post, that Nicholas Morrow lays it on the line EVERY PLAY because he knows that he is from a small school and that if he wants to continue to play in the NFL that he has to prove himself each and every day. In my opinion, it’s too bad that some players with much bigger names and credentials don’t put that kind of effort into their play on the field. Morrow “tries hard” every play and I don’t believe that anyone can question his heart. Although it is most probably true that he doesn’t have the physical gifts that some other players do, he NEVER takes a play off. If the Raiders can upgrade, at their price, then so be it but be assured that there IS A REASON that other teams are interested in him.


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