Raiders Reportedly Interested in Veteran Speedster at Wide Receiver

In the wake of the fatal car crash believed to have been caused by an impaired Henry Ruggs (who reportedly suffered only minor injuries), the Raiders have been left to scramble for new answers at wide receiver.

The accident occurred just 12 hours before the trade deadline, but the Raiders opted against making an immediate move to replace Ruggs.

One player the Raiders are said to be interested in, however, is 34 year-old DeSean Jackson.

“A source with knowledge of the situation indicated there was ‘a lot of interest’ from several NFL teams in Jackson at the trade deadline,”the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Vinny Bonsignore reported on Tuesday. “But with the understanding that the Rams were going to release him if they could not work out a trade, clubs opted to wait for him to hit the waiver wire, the Raiders among them.”

Jackson is still fast and has 221 receiving yards this year on just 8 receptions. Jackson asked for his release from the Rams and they granted it once they weren’t able to find a trade partner.

As for Ruggs, his career is on hold and there is a realistic chance he won’t play football again for a long time. If convicted, Nevada law punishes DUI-related deaths with a sentence of “not less than 2 years and a maximum term of not more than 20 years.”

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13 thoughts on “Raiders Reportedly Interested in Veteran Speedster at Wide Receiver

  1. I think the Raiders organization should have had some kind of 24-hour car service for these athletes because there is so much temptation and so much going on in Las Vegas the Raiders should have made some kind of rules for these guys because Las Vegas is a big playground and when you get younger athletes and money in a lot of things going on there

    1. Literally every single team offers this to their players…

      And I don’t think the Raiders should have to make a rule that says “don’t go get drunk and kill someone with your car”

    2. Roger, I believe that they do have all the resources available at their disposal. This has nothing to do with the organization! This is a prime example of what can happen when you throw millions of dollars at a young athlete that hasn’t had much of nothing in life “experiences” or “consequences”! Very unfortunate for everyone involved
      and this young man will pay dearly for his choice that he made. Whether it be that he was intoxicated or he was having way to much fun in that brand new 2020 C8 Corvette! My prayers go out the family of that young lady that lost her life as well as the Ruggs family.

    3. Maybe they should have had his mom babysitting him.Cmon man he is a grown man with a college education he made a bad decision and now he has to deal with it.Don’t wish him any ill will
      But that is life.

  2. It’s Football season and your out that late/early. NOTHING GOOD CAN HAPPEN! Drinking and driving never works out for you. I know you like flossing your cars but get a Uber or limo. ****! We NEED JACKSON!

  3. Somebody check Goodells emails regarding mentoring young rookies that enter the nfl!

  4. Ruggs too small to be in prison… He is definitely coming out a changed man… Fucked up and sucks… But so is the scumbag judges in the US justice system…. All and every judge deserves to die by the sword!

  5. This is a tragedy in so many ways and for so many people. I can’t imagine the pain the young victim’s family must be dealing with at her painful and untimely death. No parent wants to live through the nightmare they are right now. Now imagine Henry Ruggs and the pain his family is feeling. I am sure he is a contrite young man and would give anything to undo what he’s done, but he knows this is something he will have to live with for the rest of his life. I am sure he feels like this is all a bad dream, a nightmare–at least I hope he’s feeling this way. Lastly, is the pain Ruggs has put his own family through, the certainty of knowing their future–financial future–and stability is in jeopardy. This may be the most stable and secure his family has ever been and now that is being taken from them, not to mention the likely lengthy prison sentence Ruggs will receive himself. Such a tragedy.

  6. A talented young receiver whose star was on the rise….From everything I’ve read before this incident, Ruggs seems like a man who really wanted to excel and loved playing for the Raiders. However, he took a life senselessly and for that there will be ramifications. Prayers go out to the victim and her family! Also to those who are close friends of Ruggs, stand by the man – not the action, he is going to need his friends now more than ever. If you are a true friend of his, stay true, help him atone as best he can and be a shoulder to lean on through the trials and tribulations ahead.

    I do not in any way endorse or forgive him for what he has done – but once a raider, always a raider.

  7. I don’t think a car service, uber, friends even entered his head. He was out for some “fun” , apparently he really likes speed, 156 mph, not the first time either. He thought he was invincible.
    I always have and always will love the Raiders, I hope Henry turns his life around, I predict he will become a big time advocate for drinking, speeding and driving. Prayers for the Tintor family.

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