Raiders Have Already Begun Removing References to Henry Ruggs at Allegiant Stadium

It’s only been a matter of hours since the news of Henry Ruggs’ devastating car accident, but with the presumption that Ruggs was driving impaired, the Raiders have wasted little time in their response.

The team issued a statement on Tuesday afternoon and they have already removed many references to their former first-round pick within Allegiant Stadium.

Even the nameplate on Ruggs’ locker has already been removed.

Isaac Ebrom on Twitter: “Just took a tour of @Raiders stadium and all of @_RUGGS merchandise has been removed. They even removed his name plate from the locker room. #HenryRuggs #ESPN #NFL / Twitter”

Just took a tour of @Raiders stadium and all of @_RUGGS merchandise has been removed. They even removed his name plate from the locker room. #HenryRuggs #ESPN #NFL

As for who might replace Ruggs on the roster, there isn’t enough time for the Raiders to do much before Saturday’s game in New York. It has been reported that the Raiders would like to add DeSean Jackson, but the 34 year-old wide receiver can’t join a team until at least Thursday due to the NFL’s waiver process.

For those wondering if Ruggs might be able to avoid punishment, a Yahoo piece on Tuesday detailed just how difficult it will be for Ruggs to dodge significant jail time if found guilty as charged.

Just a gut-wrenching story from start to finish.

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27 thoughts on “Raiders Have Already Begun Removing References to Henry Ruggs at Allegiant Stadium

    1. Bro he killed somebody, I love him bro, but he literally killed someone, bros gonna do some time, there’s no career potential. He’s done. And Vick isn’t even a comparison. It’s not an argument, he’s outta there bro

      1. Jason. What he did was wrong and there is no excuse for it. The Vegas Police say that he was impaired but this is a 22 year old kid that was just in an accident I’m sure that he was really Shook Up his girlfriend was in the car they could have mistakenly took the way he was for being under the influence laws in Nevada in the laws in California are different he’s going to have good representation the same lawyers that represented Josh Jacobs in his accident..

    2. Laws the Laws and someone died by this accident. One life taken and another ruined by age 22. Drunk driving no joke. If u drink don’t drive. Sad ending.

    3. You have to be the most clueless person on earth. Len Bias? WTF. You should do some research. Len Bias was a basketball player that died from using cocaine…never got a chance to play in any NBA games. And you compare that to DUI with homicide???

  1. I’m a Raiders 4 life and afterlife, bit this is sad. Yes, I would love to see Mad Maxx rip out Tom Brady’s spleen and throw it threw the goal post (for those of us you remember the ****, excuse me) the tuck rule for true Raider fans you know what I’m talking about. But my heart and compassion go out to family who is suffering this lost .

  2. I’m a Raider fan 4 life and the afterlife, but this is so sad, sorry Nation but for today, I’m going to have to let the Raider Nation go for just a day. Sure, I would love to see Mad Maxx rip out Tom Brady’s spleen and throw it through to goal post (for those of who remember the f.u.c.k. rule) I meant the tuck rule, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    But my heart and compassion go out to the family who is going through this pain right now.

    Pride and Poise,

  3. sad day for raider nation our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of everyone involved

  4. The only thing that will save this man is if the other driver that is deceased was also under the influence but that being a long shot he’s a f****** idiot and he gets what he gets man and you just f***** up our our season because we’re not going to get anybody with that kind of speed so it is what it is but my heart goes out to the family that lost someone because that’s the most important thing but he still a f****** idiot…

  5. He had it all !!!! Now in an instant a life gone , their futures gone … how very sad … a reckless thought … a reckless action☹️

  6. What’s even worse is this murderer is burying that my Braves just won the world series…. Go Braves!

  7. What can you say about this, Raider Nation? We have more class and more integrity to be too concerned about this freaking stupid *** kid who made about the dumbest decision possible. We of course are more concerned with the family of this person who lost her life for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I bleed silver and black to the fullest but I just can’t wrap my head around what could have possibly been going through his mind at the time. The dude could have paid to have him and his Corvette carried home. How much we’ll miss him on the field should not be the first thing we’re thinking of here. RAIDER4LIFE

    1. I agree with what you’re saying, but you know the saying also ” Once a Raider always a Raider” no matter what even at times like this. My heart and compassion goes out to the victims family.

  8. I’m a raiders fan for life bit honestly I hope Ruggs rots in jail. Maybe this will teach other players in the NFL a lesson honestly any one who kills someone while drunk driving should rot in jail. NFL needs to be stricter on the alcohol consumption. If you’re caught drunk in public 6 week suspension caught drunk driving banned from the nfl

  9. It’s sad in all respects that this unfortunate situation occurred at all. That fateful choice is now costing two lives and immeasurable pain, suffering and sadness due to a young man not using wisdom in his decisions. Wisdom beyond ones years must be attempted to be taught to avoid such tragedy in the future.

  10. I will be praying for the family for the person who loss his or her life, and I will be praying for Henry the young man life is over he will have to live with this rest of his life 🙏… I still love my Raiders…

  11. Raiders 4Life as well. Money has replaced the spot where the brain was. Condolences goes out to the family. To my raiders keep moving forward. We are so proud of how you are handling these hurdles. We ❤️ you guys. Raiders 4Life

  12. If I’m the coach I’m telling the team ,you want to get rid of this pain let’s make it to the playoffs, one man doesn’t define us. And then emphasize what a lack of responsibility can cost you

  13. What a dumb *** kid, I sure hope Henry Ruggs saved a few million for the family of the woman he killed. Did his team mates know he was doing stupid **** like that? It can’t be the first time but I know it’s his last time in anything more than a 1994 Ford Fiesta. That is one jersey that needs to be burned and never ever put back into circulation for the Raiders every again. You stupid Mother ****** hope you enjoy prison.

  14. I was 24 and in the service . I had too much to drink but drove home anyway. Fortunately I got home safely without causing any accidents. It was a wake up call. Now if I drink at all it will be early in a party or I hand my keys to someone else and get a ride home. Drinking and driving are a bad mixture. Prayers to both families .

  15. Let he who has never drove drunk after a Raiders game cast the first stone. Pray for healing from the suffering of all their loved ones in every direction! Grant them pardon and peace and eternal life to worship God in heaven for eternity.

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