Raiders Reportedly Very Impressed By Oklahoma LB Kenneth Murray

Regardless of how things go in free agency, there is little doubt that the Raiders are going to make a move (or two) at linebacker in the draft. One of the names linked to them for months now has been Oklahoma LB Kenneth Murray.

Based on a recent report from Las Vegas Review-Journal, the smoke around Murray and the Raiders is likely to only get thicker in the months ahead.

“There is no doubt that [Kenneth Murray] struck the right chord with the Raiders,” the Review-Journal’s Vinny Bonsignore told Silver and Black Today this week.

“This year’s group of kids is about as impressive as I’ve seen in a long time in terms of maturity and demeanor and all of the things you look for in a person and a football player, specifically for the Raiders who, it might sound cliche, but they put a premium on good character, guys who want to play football, guys who have a passion for football, and have integrity about them. There was a lot of those guys this year in Indianapolis and Kenneth Murray might be at the top of that list. Just a super impressive kid and then you put the tape on and he’s just as good a football player as he is a person.”

Murray would obviously fill a huge void in the Raiders defense and he is expected to be available when the Raiders draft at pick 19. If they trade back (somewhere in the 20’s), it’s possible the Raiders could still land Murray or LSU’s Patrick Queen, who has also been another popular mock selection for Paul Guenther’s defense.

Unfortunately, we have to wait another seven weeks to get answers. The draft’s first round kicks off on April 23 and as of now the Raiders are happily sitting on picks 12 and 19 in the first round.

A top wide receiver and who else?

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3 thoughts on “Raiders Reportedly Very Impressed By Oklahoma LB Kenneth Murray

  1. If anyone wants a real belly busting laugh, ask Jon Gruden before and after the draft how many games he expects the Raiders to win this season. In reality, there are seven players on offense that can and will get the job done. The front five of the offensive line, minus Brandon Parker, Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller are those seven. Hunter Renfrow? NO!!! Any wide receiver currently on the Raiders roster? NO!!! Derek Carr, DeShone Kizer or anyone else currently on the Raiders roster? NO!!! Jon Gruden with an ego that’s a million times larger than his “coaching skills”? NO!!!! Realistically, if the Raiders win eight games, this year, they will be considered over achievers. Ppppplay Offs!?! Ppppplay Offs!?!

  2. Top WR @ 12 and a Top CB, Safety, or a Hybrid LB/CB/Safety? Murry & Queen are Excellent LB’s, but there both under 6ft.and against Gronk Size TE, there both out matched and become a Liability 😕✌🏻💔🏈💔🏈💔🏈💔🏈💔🏈💔🏈💔👌

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