Are the San Francisco 49ers the Dark Horse to Sign Tom Brady?

Maybe all the Tom Brady talk over the last couple months has been circling around the wrong Bay Area team…

Okay, the Raiders aren’t in Oakland anymore, but NBC Sports Boston’s Tom Curran believes the front runners to sign Brady are the Titans and the Patriots, but Curran believes a dark horse to land Brady is actually the San Francisco 49ers.

Yes, you read that right and the audio is below to prove it…

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ICYMI: @tomecurran tells @AdamSchein he believes the 49ers conversation surrounding Tom Brady is real from both sides

The 49ers would actually make a ton of sense for Brady because he would be moving back to where he grew up (close to it at least) and playing behind arguably the best defense in the NFL.

Believe what you want about Jimmy Garoppolo, but if he makes a fairly routine deep throw to Emmanuel Sanders in the Super Bowl (who was open), the 49ers would have probably won the game. Instead, we’re stuck with the Chiefs as world champions and some of us are inclined to blame the quarterback play in San Francisco for putting us in this position.

Also, don’t you think Bill Belichick might like to have Garoppolo back, especially since he was rumored to have fought to keep Jimmy in New England in the first place…

Inquiring minds would love to know.

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  1. As well as excellent QB who can hand off like a Pro Bowler, I think it serves the 49ers hopeful well to have a QB who can throw it as well.

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