Raiders Took a Victory Lap Around Arrowhead Stadium After Sunday’s Win

Before the game on Sunday, Jon Gruden said he would “do anything to win this game…. I love Andy Reid but I hate the Chiefs.”

Well, it came to fruition for Gruden and the Raiders and so pleased was Gruden that he reportedly took the team for a victory lap in the team buses around Arrowhead Stadium after the game.

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Per one of my contacts. The Raiders requested the police escort allow them to “take a victory lap” around Arrowhead Stadium in the team buses before they headed up to the airport.


Sounds like a request that came directly from Gruden, doesn’t it?

The Raiders hadn’t won in Kansas City since October 2012 and the Chiefs had won 28 of their last 30 games against divisional foes prior to Sunday’s loss to the Raiders.

Now the Raiders have a week before they host Tom Brady and the Buccaneers in two weeks. Gruden and the gang are above .500 through five weeks and look to have the toughest part of their schedule in the rear view. Their remaining opponents have a combined win percentage of .377, which by that parameter gives them the “easiest” remaining schedule in the NFL.

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14 thoughts on “Raiders Took a Victory Lap Around Arrowhead Stadium After Sunday’s Win

  1. Nothing is going to come easy… Percentages are exactly just that! They still have to travel to the East coast back to back weeks and have to face teams that may not have above .500 records at the moment but yet these very teams are very capable of being above .500 teams, so I say stay humble and remain focused on 1 game at a time. Go Raiders

    1. Nothing will come easy EVER for us thats y we are Raider fans cause we love adversity. It doesnt matter if we are better than the team we are playing cause the NFL and its refs will always try to take a game from us. This was the first game in a long time we got the benefit of the calls, dont get use to it Nation, it wont happen very often. I was waiting for an index card to come out on both measurements, must have had only a clipboard that would have made it to obvious to screw us so they gave it to us. Well have to pay that back next week against the untouchable one next week. Like the dark side, the leagues hate for us only makes us stronger (clenched vador fist!)

  2. I hate the Chiefs almost as much as Brady (tuck rule, deflategate) and the Patriots. My vengeance goes back to the days of the Ben Davidson crew. Nevertheless, when the Chiefs were whipping the daylights out of the raiders last year, at some point Andy Reid banned celebrating in the inzone. That was class.

    What the Raiders did was down right embarrassing.

    What happened to “modest in victory”?

    1. Andy read has class for sure but the rest of the chifs they dont have class so they GOT WHAT THEY DESERVED

  3. Of note, the report came from a sour grapes cheerleader for “Channel 41” in KC. Whether it actually happened is anyone’s guess. If you can’t get bulletin board material, manufacture it.

  4. Great job Sunday boys! Now this is what Gruden and Mayock need to do now. Go to Washington and offer up Mariota for Montez Sweat (pass rusher ) and a second round draft pick…the guy Grudens brother Jay stole from us in the 18 draft. This will work financially and strategically for the Raiders and a great match for Crosby, move Cle inside and Hurst at the 3 tech…hell raisers! We can keep Heath in the free safety spot, and keep the squeeze on Geunther balls to keep coaching!
    The offense is gelling towards greatness and Gruden needs to keep everybody happy and fresh; with smart rotations and aggressive play constantly matriculating down the field. A few moves and we are good to go! Defense is key to offense scoring and opposition containment. Go Raiders…just win baby!

    Coach Lofton
    55 years in Raider Nation

    1. Love your strategy Wayne. Additionally, could we sign Anthony Gordon off of the Seattle Seahawks’ practice roster and get rid of the statistically worst man to ever be called an NFL quarterback in Nathan Peterman? Since he is officially listed as Derek Carr’s backup, his replacement is paramount given your proposal to trade Marcus Mariota.

      1. You’ll get nothing for sorter man in Seattle. They have a firmer starting quarterback at back up currently on the roster. Washington is desperate and you’ve got to offer them something worth jumping on. We still need a proven pass rusher to add to Crosby and Ferrell; and when we do with Cle at off tackle and two you g aggressive ends…look out!
        Balanced arracks on both sides of the ball are the absolute key, and it takes determined talent and excellent coaching to stack up the wins. I’ve watched the tape and I’m telling you that Crosby/Hurst/Cle/Sweat on the front end; current LBs and Kendricks in the middle; and current DBs adding Thomas or Reid, or Weddle on the back end will surely get us to the playoffs and a real shot at the SB.
        Offensively, Gruden has the tools to run up the points; with a balanced attack and well rested and motivated players that go all out every play in each and every game.
        These are my well thought out and honest opinions with respect for others, and a few good moves and shuffles will get us where we ultimately want and need to be.

        Thanks to all the Nation and hopefully the organizational leaders respect our opinions enough to listen and make a move!
        Go Raiders…make the right moves and just win baby!

        Coach L
        Over 50 years true Silver and Black

        1. Wayne, just like you, I’m a 50 plus year Raiders fan (52 actually). Still though, you have suggested trading Marcus Mariota to Washington, if possible. That would leave Nathan Peterman as the only other quarterback on the Raiders roster. EVERY sportswriter and sports metric in the world has said that Nathan Peterman is the absolute lowest ranked quarterback in NFL history. If the trade that you are suggesting should materialize then NO Raiders fan should be comfortable knowing that Nathan Peterman is Derek Carr’s backup. That’s why I am suggesting that the Raiders sign Anthony Gordon off of Seattle’s practice squad. As you have said, Seattle has a stable quarterback situation with Russell Wilson as it’s starter and Geno Smith as his backup. I’m simply saying that I believe that I, you and ALL other Raiders fans would be more comfortable having Anthony Gordon on the Raiders roster than ever having Nathan Peterman hit the field. GOD FORBID but the reality of what I am saying will be realized if Derek Carr should become injured. Therefore, I pray daily for Derek Carr’s continued health.

  5. Foster Moreau needs 4 targets per game, at least one in each quarter, the same with Rico Gafford and Nelson Agholor. Foster Moreau and Rico Gafford need the playing time, some catches and work to contribute more to the team and spell the primary players. The more these guys produce, the better for everyone else. That way the defense has to play ALL Raiders receivers honestly. Jeff Heath obviously made one magnificent play and undoubtedly the defense, as a whole, played it’s best game of the season thus far. Likewise, Alec Ingold needs at least four carries per game, preferably at least once per quarter. Every time that someone other than Josh Jacobs rushes the ball it SAVES some wear and tear on Josh Jacobs and makes other players feel involved. Needless to say, Henry Ruggs and Trent Brown made substantial contributions in their return to the offense. The Raiders’ primary weapons are going to be primary weapons because that’s who and what they are. Of course they are going to carry the load but it’s absolutely necessary to get EVERYONE involved to preserve them and keep teams from zeroing in on the primary players. There are still eleven games left, in the regular season, and in order to prevent injuries and keep the primary players fresh, it’s of extreme importance to get production from the second unit. RIGHT NOW, my biggest prayer is that Derek Carr doesn’t get hurt because I’m deathly afraid of Nathan Peterman getting anywhere close to the field.
    I read Mike Florio’s interview with Jeff Heath, after the Raiders defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, and what Jeff Heath said,

    So what does this win mean to the Raiders?

    “It was just a big win,” Heath said. “A big divisional win. We’ve got our bye this week, so it’s always good going into our bye week after a big ‘W.’ But you know what, man? It doesn’t really mean a whole lot because we’ve still got 11 more games. Still have a lot of good teams left on our schedule.

    What Jeff Heath was saying, without saying it, was that “THIS WIN” gave the Raiders the one thing that they need to go on to have a successful season, CONFIDENCE. NOTHING can replace confidence. If they didn’t know it before, or was doubtful in their abilities, the Raiders NOW KNOW that they have what it takes to beat ANY team in the NFL.

    I Googled the definition of the word belief and here is what it said;

    Believe – A belief is an attitude that something is the case, or that some proposition about the world is true

    After sunday’s victory, over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Las Vegas Raiders not only believe but also NOW KNOW THAT!!! As Jeff Heath said, “… you just can’t blink you’ve got to keep believing, keep executing, and see what happens.”

  6. I don’t care what the records are or aren’t by the time we play teams, no games are a lock and that’s the mentality the Raiders need to maintain! There’s a few games where there’s the possibility of it being played in cold weather, that’s the next demon Carr and the Raiders need to exercise! Let’s Go Raiders

    1. Sal, you are so correct. Last year, when we were in position to get a few more wins, we didn’t because we took victories over the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets for granted and lost both games. Just like you said, “…No games are a lock…”

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