Colin Cowherd Whiffed Badly on an Offseason Prediction About Derek Carr and the Raiders

While it shouldn’t come as a surprise, Colin Cowherd whiffed badly on another pompous prediction.

In August, Cowherd gave his early season forecast on the Raiders saying “I think the Raiders are going to start out 2-6 or 1-5 and guess who’s going to play? Marcus Mariota.”

Unfortunately for Colin, the Raiders are 3-2, Derek Carr has thrown 11 touchdowns, has a 73% completion, and is playing at an MVP-caliber level.

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“I think the Raiders are going to start out 2-6 or 1-5 and guess who’s going to play? Marcus Mariota.” – @ColinCowherd


But that’s not all. Cowherd also announced that Sam Darnold was better than Carr. Meanwhile, the dumpster fire Jets are 0-5 and Darnold has more interceptions than touchdowns.

That being said, one thing Cowherd did get right was his prediction that the first half of the Raiders schedule would be brutally tough.

So good for him on that.

As for the rest of Cowherd’s comments on Carr and the Raiders, the appropriate response needs only to be translated below…

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I’ll just leave this here…


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21 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd Whiffed Badly on an Offseason Prediction About Derek Carr and the Raiders

    1. Cowherd has always been loudmouth hack, he loves to hear himself talk. I listened to him a bit about 6-7 years ago and had to stop because of comments like these! Carr 2020!

    2. Thanks Colin,for making a good man mad…l just love know it all people. Trust me he will it his words about DC4 and my Raiders…

    1. None of these sports media dopes know what there talking about. What the hell they get big money for? Reap it cowherd you have no credibility.

  1. Colin and all the other haters get to eat their words. All that hate and negative talk is not going to some how “magically” make Carr play bad and get benched, traded, etc. Carr is now the all time QB leader for the Raiders in almost every category and he did it without hall of fame receivers. Hope you haters are enjoying all of Carr’s successes cause I know I am.

  2. I agree i bet he loves Trump too . what a maggot. Go Raiders They going to the playoff..this year hell yes

  3. Is that fool still on tv? I thought fox fired him for sorry ratings. Oh well like he’s ever right about anything. F- him anyway… I’m gone.

  4. This guy has always been a loud mouthed clown with no real knowledge of his own. Using stats from PFF says all that needs to be said. PFF is as good a measuring tool as QBR.

  5. Forget Colin Cowherd, quickly. Now, Foster Moreau needs 4 targets per game, at least one in each quarter, the same with Rico Gafford. Foster Moreau and Zay Jones need the playing time, some catches and work to contribute more to the team and spell the primary players, specifically Darren Waller, Henry Ruggs and Nelson Agholor . The more these guys produce, the better it is for everyone else. That way the defense has to play ALL Raiders receivers honestly. Jeff Heath obviously made a magnificent play and undoubtedly the defense, as a whole, played it’s best game of the season, thus far. Likewise, Alec Ingold needs at least four carries per game, preferably at least once per quarter but in addition to his catch, he made a very nice block on the goal line for Josh Jacobs to help Jacobs score his leaping touchdown. Every time that someone other than Josh Jacobs rushes the ball it SAVES some wear and tear on Josh Jacobs and makes other players feel involved. That Devontae Booker run and Hunter Renfrow catch are prime examples of keeping opposing defenses honest. Needless to say, Henry Ruggs and Trent Brown made substantial contributions in their return to the offense. Derek Carr was well protected, thanks in no small part to Trent Brown and Henry Ruggs’ average per catch is off the charts. The Raiders’ primary weapons are going to be primary weapons because that’s who and what they are. Of course they are going to carry the load but it’s absolutely necessary to get EVERYONE involved to preserve them and keep teams from zeroing in on them.

    There are still eleven games left, in the regular season, and in order to prevent injuries and keep the starting players fresh, it’s of extreme importance to get some production from the second unit. RIGHT NOW, my biggest prayer is that Derek Carr doesn’t get hurt because I’m deathly afraid of Nathan Peterman getting anywhere close to the field. Additionally, the Raiders did some things in this game that they had not done all season. There were few, if any, of the check downs that have been the staple of the Raiders offense in previous games. The Raiders took downfield shots more frequently than they had in any game this season. I’m glad that Gruden made these changes, for whatever reasons he did. Today, he had the Raiders looking like a contender, not just a sparing partner. Larry Holmes and Muhammad Ali comes to mind. I can only surmise that all of the learning processes that Derek Carr has experienced over the past six years has matured him into a more competent quarterback. He certainly has learned his lessons the hard way but he has learned them well and has the knocks, bruises and losses to prove it.
    I read Mike Florio’s interview with Jeff Heath, after the Raiders defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, and what Jeff Heath said,

    So what does this win mean to the Raiders?

    “It was just a big win,” Heath said. “A big divisional win. We’ve got our bye this week, so it’s always good going into our bye week after a big ‘W.’ But you know what, man? It doesn’t really mean a whole lot because we’ve still got 11 more games. Still have a lot of good teams left on our schedule.

    What Jeff Heath was saying, without saying it, was that “THIS WIN” gave the Raiders the one thing that they need to go on to have a successful season, CONFIDENCE. NOTHING can replace confidence. If they didn’t know it before, or was the slightest bit doubtful in their abilities, the Raiders NOW KNOW that they have what it takes to beat ANY team in the NFL.

    I Googled the definition of the word belief and here is what it said;

    Believe – A belief is an attitude that something is the case, or that some proposition about the world is true

    After sunday’s victory, over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Las Vegas Raiders not only believe but also NOW KNOW THAT!!! As Jeff Heath said, “… you just can’t blink you’ve got to keep believing, keep executing, and see what happens.”

  6. Coward is a hater just like everyone else that said D.C. was no good. And as for sam darnold being better than D.C. i dont think so. You can take that comment and shove it

  7. Cow Turd is completely clueless when it comes to any sport . . . how did this tool get a job as a sports show host????

  8. I’ve seen/ heard Colin since he was a local sports guy for a news station in Portland…..he also used to say he would rather have Clyde Drexler over Michael Jordan….I think I know how that worked out…always lmao when he “predicts” with his vast knowledge

  9. Raider Cody that is classic. I couldn’t stop laughing. Raiders are still figuring it out. When the offense controls the ball like that and the defense especially the D-line does that well in the trenches, the Raiders season will be looking nothing but up. I just wish Carr was a better passer when he is flushed out of the pocket and has to throw on the run. Wouldn’t hurt to throw a few more deep balls to Ruggs in games also. Fantastic O-line. Now let’s Ritchie back. GO RAIDERS!!!!

  10. CMON MAN!!! Y’all are too funny, Colin Cowherd is one of the best at what he does! Y’all suddenly forget how he had high praise for the Del Rio Raiders and he wasn’t a clown then, right? To those who aren’t familiar with his show, which I’m assuming everyone here, He will definitely own up to this in his segment “Where Colin was right, Where Colin was wrong”

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