Raiders Search For Coach Expected To Move Swiftly

With the Broncos season ending sooner than expected, the Raiders coaching search may also end sooner than expected. Their top candidates appear to be interim head coach Tony Sparano and Jack Del Rio, and they’re expected to move swiftly.


Right now it could be a matter of staffing. Specifically, which candidate can attract the more desirable coordinators? And more specifically, which coach can offer the best offensive staff to develop Derek Carr? Just guessing here, but both candidates should have pretty good options – a luxury that maybe wasn’t afforded to Dennis Allen.



Whatever the case, I expect owner Mark Davis to opt for perceived greener pastures. Sparano wasn’t originally in the long term plan, but wiggled his way into the conversation. I was told reliably that Sparano’s only real shot at the job would come if enough top candidates turned down the opportunity. By one means or another, the Raiders have been rejected by two rock stars (Gruden/Harbaugh), a soap opera star (Ryan), and a rising star (Bowles).

The question now, does Davis view Del Rio as a star? I think he does. Del Rio seems to have the owners’ eye, and at this point I’d be surprised if Sparano can pull off the upset – especially now that Del Rio is available sooner than expected.

As far as bringing in another Denver defensive coordinator, it’s an idea fans seem to be warming up to.