Raiders Are Very Familiar With The Dez Bryant Call

For Raiders fans, the Dez Bryant call yesterday brought back memories of a potential game-winning Louis Murphy touchdown overturned vs. San Diego in 2009. But a better comparison probably came last year – again involving the Raiders and again involving the Chargers.

Here’s the frame-by-frame breakdown of Rod Streater’s non-touchdown reception in San Diego last year. In the first image you see where most consider Streater to first control the ball. He’s easily at the 3 1/2 yard-line, maybe even the 4.


The next image shows Streater with one foot (his left foot) touching the ground.  He has clear possession and will through the entire sequence.


With one foot already down, the next image shows the second foot – his right foot.  Keep in mind, Streater isn’t near the end zone.


And now back to the left foot. At this point, the ball is over the goal line and three feet have already touched the grass since he controlled the ball.


The next image shows Streater’s right knee hit the grass.  His right forearm also pads his fall, and clearly secures the ball from touching the ground.


Now a zoomed-in image of Streater still possessing the football and his entire body in the end zone.


Now here’s the final image. This is the moment the ball is stripped from Streater.  Since controlling the ball he has taken four steps, landed both knees, an elbow, and completely rolled over.


Shortly after this image the ball pops out and the replay booth ruled it an incomplete pass. So yeah, we understand your frustration, Cowboys’ fans. It’s a bad rule and the league will eventually change it, but the loss? You’ll get to keep that.