Raiders Slated to Have Massive Television Broadcast Area For Pivotal Game Against Chiefs

The Raiders are at a critical point in the season and Sunday’s game in Kansas City will go a long way to determining how many meaningful games are left on the schedule.

A loss to the Chiefs and the Raiders would essentially be out of the running for the AFC West title. At 6-7, the Raiders would still be in the Wild Card hunt, but their odds would be slim considering their upcoming schedule and so many teams still in the mix.

If the Raiders win on Sunday, they are right in the thick of the playoff hunt – a game out of first place in the AFC West and potentially holding a Wild Card spot with five games remaining.

Fortunately for Raider fans, most of them won’t have to work hard to find the game on television this week. The Raiders are nationally televised throughout most of the country and only four states (Louisiana, Alabama, Maryland, and West Virginia) are completely void of having the Raiders on local television anywhere in the state.

Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia came close to stymying the Raiders, but there are small viewing pockets in all three of those states.

Even Hawaii and Alaska get the Raiders this week… if they can wake up in time for the early start.

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6 thoughts on “Raiders Slated to Have Massive Television Broadcast Area For Pivotal Game Against Chiefs

  1. As a Raider fan, I think we need to view this season as having not been too kind to this team. There is absolutely “No” reason to be enthusiastic about any results, let alone positive results. If the Raiders can play a full four quarters of good football I think most fans will be satisfied . I have given up on trying to convince anyone that this team will not make the playoffs with the current quarterback. I would not mind him as a backup, but it’s time to
    move on.

  2. Yes. This is a National televised game. Everything is on the line Sunday. The Raiders have to come out Sunday like this is the Super Bowl. Haven’t seen them play together as a team.

  3. I’m 48 and have been a Raiders fan since I was 8 years old. I’m tired of the same ol same ol!

  4. Just when the odds aren’t in the Raiders favor that’s when they shock the world! Upset special! Raiders 23 KC 16!!!

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