Jerry Rice: Pairing Derek Carr and Davante Adams “Would Be Awesome For the Raiders”

The Raiders are probably going to have to do something aggressive in their efforts to find a wide receiver in the offseason. One of the pipe dreams possibilities that would make the most sense would be a trade for Davante Adams – who may try to pry his way out of Green Bay after the season.

A trade might be a long shot to happen, but the Raiders will absolutely check in with the Packers after the season and see where they stand on Adams, who turns 29 this month.

Former Raiders’ wide receiver Jerry Rice probably won’t be a general manager anytime soon, but count the G.O.A.T. among those who want to see Derek Carr reunited with Adams – who was his college teammate at Fresno State.

“To have those two guys together, that would be awesome for the Raiders,” Rice told

“And you got to have that connection, you got to have that go-to receiver. And you know, right now, I think DeSean Jackson, he can still take the layer off the top but you get a guy like Adams that can do it all, that can run around underneath, make those real difficult catches and also can threaten the defense by going deep to, it would be a great team.”

For a Carr/Adams reunion to happen with the Raiders, the team will first need to sort out their feelings on Carr. They have a huge decision coming on his contract and it gets even more complicated considering the Raiders don’t know who will be running the team next year.

As of today, the Raiders have a 6-6 record and their direction after the season is clear as mud.

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9 thoughts on “Jerry Rice: Pairing Derek Carr and Davante Adams “Would Be Awesome For the Raiders”

  1. Carr is tradable for needed raider assets. Mariota at qb, Jacobs, Adams, Hunter, Walker and Jackson ( for now) could be the best Track team that can catch a football, Each baller brings running and catch on the run skills. Each is proven already. Get some Real raider O-line and d-line ballers with the used Carr trade in value. Let’s get the Vertical game going…..Aloha bitches.

    1. Smh…Mariota over Carr? Seriously? Do you even watch football or just talk out of your ***? Mariota is a stellar athlete, but the guy is made of glass. Derek Carr has NEVER in his career had a true #1 receiver. The guy has played for 5 different head coaches. They traded away most of our offensive line in the off-season & the guy still finds ways to make plays. If you wanna say move on from Carr, I get it…you’re another Carr hater, but maybe say some realistic options to improve at the position, because Mariota is not an improvement. Since 2015, no other QB in the NFL has led more game winning drives than Derek Carr (24).

  2. Max Crosby says about Mahomes “He’s one of those guys that never really gives up on a play,” Crosby said Wednesday. “He can throw from every angle, he’s quick, he’s got good speed and he’s got great instincts. … That’s kind of what separates him. He can make things happen out of nowhere. He’s one of those guys you have to continually pursue, try to keep in the pocket as best as you can. And try to take the ball away” Hmmmm sounds like everything Carr is NOT

  3. from a artical 18 hrs ago spagnulo was a raider coach once an got fired because he couldnt stop a feather with a train hes not that good he has a lot more talent in kc

  4. This would be a great fit. The problem is on both sides of the ball. I’m not going to get into that again. We all know what has to be done for them get where we looking for them to go. They don’t have no more time for a rebuild. Wasted twenty years of trying to get there. Time is of essence. It will be another year’s of setbacks.

  5. Derek has never had a great offensive line and a good run game to go with it and he has never has had consistent wide outs and now is missing tight end Waller. Having Adams would make a big difference but until he gets an above average offensive line and run game then going to playoffs will be hard. Put Derek on a team with an above average offensive line and having Adams as a wide out and that would be play offs for sure. I hope Derek comes off of his mantra of staying with the Raiders or retire. He deserves better

  6. Acquiring Adams would be a big win, however, he alone won’t get it done. What the Raiders need is to trade Carr, and go get Aaron Rodgers instead, pick up another good receiver in free agency or the draft, add at least one more quality starting o-lineman, then watch what happens. Doubt they could get both Adams and Rodgers. As much as I like Derek as a person, he won’t lead them to the promised land. What they need is a QB that wins the big games and has solid playoff experience, neither of which Carr possesses, unfortunately.

    1. No Rodgers he’s old and Car and Adam’s would play perfectly and I think Adam’s wants to play with Carr let the man finish his contract if Ads signs with Vegas. Hire Brian Daball keep Gus as DC and **** if he’s willing bring in Tim Brown as a WR coach or OC but Rich has to go back to special teams he’s not a good head coach and don’t forget 2016 Raiders probably would have made Superbowl if not for the fractured leg. The man has more 4th quarter comebacks than anyone and leads the league is passing or Brady may have passed h last week by 100 yards he’s on track for a 5k yard season but the online sucks our no
      One WR is Renfrow who is phenomenal best slot in the NFL by for but Edward’s can’t get open Jones can’t get open and Waller is out what can he do its been this way since before Jon Gruden. Draft O line or Fee agency and fing someone who can get open so he doesn’t have to check down. Please start DJax against the Chiefs keep them from running the ball control the time we can win with Carr but no one wants to help g Crabtree and Cooper Mack on Defense with Bruce Irvin and wish we could have kept Vontez Burfect.

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