Raiders South End Zone in Las Vegas Will Look a Lot Different Than Either End Zone in Oakland

The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas in a few months and some of football’s most notorious fans will be following them to the new state of the art “Death Star.”

The question has been raised whether or not the fans in the north end zone will still call themselves the “Black Hole” and it seems like most believe they should. After all, you’ll still see Gorilla Rilla and a lot of other familiar characters hanging over the wall in the end zone.

But what about the south end zone?

Remember, the fans opposite of the Black Hole in Oakland could be just as rowdy. Opposing players had similar odds of having beer dumped on their heads in both end zones in Oakland.

As it turns out, the south end zone in Las Vegas is probably going to be a little more friendly. The worst case scenario for opponents in that end zone might be spilled Chardonnay (maybe it still finds a player’s helmet) or a balled-up napkin toss. With the addition of luxury suites in the south end zone, there will be plenty of room for all and the seats (or standing area) won’t offer anything like the experience in either end zone in Oakland.

The Raiders south end zone in Las Vegas

So why the new look in Las Vegas?

Like most things, the decision primarily involved money. The Raiders wanted to add field-level suites to 1) bring in more revenue and 2) hopefully entice the NFL to give them a Super Bowl in the not-too-distant future (which is obviously a lot about revenue as well).

In the end it looks like the south end zone will have a couple rows of standing room next to the field so maybe it won’t be that inviting for opposing players, but it will certainly have a different feel than Oakland… and in some ways maybe that will be a good thing.

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