Raiders Have an Opportunity to Pull Off an Unprecedented Stunt in the First Round of the Draft

The Raiders are entering the 2020 draft with two first-round picks and while they have significant needs on defense, the stars might be lining up for Jon Gruden to do something unprecedented with his first two picks.

Has anyone ever drafted two wide receivers in the first round?

Certainly it hasn’t happened in the modern era of the NFL, but if there ever was a year it could happen, it might be now. Believe what you want about Gruden, but he is disgusted by the makeup of his wide receiver group after two years with the Raiders. He isn’t leaving the first round without at least one wide receiver and considering the talent in this year’s draft class, don’t put it past Gruden to draft two wide receivers early.

Yes, the Raiders need help in the secondary, they need an overhaul at linebacker, and they could use another pass rusher. But some of that can be addressed in free agency and the Raiders do have 3 third-round picks. It’s been a long time since a group of rookie wide receivers entered the league like the 2020 class, so good luck convincing Gruden to only draft one.

Surely Raiders general manager Mike Mayock wouldn’t let him do it (not that he can really stop his boss), but you can bet Gruden will throw out the idea of taking two wideouts in round one. Given the fact that Gruden is crazy (with all due respect), he loves the offensive side of the ball, he’s not happy with his receivers, and this is a receiver draft class unlike any other, don’t rule out anything – especially if the Raiders don’t add a top wide receiver through free agency or trade.

Not saying it’s going to happen, but picture in your mind Darren Waller running down the middle of the field between Jerry Jeudy and Justin Jefferson and Hunter Renfrow terrorizing defenses in the slot. Don’t you think Gruden might be imagining the same?

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20 thoughts on “Raiders Have an Opportunity to Pull Off an Unprecedented Stunt in the First Round of the Draft

  1. I dont think Raiders need to worry bout what others think. I believe they need to really sift thru draftees and pick the ones that can produce best for the 4-5 years that they will be a Raider. There is no science involved and really it comes down to so many incalculable factors that its a crap shoot. A team receive more benefit from later picks than early rounders (look at renfro). A team can only perform due dilligence cross their fingers and do a lot of little things to help these picks, i.e., chaperones, role-model, counseling, n help these yound men intergrate into the lifestyle NFL provides. A value well grounded young men provide like the Macks n Carrs are known to provide.

  2. I rather see them take two linebackers. Isaiah Simmons and Kenneth Murray if possible. Linebacker is their thinnest position. As for wide receiver, I wouldn’t be surprised if Raider management offered A.J. Green a one year prove it deal. He’s a good receiver when healthy.

  3. I am a die hard raider fan. The way things are going the raiders need to do something. I am tired of seeing them the way they are. If something like this will fix the problems so be it. I would just love to see the raiders in a super bowl one more time before i die.

  4. Mayock wont let that happen. Look, no matter what anyone says our defense is undeniably a mess. Deep class. I believe Gruden will go after two 1 in the first and 1 in the 3rd. We need a middle linebacker badly, look how unsure the defense was when burfict got suspended. We became the worst. Again

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised at all,I hope a stud linebacker and defensive back are available in the 3rd.

  6. Wow finally an article that doesn’t involve cutting/trading Derek Carr and instead getting him some weapons! I’m going to read this again just to make sure there was no mention of Carr

  7. Not gonna happen. Yeah we need a receiver, but we need help on the defense more so no

  8. That’s a hell of a combination at receiver, but Mayock can spot em and get equal production out of the draft in the mid rounds.

  9. I think we definitely need receivers but we need a defense. Derek Carr would definitely excel with some recievers that can actually catch but our defens e can’t let the other team score 40 plus points either. Thanx

  10. I hope not. The offense hasn’t been great since 2016, but going all the way back to 2014, a lot of those losses between now and then would have ended up wins if the team could have played even middle of the road defense. They’re abysmal on that side of the ball and something has to change.

  11. I think they should trade on 1st round pick for 2nd and 4th round pick and take a receiver first then an LB we need a safety and a guard but somehow we need to double down and get 2 WRs and 2LBs

  12. “picture in your mind Darren Waller running down the middle of the field between Jerry Jeudy and Justin Jefferson and Hunter Renfrow terrorizing defenses in the slot.” You forgot to mention Jacobs being opened up even more with that kind of threat down field…

  13. I guess I’m old school, and I say take the best athlete available regardless of position, when that 12th and 19th pick comes up…….

  14. Wishlist
    Round 1: #1 Receiver and Middle Linebacker
    Round 2: Oops – no pick here, Bears got this in Mack trade, I think
    Round 3: #2 Receiver, Defensive Back, Pass Rusher
    I don’t remember what we have 4-7, but additional DB, RB, OLB, Swing Tackle, depending on what we do in free agency.

  15. I like it but I am thinking ruggs and Jefferson… Sign Littleton, lavonte David, Joey boss, and Joe Hayden in free agency and re-sign Karl Joseph and we are a super bowl contender…

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