Raiders Still Have “No Interest” In Trading Khalil Mack After Aaron Donald’s Record Deal

According to Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Raiders position on Khalil Mack hasn’t changed in the wake of Aaron Donald’s massive contract extension. The Raiders still have “no interest” in trading Mack and intend to have him on their roster in 2018 with or without a new deal, according to Gehlken.

This has long been the position of the team as reported by local media covering the Raiders.

Also passing along the consistent company line is The Athletic’s Vic Tafur, who has remained adamant for months that the Raiders are not going to trade Mack. Tafur tweeted this message on Friday morning…

Nevertheless, NBC Sports’ Mike Florio, among others, say a trade for Mack is still a possibility – albeit not reporting or predicting that a trade might happen (what does that actually mean?).

The question is, with so much speculation going around, would the Raiders really acknowledge that they were considering a trade for Khalil Mack if they were, in fact, considering a trade for Khalil Mack?

Just something to think on as you sift through the news on your Friday afternoon.

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3 thoughts on “Raiders Still Have “No Interest” In Trading Khalil Mack After Aaron Donald’s Record Deal

  1. Why all the speculation? Just can’t wait to grab some readership from this conjecture. Any opportunity to put Khalil Mack’s name in print to draw readership. What garbage. Report on the news, not on what might be happening. If you have no well trusted source, don’t report it. We are all getting tired of hearing about reporters’ speculation. Its like reporting that we haven’t heard about what shape Khalil Mack is in and then saying that neither the Raider’s nor the Mack camp, aren’t denying that he has some undisclosed back injury — just for the sake of grabbing readership or headlines. Irresponsible journalism at its finest.

  2. Same letters, words, sentences, paragraphs and stories for the last 7 months. This is NOTHING. No news, no insight, nothing has changed in 215 days but there are 6 stories EVERY day saying the same thing, day after day – nothing. There are other things to write about. How about laying off of this until Mack either signs or gets traded? Now that would be good sports reporting.

  3. Why all the games Mack has shown he is worth every penny. No sure thing in draft picks. How many top raider picks have been shown the door. Mack is a A+ player. Pay the man send note raider for life.

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