Report: Raiders Still Believe Deal With Khalil Mack Will Get Done Before Week 1

Bob Carr is a familiar face for Raider fans on social media. He’s the owner of two websites dedicated to the Raiders, and, but he’s best known for his photography work from the sidelines. Carr has maintained relationships in and around the team for years and offered an encouraging post on Khalil Mack’s status on Friday afternoon.

He believes a deal will get done before September 10 when the Raiders host the Rams.

“Sources close to are reporting that they expect the Raiders and Mack to have deal in place by Week one,” Carr said. “Don’t believe all the trade rumors, this deal will get done. We expect an extension to include around $90 million in guarantees and the contract to be 5 or 6 years.”

Ok, it’s not coming from Adam Schefter and it’s not coming from Ian Rapoport, but obviously there are connected individuals in the Raiders building that believe Mack’s contract is going to be resolved before the regular season opener.

At a time when very few are offering much in the way of good news that Mack will be in uniform for the Raiders in 11 days, you’ll take what you can get, right?

Hey, it’s a lot more credible than coming from a Detroit limousine driver. You can be sure of that…

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2 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Still Believe Deal With Khalil Mack Will Get Done Before Week 1

  1. It will get done our future together is at stake but I have faith that we will get it done Raiders can’t afford not to he’s best player in football

  2. Last year the Steelers lead the league with 56sacks. The salary of the top 9 d linemen was $25,290,000. We need a defensive team not ONE overpayed player.

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