Raiders Still in the Mix for Jadeveon Clowney?

Once upon a time, the Raiders were one of the teams known to be kicking around the idea of signing former no. 1 overall pick Jadeveon Clowney.

More recently, the Raiders signed arguably the best pass rusher on the free agent market in Yannick Ngakoue, but could Clowney still be on the team’s radar?

“[Clowney] would have been a Raider back in the day and it just depends how much he’s getting offered by other teams,” NFL Network’s Mike Silver said earlier this week. “If you’re the Raiders, don’t you try? I mean, Maxx Crosby was really your only edge presence… you’ve signed Ngakoue so now you’ve got a second edge presence and an accomplished one, but get yourself more and put a little fear into opposing offenses when you line up. You look at Jadeveon Clowney when he’s healthy… that provokes fear.”

Michael Silver on Twitter: “Doesn’t Jadeveon Clowney seem like the quintessential Raider? @nflnetwork @Raiders @AndrewSiciliano / Twitter”

Doesn’t Jadeveon Clowney seem like the quintessential Raider? @nflnetwork @Raiders @AndrewSiciliano

Not to read into Silver’s comments too much, but it was an interesting choice of words to speculative on what “other” teams are offering Clowney. It comes close to implying that the Raiders have a low offer on the table for Clowney or, at the very least, might still be keeping tabs on him.

Given the fact that the Raiders are chasing the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes in the AFC West, can they ever have too many pass rushers on the roster?

It’s also worth noting that Clowney was the second-highest graded defensive player on the Titans roster last year (per Pro Football Focus analytics). When healthy, he can still play at a high level. Maybe a modest deal for Clowney, who can also line up on the interior of the defensive line, would free up more room for Ngakoue and Maxx Crosby on passing downs.

Who says no to that idea?

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7 thoughts on “Raiders Still in the Mix for Jadeveon Clowney?

  1. I think the Raiders already have a DE that is highly effective against the run but is less of a pass rushing threat than we might like. His name is Clelin Ferrell, and he actually had a higher PFF grade last year than Clowney (76.1 to 74.9). BTW, Clowney had 0 sacks last year in 8 games. Ferrell had 2 sacks in 11 games. So no, there’s no need to get Clowney.

  2. I think it would be a mistake to get Clowney but that is all Gruden does is make mistakes (Like trading Mack). There were other d linemen that Raiders could have pursued n signed but didnt that were cheaper n better than Clowney.

    Clowney is a once in a while type player who has lived off a couple of gud years reputation n a couple of gud games with Seattle (one big game against 49ers really only noticeable game).

    Gruden has no clue about talent which is amazing trait 2 lack for a head coach. He has no business being a GM (Mayock is paper only) having complete control of team let alone entire franchise.

    Gruden had no clue when commentating on TV n has no clue as head coach. He is literally the most overrated coach in history of NFL. His only accolade is not really his accomplishment that 1st year in Tampa Bay. He benefitted from Dungy n GM n a defense that tore it up that year n by which Gruden was prohibited from having any control over. Gruden however had control over Tampas offense n made some changes n he caused that offense 2 drop down many levels in rankings from prior year (b4 Gruden arrived). So that Super Bowl victory was attributable 2 that Defense only a part of the team Gruden was specifically told he could not have any control over.

  3. Knowing Gruden.. he’ll get him just because he wants him
    .. I don’t like Gruden ..he’s done nothing but bad things for the Raiders.. he was a bad choice for a coach he’s just a” name ”
    that Al Davis gave him ..he’s a loser ..all you ever do is bring bad news to our Raiders ..he needs to go ..and I’ve been a Raider fan for over 40 years him and JaMarcus Russell are probably the two worst employees the Raiders ever had

    1. Let’s be honest & real… One more impact player on the D-line, is about all We need on the D🚧~ And with Hurst coming on strong, as well as, Vanderdoes being healthy again (Didn’t play last year, injured)! The edge makes sense for that extra guy~ If We are rotational with two capable pairs of edge guys, we can be dangerously good! Have too be! We’re in the same division as KC~ We need too apply pressure on every down, even when we only send 4 guys~ Very few starters can rush on every down, and have any gas left in the last quarter! I would support a move on Clowney, provided We’re talking about a team friendly deal, with more incentives attached to it, rather than guaranteed monies… He could rotate in with Clelin Ferrell on 3rd downs… As well, substitute in on the interior positions~ He would make an excellent rotational player, in all positions on the D-Line$$$! Plus, a veteran presence with playoff experience, properly handled by management, would be huge in schooling our younger defensive players~ However, to respond too Richard & Art here… In His later years, Al Davis was obviously suffering with dementia, or some kind of head/brain issues! JaMarcus Russell was an Al D. choice, not a Gruden one… And let Us not forget the “Tuck Rule” Divisional Championship Game!!$!! Gruden would have taken Us too the Super Bowl twice~ In the year of “The Tuck”, and then, Al resigns Gruden, and Tampa never beats Us, because They don’t have Gruden… Only coach that beats Us that year is Gruden! PERIOD⚫⚪⚫⚪

      1. U are correct about Al n his medical conditions. There is no need 2 point out Al’s picks because Al Davis made every decision period. Gruden never made a decision first time around. Those are facts. Gruden didnt do that great in his first tenure with team.

        N 2 correct u on the last part averring that only team that beats us is Gruden I disagree. It was Dungy’s defense that beat us. That defense was the only thing that could have stopped us. The Defense for Tampa was off limits 2 Gruden. Upon trading Gruden was told he could not touch or have any control over the defense. That Defense tore up the league that year ranking 1st in many areas. Gruden however had say so over offense made changes n caused the offense 2 drop many spots in ranking than where it had been year b4 Gruden came under Dungy.

        Gruden was not cause of **** n all the talk about how Gruden would play the role of Gannon during practices is bs. In football it doesnt matter if Gruden could predict **** (unless he is calling plays as u see his play calling is weak) if players execute properly (all required is changing up formations n twerk lil stuff which team I am sure does regularly anyway) n our talent level was high.

        Had it not been for that defense we would have beat them handedly. Again true facts

  4. Justin Houston will immediately improve a team’s defensive line wherever he lands. Over the last two seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, the 32-year-old recorded 19 sacks and 21 tackles for loss.

    The Athletic’s Stephen Holder reported the Colts remain in contact with Houston, but the veteran edge-rusher is an option for the Baltimore Ravens as well, per ESPN’s Jamison Hensley.

    According to Hensley, the Ravens won’t sign certain free agents until after the draft to preserve their 2022 fourth-round compensatory picks for losing edge-rushers Yannick Ngakoue and Matt Judon.

    Houston may wait until after the draft to weigh his options. He could sign for a bigger payday in Indianapolis than Baltimore if the Colts use some of their $23.6 million in cap space to offer a competitive salary.

    Colts owner Jim Irsay says Houston “could come back,” which seems like the most probable scenario.

    Indianapolis needs Houston’s presence on the edge after it lost Denico Autry to the Tennessee Titans in free agency. Kemoko Turay, Ben Banogu and Tyquan Lewis still have a lot to prove as potential playmakers along the defensive line.

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