Raiders Reportedly “Love” Penn State Linebacker Micah Parsons

It’s peak lying season in the NFL, but it sounds like the Raiders might have a linebacker they are really hoping will fall to them with the 17th pick in the draft.

“Talking to people who are familiar with the process, I keep hearing they love Micah Parsons,” Sports Illustrated’s Hondo Carpenter said of the Raiders this week on the Pritch and Clay radio show.

“That’s a linebacker out of Penn State who is an absolute beast. Now I think there are some defensive backs [the Raiders] really like and some offensive linemen. But I’m telling you, I keep hearing if Micah Parsons falls, nobody in the NFL believes he gets past the Raiders and the biggest question is if he falls that far.”

What will surely entice the Raiders about Parsons is his speed. Jon Gruden passed on LSU’s Devin White two years ago and the Raiders have suffered at linebacker ever since. Parsons is just as fast as White (maybe faster) and at 6’3, 246 pounds, he’s a lot bigger.

Take a look at Parsons running at his pro day…

Also, listen to what ESPN’s Todd McShay says (below) about Parsons.

Sounds like the kind of player the Raiders could use in the middle of Gus Bradley’s defense.

Unfortunately for the Raiders, if Parsons is the player they are hoping for in the first round, it will take a lot of good fortune. There aren’t many mock drafts that have him still on the board at pick 17.

But you never know…

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9 thoughts on “Raiders Reportedly “Love” Penn State Linebacker Micah Parsons

  1. Parsons at 17? LOL, yeah right, good luck and keep dreaming on that one… That would indeed be a draft day miracle… I’d be stunned if he made it past pick 15 as there are multiple teams ahead of the Raiders who want to bolster their defenses as well…
    But hey, “keep hope alive”….

  2. We need a CB so why does Mayock and Gruden bring back Joesph when they could’ve gotten Sherman a veteran we need in the backfield???? Gruden it’s time to throw in the towel.. your decision is clouded and Mayock go back to scouting because you’re definitely not getting the right players we desperately need !!!

    1. We need a veteran CB* not another rookie, genius. We have greater needs at LB and S than we do there. Sherman isn’t signing a contract until after the draft anyways. Parsons is a perfectly acceptable mock draft choice.

    2. Listen people like u need 2 stop saying things that portray Mayock as actually doing anything. Gruden runs the entire show makes all decisions. Mayock is GM on paper only. 4 all intents n purposes Gruden is GM as well. R u people tarded or wat

  3. The Raiders don’t really have to lie about Parsons. They might love him, but he is very unlikely to fall that far. And if someone were to jump them to take him, it would make it more likely that one of the top tackles would make it to 17. They may also want to make everyone know they love Parsons because if he does fall that far, the Raiders pick would be very valuable in a trade-down and they want everyone to know that they would find the pick very appealing, thus enhancing their bargaining leverage. I would very suspect, however, if they said something similar about Darrisaw or Slater.

  4. Raiders can forget about parsons the ny giants have him going to them, oh well maybe next time you’ll get lucky not this time. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. His own team mate is both bigger and faster than Micah.
    If it is speed you want,,, draft the other guy.

  6. Yeah past drafts Gruden has made sure 2 keep everything hush hush like he had sum master plan n was great evaluator of talent only 2 show the world time n time again (which he already showed when on espn) how horrible he is n now suddenly anyone would believe info like that is true n coming from mr football genius.

    If Gruden was able 2 evaluate talent it would b smart 2 move up or make moves that could land u a great talent. I honestly believe that Gruden would have gotten rid of Carr had he had luxury 2 do so but was forced 2 continue 2 have Carr there. Gruden would love 2 rid himself of all the good draft picks made prior 2 his return so as 2 somehow create his own legacy but not realizing everyone is finally understanding what a joke Gruden truly is.

    There is nothing Gruden can do at this point 2 place him in any light indicative of a great, good or even mediocre coach. He has guaranteed himself a label of the most overrated coach in history n undeserving of any terms contained in his ridiculous contract.

    Davis has guaranteed the organization will continue as the most dysfunctional team in sports. I even heard talk show call Raiders the new Browns of old. We were close prior 2 Grudens return n he came in n took us back further n further

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