Raiders Suspiciously Quiet on Potential Trade for Jalen Ramsey

If the Raiders are among the teams making a real effort to get Jalen Ramsey, it seems to be happening well under the radar.

According to NFL insider Jason La Canfora, teams around the league believe the Seahawks, Chiefs, and Eagles are the favorites to land Ramsey. The Raiders, on the other hand, have barely been linked to Ramsey.

The Athletic’s Vic Tafur reported on Tuesday that the Raiders had made a call to the Jaguars but hedged that report by adding the phone call “doesn’t mean much” and that “Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock would be derelict in their duties if they hadn’t made a call.”

So why are the Raiders, who have two first-round picks in 2020, not being linked much at all to Ramsey?

It’s hard to believe Gruden wouldn’t love to add a 24 year-old All-Pro cornerback and everyone knows the man who initially brought Gruden to Oakland (Al Davis) would have already overnighted the kitchen sink to Jacksonville in exchange for Ramsey.

There are rumors that the Raiders don’t have enough money to sign Ramsey (or pay his upfront money), but that doesn’t seem entirely believable. If owner Mark Davis wants Ramsey, money shouldn’t be the issue. There are always ways to get a deal done – especially with the connections the Davis family has in Vegas.

One other thought on the Ramsey situation is that it seems the majority of the rumors might be coming straight from Jacksonville. They haven’t been offered two first-round picks to this point and it sounds like they might be coming down on their asking price. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense for the Jaguars to play him on Thursday night. If Ramsey were to get seriously injured, he could miss $60 million or more in guaranteed money and the Jaguars would be out a very high draft pick or two – all for one game in a season that already looks to be in the tank for Jacksonville.

So, no, don’t buy the idea that Jacksonville wants to wait until beyond Thursday night to trade Ramsey.

Maybe don’t buy the notion that the Raiders aren’t in the mix for Ramsey, too. Things feel a little too suspiciously quiet right now. And since when does Gruden sit back and hold onto a draft pick when he could have a proven generational talent instead?

Knock on wood if you’re with me!

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10 thoughts on “Raiders Suspiciously Quiet on Potential Trade for Jalen Ramsey

  1. Agree something could be going on behind the scenes. I believe if the Raiders are after him it would make sense to work on a long term contract. They did that with the clown. And I believe that is what going on now. If he plays tomorrow and gets hurt both the Jags and Ramsey lose out. So if he is not on the field then a trade is going down with someone. Hopefully it’s the Raiders.

    1. I dont know y my team the raiders are playing go and get Ramsey and fn.playing that would make are defense a whole lot betta trust me on that one….knock on wood if you’re wet me

  2. Make the trade, baby!!! He was one of the few who were compared to our #24 C Wood!!! Man press, physical, can shut down one side of the field. He can sure up that secondary. He’s in his prime. It don’t make sense to hold that 1st round pick…when you can trade it and truly get first round talent! Raiders have cap space……A. Brown didn’t get ****!!!!

  3. It cannot be money as to why Raiders would not get Ramsey as they would have been paying ABs contract had he stayed. If the Raiders do not get Ramsey or make serious play for him they are careless and disloyal to fans as 1st round picks should not be of concern as you know what your getting with Ramsey so it is worth it in fact it is like acquiring a guaranteed 1st rounder now in advance of next years draft. But Gruden is not the einstein everyone n he himself believe n portray as so he will mess it up

  4. To everyone who believes Ramsey is not worth 2 1st rounders i say a team possessing 2 1sr round picks would be extremely fortunate to see one of those picks become a regular starter and even more fortunate to have one of those picks contribute consistently n possibly make a pro bowl in career. With Ramsey the Raiders get a 4sure shut down corner who is a good person, team player, n a guy who is pro bowler at age 24 n will continue pro bowling so no guess work, no development waiting period n immediate pay-off

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