Report: “Cash is an Issue” For Raiders Chances of Trading for Jalen Ramsey

Knock on wood if you’ve heard this before, but according to Jerry McDonald of the Mercury News, cash flow could play a factor in the Raiders willingness and/or ability to trade for, and ultimately sign, All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

“I’ve been told cash is an issue — as in up front cash,” McDonald reported on Wednesday morning. “That means either owner Mark Davis doesn’t have it or doesn’t want to pay it. I’ve had people who understand the business of the NFL way better than I tell me that Davis either has the money or could get it, no problem. And others who insist he’s basically working off a credit card until the Vegas dollars come rolling in. As for the loan of three-quarters of a billion dollars, Nevada taxpayers agreed to a tax to build a stadium, not sign free agents. The Raiders could backload any deal to take advantage of the Nevada tax situation, but status among players in most cases is still determined by the pile of cash they can put in their bank account immediately.”

Who knows what the situation is with Mark Davis and his bank account, but it’s interesting that the speculation comes from McDonald, who happens to be one of Jon Gruden’s trusted scribes in Bay Area media.

Certainly Gruden has never been one to hold back when it comes to building a roster, so if the Raiders sit back and miss on a player they want, it won’t be because Gruden suddenly decided to take an ultra-conservative approach to managing the roster.

As the report relates to Ramsey, it sounds like someone in the Raiders building is telling McDonald that the team owner wouldn’t prefer to dump money on Ramsey right now. The problem with that is the Raiders would be incredibly foolish to dump a first-round pick on a player that they aren’t certain is going to be around for more than another year – and surely they wouldn’t even entertain the idea.

Maybe the report isn’t accurate, but it came from somewhere – and reading between the lines a little, it definitely feels like a story that could have a few more layers to it than what’s fair to speculate about right now.

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14 thoughts on “Report: “Cash is an Issue” For Raiders Chances of Trading for Jalen Ramsey

  1. I’ve read that the PSL’s have been doing way better than expected for the LV Stadium. With that said, the Raiders have allocated some of that money for higher end finishes to their new home. I can’t see why some of that money cannot be used to sign players? Personally, I believe people are always going to attack MD and his finances, no matter what.

  2. Mr Davis you have the money spend it an get some real talent or your team will keep on getting embarrassed by the chiefs. Either that please get a real haircut stop using a bowl your Dad would love to have Jalen Ramsey stop screwing your team like you did with Mack its time to just win Baby…….

    1. Mr Davis is his late great Father Al Davis. That’s an insult to his great father calling him mister. He’s monkee mark vegas

  3. I mean it would be great if the Jag’s didn’t want so much for Ramsey. I understand he is a great CB but lower the price of what you want for him and maybe they will reconsider him

  4. I know you shell shock because of ab, but the raiders needs a better defense face it. So if you don’t get Ramsey you going to regret it if conley go down like recent years then who you got. Hey bring him in, so don’t let the raiderrrrrrrrr nation down just win baby

  5. Mark, no ****. Lose the bowl cut dude, the depression was a long time ago. As for players, come on you have the money, use it and yes spend it for a visit to a salon too. Dork. Geek comes to mind.

  6. I wish I could run the raiders … Sure as sh!t would have said fk no to the *** hat that is Jamarcus … It’s really sad the late Davis had to deal with that situation as it really reflected poorly on him

  7. I agree with Mr. Davis, why dump the dough on a player that we aren’t sure is going to be here beyond this year, besides our cb’s are capable and young given some more game experience Mullen should be just fine.

  8. I now make 10 million a month playing in the nfl….all I had to do was be a good little nigger, go bash my bruhs’ heads in, rape a few white chicks, carry a gun in my shorts like a gangsta and the money just came pouring in. You can do it too, just go to and apply online. All comers accepted, nobody is rejected!

  9. I understand exactly what the Raiders are doing we’re not going to give up two first round picks for Jalen Ramsey yes he’s a spectacular player and he wants to be paid top dollar but the Jacksonville Jaguars want way to much for him. The Raiders are focusing on the future, we are not in win now mode as of now we will continue to get better through the draft. Clam down Raider nation this is a marathon not a sprint we will not see progress until we’re in Las Vegas.

  10. We don’t have to pay AB…so we have the cash. Ramsey is contracted through 2020…but we all know that’s meaningless these days. He has publicly stated Las Vegas is appealing…but we will need some Mayock Magic to get this done.

  11. I’ve been a Raider for a long time, & Al Davis always took a chance on a player. Now ! I believe Jalen Ramsey is what we need now ,he has the skills & toughness to better our secondary. So! Mr.M.Davis,bring him aboard and let’s win some games…….”True Raider for Life”

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