Raiders Tried to Trade For Le’Veon Bell Prior to Release From Jets

The Raiders are reportedly one of the teams looking at free agent running back Le’Veon Bell and while they might not be the favorites to sign Bell, we do know they tried to trade for him in the past couple weeks.

This report from Adam Schefter explains why the Raiders, and other teams, weren’t able to reach a deal with the Jets for Bell.

So why would the Jets have preferred to get nothing for Bell rather than trade him for a minimum return?

Schefter seems to be saying it came down to money.

The Raiders weren’t going to trade for Bell’s contract and Bell probably wasn’t interested in adjusting his deal. In other words, under the deal Bell previously had with the Jets, there weren’t actually any offers on the table (unless maybe a team threw out the idea of the Jets eating his salary).

Nevertheless, The Athletic’s Vic Tafur is saying Bell isn’t looking at the Raiders as of Thursday morning.

So we’ll see how this plays out. Maybe Bell will still end up in the AFC West… just not necessarily in silver and black.

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6 thoughts on “Raiders Tried to Trade For Le’Veon Bell Prior to Release From Jets

  1. What are the sources for these claims of trades and interest by the Raiders? We are supposed to believe Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden are out there blabbing their interest and strategy to journalists so the whole league and nation will know? This is just another B.S. line of stories arising from lazy journalists who don’t have the creativity to come up with decent articles. Players and agents know this and put out these whispers of “Raiders are interested” in me/my client in order to drum up real interest or a bidding war. Of course, most fans of other teams just roll their eyes and think “Oh yeah, the Raiders–they’ll take anyone who breathes”. Dumb as bricks Raider fans think “oh boy, we get a great player”, as if a great player or great locker room teammate is just going to let go or traded, especially mid-season. So many Raider fans are such suckers for this stuff, it embarrasses me. Always the stories, in mid season, “Who should we trade for?, who should we draft next year or the year after?” Those are questions fans of losing and clueless franchises ask. So dumb. You don’t see that stuff from fans of perennial playoff teams. Why, because they trust the GM, coach and owner to do the right thing.

  2. Bell is done, sat out one year with Pittsburgh then hobbled with the Jets. The Las Vegas Raiders just proved to the entire league how to pounce on the KFC Chiefs. Go Raiders!! SGD

  3. Nothing to do with Bell, but did anyone else notice that spoiled brat Mahommes leave the field very fast while his teammates acknowledged the Raiders for playing a good game? Real men lose with dignity.

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