Raiders Will “Almost Certianly” Return To For 2016

Along with football fans in St. Louis, the Chargers and Raiders were the big losers yesterday. The Chargers now have to feel like they belong to two cities, and Raiders owner Mark Davis has only one option this morning – crawl back to Oakland and negotiate with politicians he’s clearly tired of working with.

According to MMQB’s Peter King, the Raiders “will almost certainly return to Coliseum for the 2016 season while Davis considers his options, which are bleak.”

Beyond 2016, there seems to be two primary options outside of Oakland for the Raiders – San Antonio and San Diego. Neither are more glamorous than Oakland and both are now considered sub-markets of two key figures from yesterday’s vote – Jerry Jones and Stan Kroenke.

And so the struggle begins. Again.

Davis has fences to mend in Oakland and has no choice but to start at ground zero… and that’s apparently what he’s doing. Sort of. Asked last night what he would he would like to tell Raider fans in Oakland after losing his bid to leave town, Davis told them, “hi.”

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