Report: Raiders Won’t Be Pursuing Move To St. Louis

Mark Davis is upset. He’s so upset that he says he’ll go anywhere in America (or the world) to find a stadium solution for the Raiders… with one exception. He’s not going to St. Louis.

Not to worry, Mark. The St. Louis mayor made it clear today that the city isn’t interested in using their progress on a stadium with the Rams to lure another team to St. Louis.

Elsewhere, the pipe dream of the Chargers balking at Los Angeles (and opening a spot for the Raiders) seems to be dead as well.

That leaves two primary options (for now) on the table for Davis and the Raiders: San Diego and San Antonio. The problem with both isn’t necessarily the location. It’s the relocation fee. Any move away from Oakland would begin with the Raiders forking over half a billion dollars – to join a market no more attractive than where they already are.

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