Raiders Will Be Watching One Game Closely Next Week (Particularly if They Lose to the Colts)

With a 17-13 win over the Denver Broncos on Sunday, the Raiders’ playoff hopes are still alive and if they win their final two games of the regular season they are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.

Those two games, however, won’t be easy as the Raiders travel to Indianapolis (9-6) in week 17 and host the Chargers (8-7) in week 18.

If the Raiders lose to the Colts in week 17, their playoff chances will take a significant hit, but they might still be alive. The game to watch (if the Raiders lose to Indianapolis) will be the Broncos at the Chargers. If the Chargers win, the Raiders playoffs chances are essentially dead. But if the Broncos win, the Raiders will have a path to the playoffs as long as the Steelers (vs. Cleveland) and Ravens (vs. LA Rams) don’t both win.

If you are a Raiders fan, these are the games to watch in the next 7 days (if the Raiders lose on Sunday)…

Week 16: Dolphins (-3) at Saints 12/27

The Dolphins (7-7) just need to lose one of their next three games for the Raiders to finish 9-8 and make the playoffs. Miami has won six in a row, but they close out the season with New Orleans (7-7), Tennessee (10-5), and New England (9-6). So a 3-0 finish will be a tall task for the Dolphins.

Week 17: Broncos (+6) at Chargers 1/2

If the Chargers win and the Raiders lose, the Vegas ship is sunk. This is the game that matters most if the Raiders lose to the Colts. The Raiders play in the early time slot on Sunday, so even with a loss they can watch this game (and hopefully the next two listed below) with some anticipation. The Chargers have lost two in a row and the Broncos already beat them once this year. Maybe it will happen again on Sunday.

Week 17: Rams (-3.5) at Ravens 1/2

The Ravens have been decimated by injuries and both teams will have a lot on the line in this game. The Raiders are huge Rams fans in this one. The Ravens just need to lose one of their next two games.

Week 17: Browns (-3) at Steelers 1/3

Like the Ravens, the Steelers just need to lose one of their last two games. Unfortunately, they play each other in week 18, so one of them is going to get a win in the final game of the regular season. The Browns’ playoff hopes are still alive so they should be a motivated team traveling to Pittsburgh.

So buckle up, Raider fans.

It’s been a rocky season, but the Raiders control their own destiny and they still have a path to the postseason even with a loss on Sunday.

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20 thoughts on “Raiders Will Be Watching One Game Closely Next Week (Particularly if They Lose to the Colts)

    1. Raiders would have the better conference record, but it’ll go based on H2H in common games before that and the Chargers have a better record in terms of those game by 1 game. So essentially I believe the writer is right, If raiders lose to the colts they need broncos to win, or else the chargers would still be ahead even if raiders win them last week.

  1. Time for 2016 CARR to Reappear really step up and Carry the Raiders 2 WINS and no Dependency on NOBODY!!!!!!! LETS GO CARR HUSH ALL UR CRITICS YOUR TIME IS NOW!

  2. You are so wrong. Not over if Chargers win. Raiders beat Chargers last week they finish ahead of Chargers. Also need Ravens and Steelers to lose next week. Scary how you don’t know this.

      1. The Raiders are 6-4 in the conference. The Chargers are 5-5. If the Raiders beat the Chargers, The Raiders will finish with a better conference record.

  3. Wait, what? How about this, Raider Nation… We’re still talking playoffs in week 17? Let’s be real: Johnathan Taylor and them are going to be REAL hard to stop next week. Those dudes are playing right now period! But I didn’t know that we could still lose that game and get in the playoffs! Despite all the crap we’ve endured this year, we still have a shot. Hopefully we’ll get Waller back (I’m not sure where we are with that), but if he could somehow play, Carr could get this monkey off his back and with Jacobs seeming 100% healthy there’s no telling what could happen! Call me an optimist or a fool but I think we can do it. I love you, nation!

  4. Man after this season with all the turmoil, tragedy and embarrassment it is awesome to control our own destiny at this point.

  5. WTF . I don’t want to hear if and I hope someone else can beat them . If the Raider can’t win out they don’t deserve a playoffs. Who wants to see them back in and get their *** kicked in the 1st round !

    1. I’d be satisfied just too see progress made. Just get into the playoffs. That shows me character. Of course they will lose. I will be proud just to get in the post season for only the 5th time in over 20 years!!! Just win baby.🏈🏈🏈

  6. The offense needs to do better. Seventeen points is not going to be enough against the Colts. Start throwing the long ball. Let Dashean Jackson get deep. Throw it to him.

    1. Broncos were/are a top 5 defense going into that game. Raiders did what they needed to do and that was “Just Win Baby” hopefully they can keep it going. Chargers game is the game Raiders must win no matter what, would be nice to just win out though.

  7. Not going to happen Drew lock is bad. And the coaching is bad. How do people like shurmur and Olsen become coordinators.

  8. The NFL won’t allow the Raiders in the playoffs. They’ve made that pretty clear this year, it’s just not happening. They wouldn’t go far anyway. That said, I hope they give the Colts all they can handle and hurt their chances in the playoffs.

  9. I’ve said the Raiders will always suck and Las Vegas can have this lousy team. BUT…I would be willing to eat those words if the Raiders win out. But that is a BIG if. Odds are I WON’T have to eat those words. So, I won’t get my hopes up just to be disappointed yet again. My prediction is the Raiders lose BOTH games.

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