Reggie McKenzie Says Raiders Aren’t Giving Up On Aldon Smith

Aldon Smith doesn’t seem to be particularly close to returning to football, but general manager Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie is vowing to remain patient.

“I know deep down he wants to play football,” McKenzie told Vic Tafur of The Athletic. “We’re going to be with him until he gets his life in order… or until he doesn’t. If he tells me that he is not going to try anymore, then we’ll move on. As long as he is trying, he will stay on the roster.”

Speaking to Tafur, McKenzie also acknowledged that the Raiders haven’t heard from the league on Smith – an indication that the All Pro linebacker isn’t particularly close to being reinstated.

Earlier in September, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole said he hadn’t heard “anything good on Smith in months” and that his career is just about a lost cause.

The Raiders obviously don’t see it that way. As long as there’s hope, McKenzie says he’s standing by Smith.

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18 thoughts on “Reggie McKenzie Says Raiders Aren’t Giving Up On Aldon Smith

  1. let Reggie know that if they need some one with no relationship to either party other than Being a football fan they can reach out to me ill help. I have been a coach for 22 years and I’d be willing to go above and beyond to assist Mr Smith on getting his life together. If nothing else I’d be very persistent In making Mr. Smith make the right Choices. But Mr. Smith has to be a willing participant. I’ve helped lots of kids get on the straight and narrow path just by being a football coach and letting them know the ways of life outside of sports. If they wish for my contact information feel free to let them have it, that being the Raiders

    1. Very nice of you Sir Amen too you, good lucked I think if you would contacted the Raiders Headquarter and tell them what you wrote or called the Radio Station where Greg Papa works for 95.9 I believed that’s iis not sure I m sure you can checked it out try anything ill prayed for you so they can listened too you really good t Good Lucked Sir. Maybe at one of the Home Games someone can make a big big Sign telling Aldon Smith we love him and all the Raiders Nation got his back. And for him to take it to the Highest Courts just liked you said or someone else said it, we well helped with donations to get an Attonrey, I mean if the Cowboys and Patriots can do Mark Davis can do he just need to put his big man pants on. Just liked his late Dad Mr Al Davis I missed him so much. Amen to all his family and his wife.

  2. This kid obviously doesn’t want to play football . If he did , he would do everything within his power and take advantage of the support he has to make that happen .
    He has to come to terms with how he has run his life and develop a desire to change the behaviors that have kept him out of the game . I obviously don’t know the man or what demons he’s fighting inside himself but people are behind him and that should count for something .

  3. I really think it’s unfair for the league to leave Aldon and the Raiders hanging in limbo for this long. They’d never do that to the Patriots or the Cowboys. Either ban the guy from the league permanently or let him play!

  4. C’MON ALDON HANG IN THERE MAN! We all got your back. Lay your trust in the good man up above and most of all, trust yourself. Choose your friends, associates, and acquaintances wisely. Take it day by day and pray bro. We need ya back in the Silver & Black! God Bless you Aldon, from the Oaktown fans and supporters.

  5. My guess is that McKenzie and the Raiders know that Aldon isn’t likely to ever return to the NFL – and would be lucky to make the team even if he did after so much time out of football – but they don’t want to take the only thing away from him that might be what keeps him trying to turn the corner in his life. Class act if that is the case.

    1. Totally agree with brutus. This act by McKenzie, along with his handling of Penn’s contract, will definitely earn the respect of Raiders’ players and attract free agents to join us. Still, I would like to see Aldon in Silver and Black playing.

  6. If the Raiders could only get closer with Aldon Smith things could go more quickly. Its that the commissioner of the NFL is the biggest Fool / Idiot ever and nobody likes him playing favorites!!! They should force the league with an injunction to light a fire under Rodger Godels *** and see what would happen. All this bullshit of putting off players who meet asked goals what the Hell like their are no rules at all just what they want when they want Stupid??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    And the NFL wonders why people are losing interest!!!

  7. It might be up to raider nation to lend a helping hand!!! Everyone can donate a dollar or two to help him along. plus I am sure there are attorneys in Raider Nation who could get something started. If we think outside the box instead of talking about this issue more a good player would amp up crowds and boost this defense to the next level!!! Time is slipping away. At least lets get something started in the right direction!!

    1. Maybe someone could get ahold of his agent and find out where Aldon’s head is at if he’s ready to tackle this head on then maybe an attorney could set up a trust to fund rehab and conditioning and then donations could be made to the trust only to be used for that purpose. Just a thought.

  8. I’m with you Aldon. Hang on, and hang in!! We need to acknowledge that a persistent pattern of behavior, in this case very negative behavior, may hint at an underlying mental illness, and Bro may need some therapy. In the past Aldon has brushed everything off as much ado about nothing, which in itself isn’t healthy.

  9. Goodell needs to step up to the plate and let him know the fans know if he’s reinstated… This has gone on way to long with put a answer.. BRING HIM BACK.

  10. Why can’t. Aldon Smith take it to the highest courts just like Brady, Elliott, alot of other have been granted to played they trying to figured what’s right. I really mark Davis could be liked his father Al Davis would of sued the NFL that had balls on fire. That man never took crap or **** from nobody’s that’s they didn’t liked, but you helped they listened too his. So owner needs to get hold of a Judge that well listened and of course mark better put out money. Offense to any Judge. The Raiders to helped I know the coaches can’t talked to him but the players can they Huddle’s around him especially our beautiful Quarterback Derrick Carr. Amen on Aldon Smith the team hasn’t forgotten just hanged in there please. We all what what of player you are one tough player. Go get a judges Mark Davis Step liked Me Al Davis

  11. Sorry I get so upset how other players are granted permission to played and they done far more worst than Aldon. Bad Typo please forgive me if I didn’t write it rights Go Raiders 2-0 I say we 9-1 before our Bye Week Amen

  12. So I’m reading that Josh Gordon is being reinstated for his 4th substance abuse violation. Now don’t get me wrong I’m happy for Josh….but where the hell is the justice for Aldon. Now regardless if he was snorting crack out of a whores *** crack on Twitter or Instagram or whatever the hell they claim to have found on him….Unless his face in the in the video or photo or whatever….he is INNOCENT….Period!!!!!!!!! That *** CLOWN Zeke Elliot is still playing football after repeated known verified incidents with females and that douche bag is still playing. Hey NFL….You suck and your brand is going to hell because of stupid **** like this. Viewership is at an all time low….congrats idiots!!!! GOOOOOOO RAAAAAAAIDERS!!!!

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