Report: Antonio Brown seeking more than $30 million from Raiders

Antonio Brown didn’t play a single one down of football for the Raiders, but wants to be paid anyway.

Having previously endured six weeks of bizarre behavior (to put it nicely) out of Brown, the Raiders obliged almost immediately when Brown requested his release and watched their star receiver sign with the Patriots just hours later.

Now Brown has filed a grievance arguing that the Raiders owe him all $30 million of the guaranteed money in his deal.

“Brown’s grievance includes a challenge of the Raiders’ discipline, which resulted in roughly $215,000 in fines,” NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported on Sunday. “He’s seeking a week of salary when he requested to be released from Oakland — $860,294. He’s looking for payment of the guarantees for 2019 and 2020 — $29 million — plus his signing bonus of $1 million, which was divided into two workout bonuses.”

Brown is also going after more than $10 million from the Patriots, who released him after just 11 days with the team.

Since being released by New England, Brown’s behavior has been as erratic as ever and he is extremely unlikely to find another team interested in taking on the risks associated with signing him – especially now that he believes he should be paid more than $30 million from a team he never played for and asked for his release.

Given his track record within the past year, expect any team interested in Brown to want a thorough understanding of what steps AB is taking to address what many believe to be a legitimately diagnosable mental health condition… among other things. At this point, any general manager thinking about signing Brown to guaranteed money of more than five dollars should probably be evaluated for a mental health condition of his own.

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15 thoughts on “Report: Antonio Brown seeking more than $30 million from Raiders

  1. Antonio Brown needs to be checked for CTE. That’s the only thing that can explain his behavior. If he don’t have it then he is just crazy as hell. The Raiders shouldn’t owe him a dime. He didn’t show up for practice or play one game.

  2. This man definitely has issues. So glad the Pats released him. He needs professional help.

  3. Buh-bye AB. No one cares. Once you stopped playing football, you are no longer relevant. Good luck trying to get paid for not working, sounds like you are fitting into the population perfectly. Blending right on in. Good for you? Buh-bye.

  4. This dude is not mentally hindered he is just a flat out idiot. He clearly has no interest in playing football ever again as who in their rite mind would sign him after how he has treated Raiders who went way out of their way n then goes after teams 4 money he quite frankly doesnt deserve. Thats apart from the retarded behavior he has shown throughout. His career is done – stick a fork in it n its a wrap.

  5. What a complete idiot. 1st of all he failed to meet provisions in his employment contract by missing workouts so there goes those bonuses. 2nd he requested to be released from his contract with Raiders n Raiders honored that request so he forfeited, waived, gave up his right to any bonuses n in doing so gave up his right to any pay. 3rd he never played for Raiders but would have had he not requested his outright release so again he gave up his right to pay for week 1 or any week. N 4 he then quickly retained employment with another team and replaced his source of income. It is incredibly immature and frivolous for he or anyone to believe they have right to monies when said person basically never became part of the team not showing up for team activities, not practicing, n then the couple times he shows acts totally inappropriate n violent. Finally when Raiders exercise right as incorporated within contract AB demands his release which was honored. One cannot claim benefit of contract provisions which he himself failed to honor. Crazy to think he is entitled to it. That would mean people can enter into contracts receiving full consideration but failing to live up to their considerations. What are contracts for then it basically is AB going with a gun to Raiders n demanding money. What a joke of a person.

  6. I’m inclined to believe that AB is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Three plus years ago he was a humble talented dude and a team player. Little over a year ago his personality changed and he turned into the worst kind of “divo”. It’s all too sad to see him declining into this world of craziness.

  7. What an incredible waste of talent…why do parties, enter into contracts in the first place, to protect the integrity of the deal! Brown has clearly violated that with his lastest tirades and antics.Its a wonder that anyone would take a chance In him after all that…and then he thinks he’s owed money…Ummm…good luck with that AB…not gonna happen!

  8. This is what happens when no one around AB “checked” his negative behavior but instead contributed to it indirectly by turning a “blind eye” to his immature and horrible behavior — a spoiled n narcissist “monster” is created. At this point, in my humble opinion, he is his own worst enemy.

  9. The Raiders should not give him a penny. On top of that, the Raiders lost a chance to sign “real football players” during that time period when they were lied to by this con … person. They also lost a third and fifth round picks. Those should be valued in a real and monetary value and the Raiders should sue him for those loses…

    1. U r correct the Raiders have a good chance of winning suit against AB a far greater chance than AB has against them. He cost Raiders a lot n Raiders r the true party aggrieved not AB n his delusional retarded a@@

  10. It’s sad how everyone blamed Big Ben and the Steelers for his behavior. Looks like everyone owes Ben an apology. Antonio is one bizarre crazy guy. He got mad when team voted JuJu MVP.

  11. Praying for you AB… Sad how quick folks casting stones!! Lest we forget people. You might not have done this…. But you did THAT!! Don’t like what he is doing but, I love the guy!

    1. R u serious or as messed up as AB? U love the guy. Really what is it u love bout him? He is a P O S n u sound just like him. Have u tried 2 rape women also or r u just a fan of raping? Or do u like 2 watch? Sicko

  12. And now we have Ocho Cinco, Dez Bryant and T.O all wrapped up in the egomania A.B. if any team is stupid enough to pick him up, they’ll surely be blowing money for nothing. The league should order a psychological evaluation prior to reinstating him again.

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