Report: Khalil Mack told Raiders he didn’t want to play for Jon Gruden

For all the criticism Jon Gruden has taken for trading Khalil Mack (and plenty coming from right here), Fox NFL insider Jay Glazer dropped a bomb on that story on Sunday morning.

According to Glazer, Mack made it known to the Raiders a year ago that he did not want to play for Gruden. In other words, Mack was telling the team he had moved on from his position that he wanted a new contract from the Raiders and was saying he no longer wanted to play for the team at all.

This is a noteworthy story because it paints a little different version of the situation than what was reported at the time of the trade. Certainly, the Raiders could have called Mack’s bluff, but it sounds like Khalil was doing everything in his power toward the end of his holdout to force the Raiders hand – everything, that is, but actually talk to Gruden.

The Mack trade still wasn’t an exceptional value, but it certainly looked to be on Sunday. One of the first-round picks the Raiders received in the trade was used on running back Josh Jacobs, who went for 123 yards and two scores against the Bears – while Mack was mostly invisible for the day.

For all the punishment Mack talked about giving the Raiders in London, the feeling seemed to be mutual among some in the Raiders locker room. They wanted a piece of Mack and, naturally, it was Richie Incognito who didn’t hold back from sharing his feelings…

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Raiders Richie Incognito on facing Mack: “Of course we take that personally. He was talking about how he was looking forward to playing us and all that stuff. There’s history. We came out and we were physical with him and they didnt like it.

For the Raiders, beating Mack was even more special because the Bears 2020 first-round pick got a little sweeter on Sunday… and Mack didn’t care to talk about it. He declined to talk to reporters after the game.

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12 thoughts on “Report: Khalil Mack told Raiders he didn’t want to play for Jon Gruden

  1. Stop with the reporting of Mack n Raiders. Reports have Davis saying how Gruden wanted Mack, McKenzie wanted Mack n so did Davis. They report that Raiders made two offers that wud have made Mack highest paid player at that time but Davis then says that Raiders could not afford to have another Carr type contract n build a team with the many holes team had. So clearly Davis n Gruden r straight liars as they told many lies throughout n the statements made in these media reports as i just stated contradict each other n shows lack of credibility n complete BS. Bottom line n regardless of wat occurred today Mack is hall of famer n we should have him PERIOD… N Jacobs ran good but remember it was his screw up with fumble that initiated the comeback 4 the Bears in 3rd quarter. Ive heard so many stories but all that is factual is that Gruden n Davis both have aired multiple lies 2 media, fans, n team at that time. Gruden has made so many mistakes n bad decisions thus far enough that would have led 2 normal coach getting fired but Gruden making 100 million plus n Davis being retard Gruden will survive

    1. FU Richard…. clearly not on board…. RAIDER’S are now good and young, and have bears first and 3rd round picks plus at least 70 million to make moves, could NOT have all this if we kept a player such as him. So go **** yourself jackass

  2. All the high and mighty crap about Mack has finally come tumbling down. He is not what all the pundits gleefully declared , he was not “abandoned and thrown away by the cheap Raiders” . The arrogant jerk never talked to the new coach , made it known he wasn’t honoring his contract , and refused to be a Raider. And he was INVISIBLE today , Hahahaha! 10\6\2019 10;06 pm

  3. He wasn’t that good as a raider because our defense sucked, he’s only standing out because Chicago defense as a whole is good, so blow urself mack you got burned Sunday and if u went anywhere where else other than Chicago u would be average just like u were with raiders

    1. You blow yourself punk you’re full of **** FACE THE FACTS HE DIDN’T STAND OUT! He got owned. How dare you say “our” you traitorous bitch. Get the **** out of here

    2. U guys act like yall won the super bowl. Relax the raiders will not make the playoffs once again. Raiders suck and will always be a nobody in the league. **** the raiders and that weak *** division.

  4. Does not matter..he is a bear now. I dont care what he does. I know he isn’t going to win any superbowls anytime soon. I highly doubt he ever does. So enjoy the cold and looking up at Rodgers and the packers..bye felicia

  5. Khalil Mack ain’t coming back. Raider fans need to cut him some slack. He don’t do drugs he ain’t on crack. Fickle *** Raiders wear silver and black. Get over it.

  6. Time to drop the Mack story, but regardless if this report is true, Mack abandoned his team, didn’t show up to camp. He certainly didn’t seem grateful to be a Raider, despite what he said.

    Jacobs on the other hand, seems pretty **** grateful to be a Raider. I was a big Mack fan, but no one player is bigger than the team. Mack showed that he thought he was. Jacobs is the type of kid I would prefer to have.

    Good luck in Chicago Khalil. That QB tandem of Chase and Mitch is going to really take you far.

  7. The Raiders let it be known that they didn’t want to pay that kind of money to a defensive lineman. Let’s be honest about playing for this iteration of Gruden… his 7-14 and we **** near lost that game in London to a pathetic back up QB so credit the Raiders Defense for playing bigtime D down the stretch.

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