Report: Bears Listening to Trade Offers For Khalil Mack

Trade rumors can be difficult to navigate this time of year. Some of the rumors are fake news and others are real, but teams and players are often motivated to not want the information to reach the public.

For example, what if the player that might be traded ends up not being traded?

No one benefits when it plays out that way on the public forum.

With that in mind, a report surfaced this week that the Bears might be trying to trade Khalil Mack, most likely in an effort to get to the first overall pick and draft LSU quarterback Joe Burrow.

Dan Sileo on Twitter

@ChicagoBears will be shopping @FiftyDeuce ..asking price..2#1s…2#2s..or a combination of 1/2/3 with # of picks..they are listening! 🐻🐻

In the case of Mack, the Bears probably wouldn’t consider him on the trade block (so expect this report to get shot down quickly), but there probably is a scenario where they would consider trading him. Chicago has learned what it’s like to pair a strong defense with a bad quarterback and the reviews have been mixed, at best.

Hey, for a couple first-round picks maybe the Raiders would be interested?

For what it’s worth, according to, the Bears would take on a cap hit of more than $45 million by trading Mack in 2020. Not ideal.

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77 thoughts on “Report: Bears Listening to Trade Offers For Khalil Mack

  1. Dude, there’s nothing wrong with their QB. You people don’t know what you’re talking about. You think you do but you don’t. I hear the same garbage from people I know all the time. All Mitch needs is to be consistent and once he is things will be fine. The fact is you expect him to have a 3000.00 passer rating, to put up 50 TD’s each week, never throw a INT, never miss a pass. Have a 40,000 yard passing day. You expect the guy to know it all, for him to be invincible. That’s not how life works. Not everyone develops at the same rate. Why can’t you just keep your mouths shut and leave it alone? Keep your opinions to yourselves.

    1. You can have all of the talent in the world but without the ability to read defenses….you never be that great!

      1. Look..we seen and heard it all before..its defence that makes it all happen ..that’s been the case!! Mitch was the cuarter in collage,his transition to NFL.was not put the passer in to make the exception and the complant….is a thing of the past ..really pass up mahomes takes a tallinted coach well ….Andy reed DUH..

    2. This is what happens when coaches try to force a player to fit their plays, instead of creating an offense that utilizes the strengths of the players they have. Trubisky has never been a pocket passer. That’s not the strength of his game. However, run the ball, set some motion, scramble and option plays, give him a line, and watch him move the ball down the field. Play to his strengths, and Trubisky would be a completely different quarterback!

      1. 100! COMPARABLE situation NOT PLAYER is Lamar Jackson. They built the offense around yim. That’s what the bears need to do. I couldn’t believe they didn’t have him using his legs until it was too late in the season and even still when he did it opened up Pandora’s box with his talent and the offensive talent as a whole. We really need a tight end! Zac Miller was a tough loss.

    3. Agreed. He can be a beast, work on his consistency, give him a more solid amd consistent front line and let him use his feet. He made nfl history the same time everyone saying he sucks. He missed 3-4 games, was only his second year as a starter, and had shitty offensive coaches in his ears at all times. On top of all the dropped dead on passes, no time to make a play 85% of the games do to OL..and the key injuries throughout the season. And still had better stats then brady lil over halfway through the season. Lolbs. Time and a longer rope ful lm of trust, and hell be up there with the best of them. Mark my words.

    4. Preaching to one of the few in your choir stopped counting how many deep balls were overthrown by 7+ yards

    5. Hey Mitch, don’t feel too bad. I’d say there are 25 other bums like you who belong in the XFL.

      1. That’s not true. He had a great year in 2018. He just needs more training and he’ll be good. Plus this is bear-ly his second year playing in the NFL. You shouldn’t be too hard on him.

    6. Its obvious you don’t know **** about football if you have that evaluation of this deer in head lights tell you what you talk your team into taking him

    7. You for that reply I’ve been saying this for a really long time. You need to give this guy time to get better. Or one we have no offensive line.

    8. If trubisky had an offense like the chiefs the bears would have been in the playoffs. And also better play calling.

    9. AMEN BROTHER !!! We drafted a very athletic QB that had little experience. They already knew he was raw and needed time to develop. So let him !!!

    10. Trubisky is nothing near carr. We’re talking atleast a tear below. So be happy about how much no one talks about him. Carr set career marks in almost every category with a much lesser wr group and gets trash thrown on him daily. No one has every qb on the market going to the bears.

    11. So basically he just needs to turn into Aaron Rodgers and then the Bears will be good. Ok. Sure.

    12. HELL YA!! BRO,
      About time some one would step up and speak “Real”…thumbs up to that!!!
      An for the record, Save the pics and forget Mack! Dude is overrated. His stats were NOT even as good as Maxx Crosby this year and Maxx is a rookie?? Let another team take Mack and his Fat paychecks!

    13. This is the dumbest comment of the last decade! Have you watched a fucking bear’s game? He couldn’t hit a open man in stride if you held a gun to his head. He constantly stares down his reciever and can’t read a defense to save his life. Please do yourself a favor and don’t ever comment on sports again.

    14. Mitch stop using burner accounts to post comments like this. Over and under throwing wide open receivers, bad decisions and being defensively illiterate are not attributes of a Great, good or even average QB. No talent is the bandaid to that wound. But honestly I don’t even blame you, I blame Ryan Pace for for seeing something through the eyes of a 4th to 5th round Guru’s eyes and not seeing the obvious and the proven accomplishments and obviously picks, not in retro but at that time, in the 1st round.

    15. Imagine Brady or mahones behind that divison 2 line, and poor Montgomery you people need to learn football .

    16. Wow. I love the fact that I read “you people don’t know what you are talking about”. LOL. Only thing missing was something about your height, weight, and high school college career to boot. Hear is the thing with Mitch, in my humble opinion. He doesn’t pass the eye test. The ONE throw that is required in the league is the 20-25 yard out pattern. The one you have enough of an arm to get there in man coverage, and enough touch to drop into a zone. He can’t make that throw. He is the most inaccurate starting QBs in the league, not even close. Not even Baker’s accuracy numbers approached his. And the accelerated stats that can show not only accuracy percentage, but also how badly you miss…not an NFL starting QB. And let me just plant this seed for you…the Bears traded up one spot with a team who didn’t need a QB to get this guy for fear someone else was going to do it. They liked this guy that much! Even with Mahomes and Watson on the board. Could it be possible the Bears scouting may have gotten one grossly wrong? Let me ask it a different way…if you are so convinced the problem is what is surrounding Mitch, if you put him on KC this year (relatively same offense I’ve system) do they still win the Super Bowl, or even come close. If you answered “yes” without hesitation, you are either related to Mitchell or you are on crack, sir. Let’s cut our losses and move forward.

    1. Being a Lions fan I say go ahead and trade him!! I don’t like us having to play him twice a season!! Stafford will be happy about that!! 🦁

  2. I hope the Bears are not stupid & trade Mack!!! He has been a positive spark for Chicago & represents the Bears well!!
    Why do they Always insist on upsetting the apple cart!! Let’s face the facts, the Bears need a quarterback..period!!!!!The Bears need to do their jobs & hire the right personnel, For Once!!!!!

    1. I agree! They seem to have the absolute stupidest coaching and play calling, game management & defensive / lack of pressure especially on third down!!

    2. Being a Lions fan I say go ahead and trade him!! I don’t like us having to play him twice a season!! Stafford will be happy about that!! 🦁

    3. Give Mitch time! Mack needs to stay put. His stats were down due to double teaming him from either side he would be on. Offensive line rebuild, trade or snatch up a star free agent or draft receivers, Mitch can be the Rogers your all hoping for. Hicks get healthy and in fighting shape again, ****!

    1. Makes no sense saying get rid of Carr and bring back Mack. Yes we as Raider Bation miss Mack but fact stands he costs too much and we have **** good pass rushers and run stoppers. We need LBs not DEs!

  3. When he played for my Raiders, he was AWESOME!!!

    When he played for the Bears, he remained AWESOME!!! You want to get rid of some one, get rid of the person who would consider trading Khalil Mack!!!….Again!

  4. No he came out and said he didnt want to play for Gruden. No way they get the haul the raiders did for him,his brand has been damaged,lazy fat and happy are what bears legend mcmicheal said– you cant pay a non qb that type of contract esp. if its guaranteed,its a roster and cap killer! Raiders won that trade bigtime

  5. Mack and Hicks is the heart are defense. The bottom line the mistake was taking Tribusky. I’m sure he is A nice guy never as good as Mahoney. Really Mr. Pace you couldn’t even take Desheon Watson to Five Guys for lunch. You was in North Carolina to see Tribusky. Is that to much to pay for a future quaterback.

  6. Let’s take a look at the right side of the offensive line. Trash. There are two studs on that line. You could out Joe Montana behind that line and he wouldn’t be the Joe that we know. Fix the line, Trubisky will be better. Next thing to fix, tight end. Either get Burton healthy or start over. Offense is fixed and you don’t owe me a thing.

  7. The Bears are notorious for picking up other teams has-beens. Anyone worth the money, they get rid of. (Gould) Keep Mack and Trib,and let him get a little more time with the offense. No Ryan Leaf or Wonderboy from LSU. This is the NFL, what you did in college is nonexistent. Papa Bear is probably spinning Mach 3 in his grave!

  8. Well all you dummies don’t know what a good quarterback is like remember me man wasn’t the greatest thing in the world either and look what happened with him give give Mitch a shot and wedding play like you did this first year don’t hold it back let him play ball like he knows how.

  9. How about we dump Ryan Pace, this is the stupidest thing I’ve heard so far from this organization how about you take the play calling out of your coaches hands and let an offensive coordinator call the plays, get a real running back, oh thats right you had one and you traded him to the eagle’s geeze pathetic.

  10. How about we dump Ryan Pace, this is the stupidest thing I’ve heard so far from this organization, Pace needs to go.

  11. Ryan Pace needs to check himself into a mental facility. This is by far the stupiest thing I’ve heard.

  12. i told my friends 3 years mack will be on raiders / or gone from bears you can’t pay that type of money for a non qb and win look at rams, and bears the raiders wanted mack he wanted money which he should have gotten, but when that is the main thing get rid of them not a team player!! we got way more for him in return and had 2 players who finished above him in sacks

  13. I would not pull the trigger on that trade. Mack is a once in a generation type player and while the Raiders got a nice haul for him that will only happen once.

  14. Our QB needs someone to compete against. He has the tools, evidently a slow learner. Make him earn the job, don’t throw him out there and expect great things to happen. Give him a offensive line, establish the run, and allow him to move out of the pocket.

  15. A 45 million dollar cap hit is no joke and it will cripple your roster for years to come. The Bears just need to draft one of the young QB’s coming out this year and go forward with that

  16. Maxx Crosby: 16 games played, 35 solo tackles, 11 assisted tackles, 10 sacks, 16 tackles for loss, 4 forced fumbles
    $495,000 / yr

    Khalil Mack: 16 games played, 40 solo tackles, 7 assisted tackles, 8.5 sacks, 8 tackles for loss, 5 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovered
    $2,300,000 / yr

    that is all.

  17. There is nothing wrong with mitch. Its the o-line its really hard to make good decisins and accurate passes when the o-line cant block and you got people in your face every play. If your going to get rid of someone get rid of that lame duck charles leno and beef up that line. Trading khalil mack would be absolutely retarded. Think!!! Dont worry about the tight ends dont worry about the recievers dont worry about the backs at all and that means cornerbacks running backs or especially the quarterback. Spend all your efforts beefing up that o-line and watch. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

  18. The bears are in football hell. They are stuck with their quarterback. Its such a shame to waste a good defense like they have, but eventually they will wear down because they are on the field so much. Been a bears fan all my life and hanging onto 85 bears and even that is fading away so sad.

    1. Hang in there! Been a Bear fan all my life too! 85 was great and coming again before my life is over, I can feel it! Montgomery is getting more carries and looking really good towards the end of the season, he’s going to have a good season next year and put up some top stats! Mack isn’t going anywhere! Hicks back in the fold next year, their going to be hard to contain for anybody! Offensive line rebuild, 85, all over again! I’ve been through the good and bad years with the Bears, always a Bear fan, bottom line!

  19. The Bears need to rebuild the offensive line cornerbacks wide receivers and running backs then wide receivers there is nothing wrong with Mitch he is a good quarterback when he’s allowed to do his own thing they need to leave him alone. And Mack!!!!!!

  20. The Bears need to rebuild the offensive line cornerbacks wide receivers and running backs then wide receivers there is nothing wrong with Mitch he is a good quarterback when he’s allowed to do his own thing they need to leave him alone. And Mack!!!!!!

  21. All these so called sports reporters do is sit around and make up crap to sensationalize. Get off your *** and get out there and dig up some real news to report.

  22. If not mack, they better get 2 really good D-line people.
    I always thought carr would get over his broken leg. But, he never came back to his true form.

  23. HELL YA!! BRO,
    About time some one would step up and speak “Real”…thumbs up to that!!!
    An for the record, Save the pics and forget Mack! Dude is overrated. His stats were NOT even as good as Maxx Crosby this year and Maxx is a rookie?? Let another team take Mack and his Fat paychecks!

  24. They need to draft high for a web. Brady is done. Rivers is done.
    If the cowboys are dumb, they will put Prescott on market. Raiders should pounce.

  25. You know what Mack is capable of doing on the field, so why would you trade a player who is double and triple covered on every play. Other teams and players know he is a dangerous player on the field. Get the man some help. Also the bears do need some veterans help at quarterback.

  26. Interesting that the writer to this “news” is from Raider Nation. The bone headed team that trade the all pro to Chicago. Raider Nation is starving for attention and hype as they move to Vegas and Oakland is butthurt over the move to the city where their prostitutes are more famous than their professional teams.

  27. What would the raiders want him for? As a raiders fan i would laugh my *** off if they traded him. Everybody talked about how dumb gruden was for letting him go and where did it get the bears? Same spot as the raiders except the raiders got good draft picks and a gm that will get good talent with those picks

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