Are Things Lining Up For the Raiders to Make a Run at Stefon Diggs?

If there is only one thing we know about the Raiders upcoming offseason it’s that they are going to be aggressive in adding a wide receiver… or two.

Free agency isn’t loaded with options at wide receiver, but Jon Gruden is willing to trade for a wideout and he might have an interesting trade option in Minnesota.

Based on a series of recent Twitter messages from Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs, it sounds like the 26 year-old playmaker is no more settled in Minnesota than he was a few months ago.

DIGGS on Twitter

People don’t appreciate things until they’re gone…

DIGGS on Twitter

Business is business… 🤷🏾‍♂️

Diggs would fill a huge void in Gruden’s offense and he would give the Raiders a lot more flexibility in the draft.

For the Vikings, trading Diggs would result in $9 million in dead money, but they would save $5.5 million against the salary cap, according to Why that might be important is because the Vikings are currently projected to be more than $11 million over the cap in 2020.

The question is, if the Vikings are willing to trade Diggs, what would the compensation look like?

As of now the Raiders don’t have a second-round pick in 2020 and they surely aren’t willing to give one of their first-round picks for a receiver – especially with the understanding that they can probably draft a receiver as good (or better) than Diggs in the first round.

Whatever the case… buckle up. It’s going to be a wild month ahead for the Raiders.

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11 thoughts on “Are Things Lining Up For the Raiders to Make a Run at Stefon Diggs?

  1. No NFL team is taking a 9 million dollar cap hit. Diggs is a viking for 2020 or he will sit out like LeBron bell did. The NFL needs to get rid of the dead cap hit for trading disgruntled pkayers. It’s f**cking up a lot of team. Look at how pathetic the NBA contracts are. It’s a sad joke. The NFL needs to avoid that. The NBA should be used as a model of what not to do

  2. Now this is intriging … If their is money left to sign our top rookie selections it might turn out better than gambling on young wide outs .,. Health and avoiding injury carries the day .

  3. What ever happen to crab tree thought he was supost to be good.!! I bet we can get him back cheap and he should he a good reciever by now. We had him before

    1. Brent. Gruden cut Crabtree because of his attitude. We are without a strong wideout because Crabtree and Amari Cooper just couldn’t handle Grudens work ethics…that’s what happens when you had Tim Brown and Jerry Rice early in your career as a head coach.

  4. I like Diggs the player, and as much as I would like to see him in the silver and black, I think Minnesota will ask for a lot, and it’s to big of a risk for another WR diva.
    Off the field Diggs is not Antonio Brown, but he is also not to far from it, and after wasting picks on Brown and Martavis Bryant, I’d rather keep our picks, save the money and not risk another heartache.

  5. I will give advice to look at a lot of the small college and universities for receivers and other players that is hungry to play but my need up grade training. Invite them to summer practice and see what the net will bring in

  6. Would rather see the raiders go after Littleton, Schoebert, or Kwiatostki in Free agency to fix the Lb problem and take the Two best available WRs between lamb jeudy and ruggs in the first round. This class is stacked at WR and free agency has some solid LB options.

  7. Throughout the years of watching football you will find players from small colleges rather it be wide receivers linemen defensive backs you can’t miss
    I been a fan of many teams before saints came along in my hometown I tend to follow that trend. But there is not one particular favorite team.

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