Report: Colts Expected to Have Trade Interest in Derek Carr

First the Bears. Now the Colts.

According to the latest from the Derek Carr rumor mill, if the Raiders are willing to trade Carr, the Colts will be one of the teams interested.

“I’ve been told to keep an eye on Derek Carr and that situation as it relates to the Colts,” The Athletic’s Stephen Holder reported on Thursday. “I’ve been told the Colts are willing to have a conversation about that.”

Generally these kinds of rumors don’t get legs until the NFL combine, but this year they are getting out of the gate early. Raider fans may not be able to agree on Carr’s upside, but there are plenty of teams (and fan bases) that seem ready to welcome him.

It will be interesting to see what teams are willing to offer for Carr and what it would take to pry him away from the Raiders. Publicly, the Raiders have been sending out mixed signals on Carr (offering only weak endorsements of their quarterback), but he seems confident that he’ll be back next year.

Of course there have also been Tom Brady rumors swirling around the Raiders for weeks, but keep an eye on the Patriots and Titans on that front. Both teams probably make more sense for Brady than the Raiders. For some reason Tennessee seems like a solid team to bet on (connect the dots on your own) if Brady decides to walk away from the friendly confines of Foxborough.

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60 thoughts on “Report: Colts Expected to Have Trade Interest in Derek Carr

  1. Their first rounder, that’s all it will take, nothing less. And I still think the Raiders’ best move is to keep Carr

      1. Indy would be perfect they have 3 2nd round picks. Do a similar trade what the chiefs did for Alex Smith and grab 2 2nd rounders. A team that’s in the same division as Patrick Mahomes needs to find a QB with higher upside. Carr hasn’t played in a competitive game against Mahomes and isn’t good in cold weather which is something you have to do to make it to the super bowl. Colts are a dome team so it would be good for them too.

        Do the trade for 2 2nd rounders. Trade one of our third rounders for Andy Dalton. Try to sign Brady. We will probably be in the Justin Herbert, Jordan Love market which is fine because we will have 2 first, 2 seconds, and 2 thirds. It’s ok to suit up 3 QB’s each week if all of that comes about. But Brady will probably want to play for titans just because of playing with Vrabel. And if that’s the case instead of trading for Andy Dalton, maybe sign Tannehill.

        Carr has put this on himself for not showing up against big games, being inconsistent with his throws, and being scared in the pocket once there is a a free rusher. He doesn’t even bother to try and scramble. He’s the check down king.

        1. You let Carr go without giving him some targets back like in 16 and we will have a few more years of frustration.

    1. Anybody mentioning Bradys name in this conversation is no RAIDER fan. Brady could take a hike. Biggest cheater in football along with the Patriots. Next thing you be talking about is bring Antonio Brown. Get rid of Carr, hes proven hes not a winner. Only 1 good season and then he got paid. I will take a first rounder for him if anyone offers. Jay Schroeder was a better quarterback than Carr. Bring him out of retirement I’m sure he will do a better job.

    2. This is Ridiculous getting sick & tired of these rumors Carr isn’t for sale and we’re not ready for a new QB if you crazy fellow Raider fans think we are then forget it we’re not starting over again 🤦‍♂️

    3. The no good pathetic sports press creates rumors and then reports on the rumors they create as though it were news, or worse yet, actual insight into the situation. Fraudulent dirtbags!!!!!!!!!

    1. How about Carr, 19th pick, and one of our 3rd rounder for Isaiah Simmons and draft Jeudy or Lamb at 12th with Brady signed. We definitely need guy like Simmons who can rush, cover, and spy to disrupt Mahomes if we are to win AFC West.

      1. That’s what I’ve been saying but I wouldn’t offer the third round pick just their first and Derek Carr. Although with the second first I would still draft front 7 and possibly move up to the second round and draft Michael Pittman at receiver.

      2. Oh good thinking lol.. who’s playing QB can’t possibly understand like fix if you think this is acceptable

    2. Raiders will NEVER get 1 let alone 2 1st rd pics for Carr lmfao Carr at best is a 2nd rd pick yes he is cap friendly Carr is an ok qb in gruden’s offence Carr did a decent job with what he had to work with From what I seen Carr don’t have the fire he had in 2016. My suggestion is bring in Marotta to compete for starting job draft a qb preferably Tua to sit 1 or 2 yrs But what do I know I ain’t a coach or owner of the Raiders just a guy commenting

  2. Unless we sign Brady and package Carr with one of our 1st rounder to move up to QB needy team picking earlier than 8th pick in order to draft Isaiah Simmons, no way we’ll move Derek.

  3. You all are high!! 2 first rounders AND a third…t’s freaking Derek Carr!?! A single 3rd round pick tops is all he is worth!

    1. If we can get a 1st round for Carr this year or next year id consider it. I just think we’re better with Carr with better wr1 help though. Carr’s like all the other QBs in this league not named mahommes or jackson, he needs some help. Go Raiders i think they’ll make the right decision though, so have faith.

  4. I really think the Raiders should keep Carr and get him some help offensively and on defense … The Raiders should move into Las Vegas with a workman like attitude and take care of business ., They don’t need to sign Tom Brady ! the guy is to old and not mobile enough to stay in the league for very long … one hard sack could finish him ., then what ? I kind of like the idea of Mariota coming as a back up … March on ! Raiders …

  5. I think everyone that supports Carr being traded is a complete idiot. Carr has been good thru a lot of instability n teams that have major holes everywhere. If a young guy or even a veteran comes in then u have at least couple seasons for that player 2 get accustomed 2 system n players etc… Now this creates further excuses as 2 y the Raiders are not winning n further excuses y Gruden still needs 2 b the coach n more he is still rebuilding (a process that no longer exists in todays game n a process Gruden never implemented n still has not as he has continued 2 make trades giving up draft picks acquired from trades, continued 2 sign free agents 2 large contracts, n as he did immediately upon return brought in many vets making team oldest in league proclaiming he will win for city of Oakland b4 leaving 2 Vegas which he didnt n which he never intended 2 conduct a so-called rebuild).
    Carr is great for Raiders n deserves chance with a solid team around him. Gruden is a chump as he has never publicly supported Carr but went above n beyond for the likes of AB n even has continued 2 have conversations with AB about possible return 2 Raiders. Thats a straight PUNK.

    1. Wouldn’t say he doesn’t support Carr, but Carr still making rookie mistakes. ( Sticking his arm out and fumbling at end zone for touchbacks) That’s the stuff that will get you benched, and has cost the team ball games.

  6. Analysis: Raiders have no 2nd Rnd pick–if they sign Brady, it would be on first day of FA ($100 M for 3 years, with $65 M guaranteed)–Once Brady is on board, they will sign a #1 WR – and would already have a deal arranged to trade Carr for whatever draft pick scenario evolves into an eventual 2nd rounder. They would then use that 2nd Rnd pick with their own #’s 12 and 19 to obtain a top tier player at each of these positions : LB, CB and FS. Reasoning: I think Carr is a good QB, but not great. Gruden is a tape analyzer, and has seen enough of Derek’s lack of patience for receivers to come open beyond ten yards.Brady, however, has made patience one of his strengths. Result: Top tier QB, top tier #1 WR, LB,CB,FS-upgrades at positions of need before 3rd round even begins.

    1. Thats crazy. In 3 of Carr’s 6 seasons in league he has produced better numbers than Brady. Carr already knows system n 2 continue replacing key position players non stop shows lack of organization, lack of confidence in ur players, instability, n other players will choose 2 play elsewhere 1st n choose Raiders only if guarantees r high as Gruden did 4 every player he brought in last season. Carr is better than u think n has very good stats on critical downs. I can provide a lot of data but it wont matter cuz u have ur opinion n its not changing

  7. I say give the man a other year ke’ll have a better defense a no#1 receiver or 2 maybe and if carr cant come thru then ke gots to go my vote for Carr

    1. George, are you mentally challenged or something? One more year for what? Have you been paying attention the last 6 years? Carr is what he is and is not going to suddenly breakout and play like Mahomes. Carr is a coward and plays like one. Pay attention, genius.

    2. Agree 100%. No point in getting a new QB that does not know Gruden’s system. If DC gets the weapons he need & still cant do anything, than its time to move on.

  8. Keep Carr. I don’t see us as constantly in training every good player we have/had Mack, Cooper etc trading for rookies and training some more rookies & get out of team building.
    Let’s keep Good Players in the hand, instead of two drafts down the road…
    Go Carr!

  9. Biggest mistake is to trade a good qb for an older model. Keep Carr give him weapons to produce a winning team. And if you trade him 1/2 years from now you will get more for him in a play to land trevor Lawrence . I guarantee he wins a superbowl with whomever he lands if trade. Raiders been tanking it again if they trade him. After 35 years of mediocrity what’s two more years?

  10. Carrbage is a loser. Look at the Raiders record since he’s been the starting QB. How many seasons is it going to take to convince some the guy is a LOSER. Move him stat. Anyone would be better than checkdown Carrbage.

    1. No QB in the NFL throws for fewer air yards (passes completed at the point the receiver makes the catch) than Derek Carr.

      Nobody is more content to forever throw the ball short of the down marker on 3rd and long.

      Carr almost never keeps his eyes downfield under the rush.

      Most damning of all, Derek Carrbage has said, publicly, that:

      “My number one priority is not to get hurt.”

      As rallying speeches go, it ain’t exactly Churchill, is it!?

    2. Carr had the Raiders at 12-2 four years ago and people talking Super Bowl when he got hurt. The following year I don’t know if he was totally healed or what but the whole team collapses not just him. Last year was a disaster but partially on purpose when they made the choice to trade Mack and Cooper for a bunch of draft choices and rebuild. This year they made the trade for AB and based their whole offense around him as their number one and that fell apart but after a couple games and Josh Jacobs fitting in and Waller stepping up big time the Raiders got on a roll and then faded down the stretch. Carr hasn’t always played consistently but either has the team.

    3. Yeah, I agree. Carr should have at least 3 Super Bowl rings with the stellar, all star-studded teams and stable coaching staff he’s had around him his whole career. Not to mention having the officials always helping the Raiders at key times. Even Tim Tebow would have 60 or 70 wins with these last several Raiders teams, right?
      (Yes, Sheldon. Sarcasm)

    4. R u ok? U wish 2 make reference 2 Carr’s record but refuse 2 look at fact that Raiders have never once provided Carr with solid team around him. There is not a QB current or past that could have posted good record with the teams Carr has played with n that is a fact. Carr has posted good numbers in spite of having very weak team around him.

    5. 4 different headcoaches 4 different OC and no help most of 4 years and no #1 wr last year the 1 year they were fairly competitive Carr managed to lead them to 12-4 so let’s get him some weapons and see what he can do then judge him He’s only going to get better the longer he’s in the system

  11. I see there are some know-nothing hackers in here who would love to spoon with Bo Derek Carr. The guy can’t play. L-O-S-E-R. Understand?? L-O-S-E-R. We’re stuck in neutral with that check-down rabbit under center. The engine revs but we never go anywhere. I swear, some of you Carr groupies must buy your underwear at Victoria’s Secret.

  12. I keep typing then deleting because trading DC is the stupidest fucking thing the team can do. DC has had scrub 3rd and 4th string cast off receivers and even kick returners as his starters. He has put up great numbers with low end talent. People are right, he has lost alot of games but he is not the one allowing 30+ points a game. He is not throwing pick sixes and getting blown up himself. So, let’s draft another QB and hope for the best down the road or grab another teams left over QB and see how that works out, trading DC would be a huge mistake.

  13. All of you who say get rid of Carr don’t know football… just say for example Brady played for the Raiders this past season do y’all actually think he would have got us to the super bowl let alone the playoffs? The reason the patriots got to the playoffs was strictly Defense… Brady at this point is not a upgrade we sign Brady and get rid of Carr is a high chance we won’t sniff the playoffs for many more years to come

  14. 2 years for Qb to learn system, not an option, get Teddy Bridgewater for backup. We can either trade for more picks or take best in first two first round picks, trading down could net 4 players

  15. I do like Carr but we need face facts ..when that injury happend not only did it ruin that season but Carr himself is not the same confident QB he once he drops back looks nervous in the pocket has happy feet and feels pressure when no one is around him..its a shame we were on our way with Carr leading the way then he got hurt now hes scared to take hit and being scared will affect any QB trade him for 2 1rst rounders if possible..but of course say the right things build him up then make the move to highest bidder

  16. Yes, Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are great fuckin players, but they also have great weapons. I don’t care what anybody says, no QB can do anything without weapons, no matter how talented.

  17. Funny how Raiders fans are so quick to get rid of Carr, yet the fans of teams who might get him are excited for the chance. Funny how the media constantly rate Carr as a bad quarterback, yet also constantly rate him as an upgrade for other teams. I would hate to lose Carr only to get some washed or inexperienced quarterback in return. But hey, the Raiders seem to be forever inept at doing what’s right, so maybe the best thing for Carr is to go to a team who’s fan base will appreciate having him. Time will tell then if it was Carr who kept the Raiders from winning, or if the Raiders are just inept and kept him from succeeding.

    1. Gannon was a journeyman who Chucky taught to fit scheme along with the talent in the key positions. Not that Carr doesn’t have Athletesim, but mental lapse have cost him games.

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