Report: Bears Would Be Interested If Raiders Open to Trading Derek Carr

Depending on which reports you buy into, the Raiders are either definitely trying to trade Derek Carr… or they are definitely not.

Clear as mud, right?

Whatever the Raiders stance on their quarterback, it does sound like teams are going to be knocking on Jon Gruden’s door to find out what it would take to get Derek Carr.

And one of the teams that will be interested in Carr if he’s available, according to Denver talk show host Benjamin Allbright, is the Chicago Bears.

Benjamin Allbright on Twitter

Bears are quietly looking at QB options. Trubisky will still get the shot to be the guy, but much like Titans/Mariota last year, the leash is short. They’d prefer vet ready-to-play, options. If Raiders were to move on from Carr ($21.5m cap hit vs $7.9 dead) theyd be interested.

For those unfamiliar with Allbright, he has broken NFL stories before, so there isn’t any reason to believe he is making up stories. Do with his statement what you will, but you can bet Khalil Mack would love to have his old friend join him in Chicago.

Oh, and just for fun… it happens that Carr was on his Instagram this morning reflecting on old times. No words. Just a picture with an old teammate and a good friend.

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Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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21 thoughts on “Report: Bears Would Be Interested If Raiders Open to Trading Derek Carr

  1. Tired of this subject.
    Carr doesn’t get enough credit for his accomplishments. Multiple coaches, schemes, crap WRs, broken bones. Then there’s the top ten QBR for 2019. I’ve heard enough. If he leaves I’ll be a Carr fan still even if it’s in our division because he’s a quality person and fine QB.

  2. I can say this if Gruden trades Carr he is a bigger idiot than he already has shown himself 2 be. It wouldn’t surprise me with the moves Gruden makes. I could actually see Gruden bringing back AB n getting rid of Carr. The retard does not understand the implications his action represent. I bleed silver n black but im telling u i may need a transfusion if Gruden remains. Mark Davis has caused organization 2 majorly regress n he is 2 stupid 2 realize it.

    1. For as great as Al Davis was at one time, it was still Al Davis that drove this franchise into the ground.

      In the 8 seasons since Mark Davis became owner, the Raiders have 47 wins. Now, obviously that isbt great, but, those 8 seasons include two deliberate total tear downs and rebuilds, and one 12 win season/playoff berth. Now, that doesnt sound too impressive, but, in the 8 seasons prior, under Al Davis, the Raiders had zero deliberate tear downs, but only won 41 games, with zero winning seasons, and obviously, zero playoff berths. So, who did more damage?

    2. I’m sick of ur short sided view of gruden and mark.
      In 2 to 4 yrs they’ll have a dynasty. Then you’ll be eating crow!

    3. Only if they rid themselves of Carr for No. 1 pick in 2021, they could bundle next year and fetch Trevor Lawrence of Clemson as he 4X the QB Carr will ever be. Rather than a quick reply, go do some research on this QB.

  3. I’d like to see Carr get a fresh start, – as a Christia, does not appreciate Gruden’s foul. mouth. The Raiders ought to trade Chicago for their 1st round pick in 2021, Carr is an upgrade over Trubisky then next year, on the positive side for the Raiders, they can bundle to move up to fetch Trevor Lawrence of Clemson. This would not impact who team would draft this year, although they should have great wideouts for TL to throw to.

    1. Need to stop playing Madden. If you have a QB worth a 1st round pick…You don’t trade him, you build around him!

    2. The Bears aren’t likely to give up their 1st rounder next year. You have to consider the compensation due to Carr. The original Raiders 2nd rounder this year is very fair.

  4. Bwhahahahaha! Carr playing you media fools like a violin and you took the bait! Las Vegas Raiders Carr 2020

  5. So da Bears haven’t seen Carr’s cold weather win loss record? Sure there’s a few domes in that division but no roof on Lambeau.

  6. I would love to have Derek Carr as the QB. We have the offensive weapons we just need a stable QB. I love Trubisky but he is not consistent enough.

  7. Just curious who will QB the Raiders after trading away DC along with cutting Glennon and Kizer. Certainly not Peterman.

  8. Only thing I heard was Gruden wants to bring in more Solid Backups, Mariota, Teddy Bridgewater, in fact the Bear’s can get Teddy to Push Tribiskey for the Starting job? Mack will be in Vegas very soon 😎👍🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  9. If we gonna trade Carr , then atleast let it b for a way better QB, czz Carr’s good but he folds unda pressure n don’t press hard to fight for the Xtra steps, moves or yardages we need. So if we do, let’s get a fighter a real gun slinger!!!!

  10. If Carr can correct a few of his mistakes that’s been costing us, we shud keep him if not move past him czz any record can b broken but we need wins we need to b looked at as a threat n not as a roll over joke!

  11. Give Carr 1 season in a new stadium and new talent to see what he’s got! 🏟 🏈 🏆 ♠️. Draft a new back up QB and play him a few games. 🏴‍☠️

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