Report Confirms Yannick Ngakoue Rumors, Raiders Believe Jaguars “Want Too Much”

A report surfaced on Wednesday night that the Raiders and Jaguars were in talks on a trade that would send Yannick Ngakoue to Las Vegas in exchange for the Raiders no. 19 pick. Hours after the report, the silence was deafening. Usually a mainstream outlet loves to jump in and confirm or deny a story of such magnitude.

Instead, it was all quiet.

Finally, six hours later, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio apparently got the green light from someone on the Raiders end of the talks. Per Florio, the sides have been in discussions about a trade and the hope is that a deal can come together during the draft, but right now the Jaguars “want too much.”

According to the initial report, the Jaguars want the Raiders no. 12 pick, but the Raiders want to send their no. 19 pick for Ngakoue. Both picks seem too expensive for Ngakoue, who would seemingly show up to the Raiders without a new deal unless there has been some level of contract negotiations going on that we don’t know about.

Even with a new deal, the no. 19 pick seems high for Ngakoue so it’s possible the Raiders have in mind to acquire an extra draft pick today by way of trade and see if they can get Jacksonville to bite on a later first-round pick or a second-round pick.

The Raiders will have all the trade leverage during the draft because they can just as easily use their picks on players in the draft and feel good about the rookie contracts. The Jaguars, on the other hand, have motivation to trade Ngakoue before Saturday because his contract situation has the potential to get even more ugly in the months ahead. After the second round of the draft the Jaguars are essentially stuck with Ngakoue unless they can get someone to offer a future draft pick which isn’t nearly rewarding (as Raider fans are well aware from the Khalil Mack trade) and is a lot more risky. Should Ngakoue choose to go the Antonio Brown route of demanding a trade (i.e. causing problems internally) he could essentially evaporate his trade value and force the Jaguars to take anything they can get for him.

In fact, the Jaguars might be close to being at that point already.

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2 thoughts on “Report Confirms Yannick Ngakoue Rumors, Raiders Believe Jaguars “Want Too Much”

  1. price is to high for this ngaakoue guy stick to the plan an get a wideout and a cornerback in ether order in draft if can trade down an get a second rd pick that might be good there is a lot of good receivers in this draft maybe get that moss guy from utah or the other runningback fron usc with 3ed pick thanks go raiders

  2. I wouldnt hate the trade for a #19 pick but would prefer it was next years #2. They would have to figure out how to pay him too which might cost them someone pretty good. They might be able to restructure Carrs contract to make it happen though.

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