Report: Raiders and Jaguars Working on Trade For Yannick Ngakoue

Good luck figuring out what’s true and what isn’t, but this might be the blockbuster move of the draft and it would involve the Raiders.

According to Charlie Campbell of, the Raiders intend to offer pick 19 in tomorrow’s draft to the Jaguars for defensive end Yannick Ngakoue.

“League sources tell that the Las Vegas Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars are close to coming to an agreement on a trade for defensive end Yannick Ngakoue,” Campbell reported on Wednesday.

“The Raiders are offering the 19th-overall pick in the first round, while Jacksonville is asking for the 12th-overall pick. Sources say they don’t believe the Jaguars will get a better offer than a late top-20 pick, as Ngakoue has already stated that he won’t sign an extension with Jacksonville. Those team staffers feel that the Jaguars could come around to doing the trade for the 19th pick because Ngakoue has painted them into a corner.”

Just a guess, but if the Raiders could trade back a little from pick 19, they could probably get Ngakoue for a late first-round pick or even a second-round pick. And then would be the matter of getting him signed and taking a physical… which might be a little tough to pull off considering Ngakoue would need the physical by tomorrow.

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16 thoughts on “Report: Raiders and Jaguars Working on Trade For Yannick Ngakoue

  1. Well … they know more than I ., I hope management , coaches and scouts know what they are doing … I am just a 50 year fan and wanna Win Baby … Go Raiders ….

  2. Focus on a number 1wr , and better yet get 2 hot rookie receivers, hell ,, Kansas city has a beautiful receiving cast , all of them is dangerous when they touch the rock

  3. The fact that Raiders are players in picking up Ngakoue should hopefully wake up the multitude of delusional fans n media personnel. The Raiders pursuit of this player means they must be willing to give him a HUGE contract. It may not equate to Mack money (remember Raiders would not have signed Mack for as much as Bears did had they signed Mack early on) but it will be very significant. Think about it – Raiders (Gruden) has doled out BIG contracts to several players since Mack most of whom received most guaranteed n several making them highest paid in league at their positions. I wish to add that all of them, as is Gruden, unworthy of the contracts received n not producing that which their contracts suggest they should. So if anyone truly believes that Raiders could not have worked a contract with Mack I cannot say anything other than get ur head checked.

    Even if anyone wished to falsely suggest that Raiders would not have the players they have signed since I challenge with who could Raiders not have obtained that were really needed n alternate (better pick-up) not in players’ stead. The Raiders did not need Ferrell n could have still obtained Jacobs n Abram if so desired. They could have still drafted Crosby n signed most of the players they signed through free agency (some should not have been signed anyway) n free agents would have taken less money had Raiders (Gruden) not shown himself to be a deceiving, shady individual. The Raiders would have less of a problem being front runners for free agents as this off-season showed when Raiders lost out on some key free agents who decided 2 play elsewhere.

    If Gruden was a good dude n didn’t go to bat for the likes of AB (many times) but allow players like Carr 2 hang out 2 go thru all this bs every year when crazy media people n fans start calling for Carr’s head. Gruden has not once genuinely come 2 aid of Carr n publicly make it clear that Carr is his QB PERIOD. Gruden is no genius n has failed horribly 2 live up 2 his contract n ego. The only person that should be fired, traded, or burned at the stake is Gruden but due to Raiders having the worst owner in history of league that will never happen n Gruden will continue employed at a position he has no business possessing.

    1. Dude u r stupid. Every year since grudges has come back we have gotten better each year. We have already won the Mack trade with that win over the bears where Jacobs ran wild and Mack didn’t even have 1 tackle. Much less a qb pressure. So get your head checked cuz gruffness is doing fine

  4. Don’t know about that one. While he is a talent, what if he doesn’t sign? Then you wasted another draft pick along with AB and Martavis Bryant. Don’t do it!!

  5. A lot of if’s and’s and maybe’s this time of year. But at least we’re talking about something other than Covid19 and trading Derek Carr 😁

  6. I dont believe it, DE is one of our better positions… Maybe a 3rd, but we still dont have cap space

  7. I actually hate this move more than all of these Mayock lovers out there. Hear me out because this doesn’t make sense. The Raiders want to trade for Ngakoue. He’s no longer the best DE on the Jags team! That distinction belongs to 2nd year DE Josh Allen. He had 10 1/2 sacks last year. Mayock had a chance to draft him at pick 4 last year. Instead, he thought he was smarter than everybody else and took Ferrell thinking he was better than Allen. My point is we could’ve had Allen, the Jags best DE. Now Mayock wants to trade for the Jags second best DE?? WT🤬?!! So what about Clelin Ferrell? After just one season, Is Mayock admitting he made a mistake by using valuable draft capitol to trade for a player in Ngakoue, who is better than Ferrell and btw, plays his position? I am not on the Mayock hype train. As far as I’m concerned, not drafting Allen was a catastrophic mistake. He did well with the other picks, especially Jacobs and Crosby. But after missing on Allen, I chalk those picks up to luck

  8. I’d save substantial $’s, and draft K’Lavon Chaisson at #12 or #19, and take your highest rated WR or CB, at #12 or #19.

  9. Yo Raider Fans, It’s just a rumor. Don’t have a **** fit over it. In a few hours from now we will know exactly what Gruden, Mayock and Mark Davis will do. And whatever their decision, we fans need to support it. I believe the new Las Vegas Raiders will have another terrific draft to compound last year’s success. GO RAIDER NATION !!!!!

  10. That’s stupid. It’s not luck if the other draft picks were great picks. So he missed on Allen, it happens. Overall they nailed it.

  11. We shouldn’t make this move heck Let’s Just Draft WR Ruggs at and WRJefferson@19 and Pick DE Anfernee Jennings at 80 and LB Troy Dye at 81 .
    After The major Knee injury in 2018 Jennings would notch 134 tackles (25.5 for losses), with 13.5 sacks, two interceptions and a touchdown.

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