Report: DeAndre Washington’s Roster Spot With Raiders “Basically Gone”

One of the conversation pieces surrounding the Raiders this offseason has been the roster battle between Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington. The two running backs share similar skills sets and a number of reports have indicated that Jon Gruden is not expected to keep both on the roster.

While a lot can change, The Athletic’s John Middlekauff says that Richard is well ahead of Washington on the depth chart.

“It’s pretty clear that running back DeAndré Washington’s spot is basically gone,” Middlekauff reported on Wednesday via The Athletic. “He won’t make the team. The preseason will basically determine who’ll be Marshawn Lynch’s backup: Doug Martin or Jalen Richard. Early money is on Martin, but Richard can really help in the passing game with 56 catches the last two years. It’s a good battle to watch during the preseason.”

Middlekauff didn’t mention the reason Washington has dropped on the depth chart, but considering how strong the statement, there is probably something going on there.

When Gruden was initially hired, many believed Lynch wouldn’t hang around, but Gruden decided to guarantee Lynch’s contract in March before seeing ‘Beast Mode’ in a practice. Lynch is the undisputed lead back in Oakland, though he is expected to share plenty of carries. As for Washington, it will be interesting to see if the Raiders can get any compensation for him in the form of a trade.

For what it’s worth, Middlekauff also said Connor Cook is looking more and more like the odd man out in the backup quarterback battle – an opinion that seems to be shared by most who have been in attendance at training camp.

Another camp battle that will soon heat up is at left tackle. Kolton Miller has impressed in training camp and the Raiders are reportedly asking Donald Penn to take a pay cut. The Athletic’s Vic Tafur believes Penn has some leverage to refuse to take a pay cut, but that would be a risky maneuver. Is anyone going to be willing to pay Penn $5 million ($3 million of his salary is already guaranteed) a week before the beginning of the regular season? Probably not, unless there is an injury somewhere around the league.

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4 thoughts on “Report: DeAndre Washington’s Roster Spot With Raiders “Basically Gone”

  1. Imagine that, another of Reggie McKenzie’s higher draft picks is getting cut. This team is built with free agents, with a handful of solid draft picks sprinkled in……

  2. Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin are fine and good this year but I hope Oakland isn’t counting on either one beyond 2018. They will need to bring in a new lead back next year. They need to get younger there.
    As for Penn, he would be wise to take the pay cut. Hopefully he has spent wisely over his career.

  3. Why do you people even post what John Middlekauf says? Have you looked at his prediction record? it’s under 3% accurate. Not to mention this guy is taking a post from The Raiders daily and running with it to get more attention to himself when indeed it’s a fact that Steven Micheals is the one to first post that DeAndre Washingtions job is in major danger..Middlekauf waited a few hrs and then WROTE THE EXACT SAME THING…
    That’s why I was so happy when Micheals trashed Middlekauf for being what he really is which is a failure in everything he does, failed as a scout, failed in radio and now he just makes stuff up for retweets. Pathetic.
    Stick to real news.

  4. “Is anyone going to be willing to pay Penn $5 million ($3 million of his salary is already guaranteed) a week before the beginning of the regular season? Probably not, unless there is an injury somewhere around the league.”
    Well, there certainly WILL BE an injury to a LT somewhere in the league any day now, if not already! $5 mil is a no brainer price for a tackle of Penn’s caliber if he can pass the physical.

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