Report: Teams Believe Raiders Are Open For Business When It Comes To Trading Khalil Mack

No one seems to know exactly what’s going on with Khalil Mack, but a report on Wednesday from Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman gave a little insight into how other teams are viewing Mack’s status with the Raiders.

They think he might actually be available.

“The odds of such a trade were zero percent a few months back, but now they are 20 to 30 percent and increasing every day,” an NFL executive told Freeman. “There’s a feeling the Raiders are open for business when it comes to Mack.”

But would the Raiders really trade Mack? For now, a trade seems extremely unlikely and Freeman said as much:

“Mack is holding out for a better contract, but before anyone starts dreaming of Mack in their team’s colors, know this: No one with the Raiders believes Mack’s holdout will be a long one. And there’s also a belief the trade talk is an expected part of the equation when a star player holds out. Teams are calling the Raiders (as they should) to see if Mack is available (he isn’t).”

In other words, there’s no real panic inside the Raiders building and most on the inside believe Mack will join the team in time to be ready for the season opener.

One of the reasons a trade can’t (or at least shouldn’t) happen now is timing. The Raiders would want draft picks in return for Mack and a 2019 draft pick (or 3 or 4) would bring zero return this season. Combined with the fact that the Raiders still have Mack under contract at a relative bargain, it would make a lot more sense for the Raiders to think about trading Mack after the season.

But even then, is it ever a good idea to trade away a future Hall of Famer in his prime?

(the answer is ‘no’)

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3 thoughts on “Report: Teams Believe Raiders Are Open For Business When It Comes To Trading Khalil Mack

  1. This organization has already given new meaning to the word ‘stupid’ by going to the desert, with the 44th largest TV market, expecting to cash in to pay off their billion dollars in loans. And this while they already have a rabid fan base in the Bay Area, the 4th largest TV market! Now, they are going to let the best defensive player in the NFL walk? Seriously?

    Raider fans, time to look for another team before this one spontaneously combusts!

  2. Everybody forgets that he is still under contract for one more year… oh and there is that franchise tag thangy. I still believe that both sides are cool with each other, they are just waiting for the Rams to sign or trade Donald – then they will make Mack’s paycheck bigger. End of story

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