Report: Donald Penn A Suspect In Domestic Violence Incident

UPDATE: According to a statement from Donald Penn’s representative, there was no physical altercation between Penn and his wife, who are currently going through a divorce.

“There was a verbal disagreement, there was NO physical altercation. The two are in the middle of a divorce and it is a hard time for both parties.”


As it turns out, the Raiders might have made an even better decision than they realized by drafting two offensive tackles in the first two days of the draft.

According to a TMZ report, police are investigating current left tackle Donald Penn over a domestic incident.

From the TMZ report on Monday morning:

Oakland Raiders star lineman Donald Penn is a suspect in a domestic violence incident … after he allegedly slapped his wife’s butt and then poured a drink on her head.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Sports … cops were called to Penn’s L.A. area home Sunday evening, but when they arrived … Penn had already left the scene.

Cops were told Penn was at the house earlier and got handsy with his wife, at one point slapping her butt. Donald’s wife took exception to the slap and a vocal argument ensued.

Things escalated and Penn allegedly poured a drink on his wife’s head and grabbed his wife by the wrist.”

Penn turned 35 years old last week and is recovering from a December foot injury that required surgery. There is no guarantee that he can return to Pro Bowl form following the injury – and that’s not taking into account that he seems to already be on borrowed time in terms of his age.

Considering the past nine months, Penn’s decision to holdout is looking better every day. His level of play dropped some in 2017 and he ended the season with a significant injury. His two-year, $21 million contract extension wouldn’t have been as lucrative had we waited for his deal to expire – and now he is also guaranteed $3 million for 2018 whether he is on the Raiders roster or not.

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4 thoughts on “Report: Donald Penn A Suspect In Domestic Violence Incident

  1. Wow, our decision to draft 2 OTs in the first two days just looks better and better. At this point, I’m open to cutting Penn and save the remaining $3 million for next year.

  2. Don’t cut Penn wait, slapping his wife’s butt come on , what man that doesn’t slap his wife’s butt, pretty soon some **** fool will sue his fellow player for the same thing.
    The way things are going, i wonder where all thses accusations will led to, i think in the future relationships between man and women will completely be eradicated.

    1. Well said brother. People want to hold every hostage from being human. We are not robots. He didn’t hit her. Her life is what he has provided. Living off his talent work and effort. Now she’s getting a divorce and will get him for half his money his kids. **** she deserves a drink on her head then. Where r u people souls. So many heartless people. Leave that man alone.

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