Report: Donald Penn Holdout “Still Very Much At An Impasse”

Hold the phone on Donald Penn’s impending return. According to NFL Network’s Mike Silver, the Raiders Pro Bowl left tackle may not be as close to returning to the Raiders as has been reported by the San Francisco Chronicle.

“The person who reported that, Vic Tafur, is one of my best friends. I don’t want this to sound wrong, but my reporting has not suggested that Donald Penn is coming back,” Silver said during a Wednesday segment on 95.7 The Game. “My understanding is that that’s not the case. Right now, I think we’re still in a holding pattern and it’s very much at an impasse.”

While the San Francisco Chronicle’s report may well be true (we’ll know soon), you can bet it wasn’t information offered by Penn or his representation.

Silver, on the other hand, did seem to hint that Penn could return without a new deal.

“I believe the only way you would see [Donald Penn] come back at this point would be if there was, let’s say, understanding between the two parties that though a new deal is not done that moment that they are on the path to completing one.”

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2 thoughts on “Report: Donald Penn Holdout “Still Very Much At An Impasse”

  1. NOPE! He is at practice right now. I just saw pictures of him exiting the locker room. He’s there and I hope that he gets a raise. Now if we only had a Mike LB and some DB’s….

    1. Don’t give him a raise. He doesn’t deserve to even play. Don’t reward this guy, I don’t care that he has a big divorce settlement coming, THAT ISN’T OUR PROBLEM. Cut this guy, you can’t reward a guy like this. Not ever.

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