Report: Raiders Feel Marshall Newhouse Has “Exceeded Expectations”

With injuries, holdouts, and legal drama largely dominating the Raiders news feed in August, there’s been a quiet training camp story that’s been deserving of more attention – the rise of Marshall Newhouse.

Forced into Donald Penn’s role at left tackle for essentially all of training camp, Newhouse took the transition in stride and has performed admirably.

Newhouse has “exceeded expectations” within the Raiders organization, according to The Athletic’s John Middlekauff, and could ultimately be an upgrade over Menelik Watson and Austin Howard from a year ago – something that no one was saying when the Raiders signed Newhouse in March.

With Penn reportedly planning to end his holdout this week, Newhouse should soon ride a wave of momentum back to his natural position at right tackle.

Now let’s just hope he doesn’t hold out when he gets there.

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5 thoughts on “Report: Raiders Feel Marshall Newhouse Has “Exceeded Expectations”

  1. Cut Penn, no respect for someone who signs a contract one year then holds out the next…

    1. agreed- but go to youtube… search TMZ Donald Penn cheating…. the chick is going to bleed him dry:)

      1. Who cares? Cut him, he shouldn’t be a cheating. The guy is just a selfish blob, we don’t need him. We need loyalty.

    2. Didn’t the Raiders sign that contract too? Yet they can CUT him ANYTIME they want! Football is a business! This is not High School. It’s how the man supports his family. I have no problem with Penn trying to renegotiate his deal. You, I assume would agree that he’s OUT PERFORMED HIS CONTRACT? This will probably be his last deal and he knows it. I hope he gets paid. He’s been a true Raider!!

    3. He is getting up there but is still the best of the best and probably deserves a raise. He should do it by the book and stay in camp while doing so. Either way, he wasn’t going to play much, if at all in the first two games, some in game three and only a quarter against Seattle. His ‘sitting out’ probably resulted in the same amount of pre-season snaps, let us look at a possible backup incase he goes down again and allowed Newhouse to swing back to his natural position after experiencing the ‘trench side’….

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