Report: Former OC Greg Olson Expected To Return To Raiders

Jon Gruden may soon be bringing back a familiar face (other than that of Rich Gannon and his own) to the Raiders.

According Alex Marvez of Sporting News, Derek Carr is expected to be reunited with the offensive coordinator of his rookie season when Gruden rolls into Oakland in the days ahead.

Yes, it could be Greg Olson that’s the next offensive coordinator of the Raiders.

Olson wasn’t beloved in Oakland (by the fans at least) during his first stint with the team, but would work with considerably more talent this time around and Gruden would actually be running the offense, so if you’re inclined to do so, there’s no immediate need for panic.

For what it’s worth, Carr was known to have a good relationship with Olson from their short time together in 2014.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Former OC Greg Olson Expected To Return To Raiders

  1. What happened to Morton from the Jets? Two days ago he was universally consider the guy. Why Olson?

  2. What happened to the Johnny Morton thing ? I heard he was a better play designer than Olson . I’m not panicking but I hope this isn’t true .

  3. All of these supposed signings for assistants/coordinators should be taken with a grain of salt because rumors fly from everywhere. There’s no sense speculating until Jon officially signs and then starts asking for his boys to also sign on the dotted line.
    Just for fun, though, Olsen is an interesting thought because the Rams offense has been pathetic for yrs and Goff looked lost last year. Now they’re lighting up the scoreboard and Goff looks like a soon-to-be pro bowl QB…….

  4. If Olsen do come back, Gruden definitely won’t be around for long. I’m not getting a good feeling with this pick.

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