Report: Former Raiders OL Coach Mike Tice Ready To Retire

Offensive line coach Mike Tice has been with the Raiders for the past three years and it sounds like the experience may have pushed him over the edge.

According to a report out of Minneapolis this morning, Tice is preparing to retire.

A Sports Illustrated report near the end of the season indicated that Tice had become a “divisive” presence in the Raiders locker room this season.

There have also been a number of reports on divisive players in the Raiders locker room – if you’ve been keeping track, most were found on the offensive side of the football.

Whatever the case, it sounds like Tice is ready to be done with coaching and a few of his players in Oakland might be the reason why.

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4 thoughts on “Report: Former Raiders OL Coach Mike Tice Ready To Retire

  1. He’s right,no discipline and too many lazy mtf players who are fat *** pigs and no freaking brains to learn..Good for Mike!!

  2. Hiring Cable was a downgrade from Mike Tice. I wish the Raiders would’ve kept him. There is no way that he could’ve endorsed that zone blocking **** on the Raider O-line when Downing was OC.

  3. I really wish Gruden the best but most of the players live on Twitter and he’s one of those keep it in the locker room coaches. I think after a couple of years dealing with the me first generation, he’s going back to the booth. It’s not worth the hassle.

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