Report: Four teams going after Jalen Ramsey hardest, Raiders still interested?

The Raiders were interested in Jalen Ramsey, but based on a report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, there are two other AFC West teams that might be more likely to work out a trade to get the All Pro cornerback.

Via Bleeding Green Nation (a Philadelphia Eagles blog), this is the latest speculation on Ramsey from Mortensen:

It’s easy to call the Eagles the front-runner because they’re a little bit desperate with their injuries in the secondary and they know they have a Super Bowl caliber team. They have an offensive line that is just dynamite and just kind of take the pressure off Wentz and the whole group. Plus, their defensive front doesn’t have great pass rushers but they are strong so this gets stronger on the back end, they’re willing to do it.

But there are other teams. The Baltimore Ravens are another team. They already have one of the best corners in Marlon Humphrey. Put Jalen back there. The Kansas City Chiefs are an obvious one.

One not so obvious one, and I haven’t been knocked down on it, just to kind of monitor, are the Chargers. Because Gus Bradley was in Jacksonville when they drafted Ramsey, he fits what he wants to do.”

Ideally, if Ramsey does get traded, it might be nice to see him go somewhere other than Kansas City – though the Chiefs would have a challenge finding room under the salary cap to keep him around for the long term.

As for the Raiders, it’s going to take more than one first-round pick to get Ramsey and there’s a good chance the Raiders aren’t willing to let go of their own first-round pick in 2020 – which could still very well end up in the top 10. It also doesn’t feel like the Raiders are just a player away from the Super Bowl like Philadelphia and Kansas City, so that will factor in to the Raiders interest.

The name to really watch for the Raiders might be Cincinnati wide receiver A.J. Green, who will more than likely be traded by the end of the month. Jon Gruden probably isn’t completely satisfied with his receiver group (after losing AB) whereas he might believe he can get by with the current cornerbacks on the roster.

If there’s another big move coming from the Raiders, Green probably makes the most sense.

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7 thoughts on “Report: Four teams going after Jalen Ramsey hardest, Raiders still interested?

  1. The Raiders do need another WR…
    What they really REALLY need is a linebacker or two! What the hell? They are dropping like flies… either early cutting, injury or suspension…. we NEED a couple of more touch as nails but able to cover the flat, Linebackers!

  2. The Raiders cannot let Ramsey in their division. So either trade for him or make super hard for Chiefs or the Chargers to get him.

  3. Raiders need a DB. They at least need to start a precedence of trying to be able to stop people. Use some resources to obtain a quality player.

  4. We need to take pressure off of Carr and add to our defense. With the offensive line looking dominant only to get better with Jackson coming back Carr will easily put up 21pts on any defense with any receivers especially with Jacobs running so well. Adding a reliable middle linebacker with speed will do us well all around. Most of all we want someone who wants to be a Raider not just for the money and Vegas.

  5. You ether get Ramsey or you go get a WR that runs routes correct and can double move and burn his ***!

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