Teams are interested (Raiders?), but Vikings say they aren’t trading Stefon Diggs

He might not be available yet, but if the Vikings aren’t committed to keeping wide receiver Stefon Diggs, there might be a chance he will end up with another team before the trade deadline at the end of this month.

Diggs has been subtly expressing his displeasure with his role in the Vikings offense and on Wednesday he took a page out of Jalen Ramsey’s playbook and didn’t show up for practice. Diggs signed a five-year, $72 million deal in July of 2018, but his contract isn’t necessarily un-tradable in terms of dead money – and there is every reason to believe he is pushing for a trade right now.

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Vikings are very tight on the cap this year and next so there is logic to making a trade like this if they feel they need a change

So the question, of course, is would the Raiders be interested if Diggs became available?

Diggs is only 25 and is coming off a 2018 season where he put up 102 receptions. But not only would Diggs cost a premium pick, he will also carry significant cap numbers in each of the next five years.


It’s hard to know what Jon Gruden is ever thinking, but Diggs would offer an element to the Raiders offense that was lost when Antonio Brown left the reservation, both literally and figuratively.

With that in mind, don’t order your silver and black Diggs jersey yet, because as of Wednesday night the Vikings are apparently telling interested teams he isn’t being traded.

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A team that told me today they’d definitely be interested in Stefon Diggs said they were informed the #Vikings WR would not be traded. #SoTheresThat

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