Report: Gareon Conley Didn’t Leave Favorable Impression On Some Teammates

When the Raiders calculated the risk to drafting Gareon Conley with their first draft pick in 2017, the concern revolved primarily around his legal status.

Ultimately, general manager Reggie McKenzie was comfortable with Conley’s legal status and moved forward by drafting the Ohio State superstar.

Conley was eventually cleared of any legal wrongdoing, but his football career didn’t become any less complicated.

On top of the obvious injury issues, there was also the perception that Conley wasn’t motivated as a player, according to The Athletic’s Vic Tafur.

“Worse than the Raiders losing their top two drafts picks to injuries was the impression that cornerback Gareon Conley and Obi Melifonwu made on teammates.”

Though not publicly, the Raiders coaching staff privately questioned Conley’s drive since he arrived in Oakland and Tafur added on Tuesday that at least one player was concerned that Melifonwu and Conley might not “really want it”.

Obviously, the Raiders highly touted rookies were only two of the many disappointments that led to an incredibly underwhelming season in Oakland, but this storyline is just one more that will need to be cleared up or cleaned up by the next coaching staff.

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15 thoughts on “Report: Gareon Conley Didn’t Leave Favorable Impression On Some Teammates

    1. Hmmm, wonder if TJ Watt or R Foster could have helped us at LB instead of Conley in round 1? YES
      In round 2, hmmm could we have used Juju Schuster-Smith or Cooper Kupp at WR or Alvin Kamara or K Hunt at RB in round 2? YES
      Terrible picks!

    2. Are you a new fan? Wasted picks are in the past …..Mackenzie has hit on high % of his early round picks

      1. Are you daft? McKenzie hasn’t had a single good pick, period. Mack was put on a platter for whoever was after the Bills, and it happened to be us. He wasn’t even a decision, just an inevitable pick. Other than that, he hasn’t done much…he moved UP to pick Cook instead of that Dak Prescott guy…Carr is a one season wonder, Cooper a bust, everyone else a bust. We got a decent safety, and Mack…if we had a solid GM, we would be stacked with some serious studs. WE HAVE NO STUDS! How good can Conley be, he is more arrogant than Deion Sanders, he had soo many red flags…how could they draft this guy. Or dog beater Zamora…Fat Reggie has done us no favors. I think he should have went right along with Blackjack.

      2. wrong jihad ward bust 2nd rd dj hayden bust 1st rd pick BUST shilique calhouhn 3rd pick cut menelik watson 2nd rd pick BUST

  1. Quite honestly, I was hoping we would take the Alabama LB Foster. I cringed when they called Conley’s name not because he’s not a good player but because I really thought getting Foster at that spot was a STEAL. Many Raider fans never saw it possible that he would still be on the board for the Raiders selection. Even with the perceived shoulder injury and the really non issue of him being sent home from the combine early didn’t deter me. Conley may end up been a good player, but right now the jury’s out.

  2. Reggie man…I know that you know talent. But when you evaluate players it’s more than just how talented they are and/or how they show up on tape. You have to go deeper. You have to REALLY f#%+&# interview them! You have to make sure that they f#%&+# LOVE FOOTBALL! There were questions early on about DJ Haden’s desire, and now this about Conley and Melifonwu? Really? Hmm…maybe Gruden might ask Mark Davis for another GM. You better hope not, because if Gruden comes out of that ESPN Monday night booth, I’m pretty sure he has cart blanch for whatever. If I were you, I wouldn’t feel all that comfortable.

  3. If a reporter says it, it must be true. People really need to grow up and understand that the media are whores for a story and are not above making **** up because there is no way to fact check them.

  4. Every year I get excited for the draft, and every year I’m disappointed and dumbfounded not only by who they pick, but who they pass on. The teams that make the playoffs year in and year out always seem to draft better players than we do. Raiders count on these small school picks, then complain that they have no leadership. The best college players play for the best college coaches at the best college programs, stop passing on these guys trying to find a diamond in the rough.

    1. All In Agreement…
      I cannot remember a Draft when I got excited hearing a players name called by the Raiders save for only a few, Marcus Allen 10th overall selection 1982 Draft by the Los Angeles Raiders, Charles Woodson, Derek Carr and Khalil Mack 2014 Draft. I can’t even use the word excited, probably a more accurate word would be satisfied with the pick… I haven’t followed the college game this season, let’s hope we get something special at #9 or #10 rotation in every round, that’s 3 picks in the Top 75… Had a tremendous amount of underclassmen who opted for the draft last year so I think this years draft will probably NOT be too deep at the certain positions that those underclassmen populated… Hope for the Best, but more importantly, hope that the Raiders straighten out the mess they’ve created… You Fire Del Rio, and Leave Todd Downing in place for the next coach to decide on? WTF? Smells of incompetence at the highest level, both Reggie & Mark…

  5. FINALLY some people have gotten on board with me about Reggie’s bad drafts! I’ve been saying since this summer that RM reaches for picks and blows the top ends of the draft far too often. The entire 2012 and 2013 draft class is gone……think about that……not 1 single player from that draft is on the team and nearly all of ’em are out of football completely! And why take on all the BS with Conley when Tra’Davious White is right there or King? Why take the combine hero in Obi when there were so many other, more proven, players still on the board? Why draft Clive Walford in round 3 when we didn’t even NEED a **** TE? Jihad Ward and Shilique Calhoun in rounds 2 and 3??? Really? Might as well have given away those picks for nothing! Ben Heeney, Neiron Ball, Max Valles……..Trading UP for Connor Cook! David Sharpe (garbage linemen). The list goes on and on. Just because we’re starting a ton of UDFA’s and 7th round picks doesn’t mean they’re legit starters. Most of them just take up space while the few talented players we DO have (Mack, Irvin, ….hard to think of any more) try to make plays against triple-teams. F McKenzie…..

  6. I pretty well knew there was something up with Conley when he didn’t play for most of this year because of “shin splints.” Give me a break!!! Shin splints!!! That tells me one of two things: 1) the coaching staff is excessively coddling Gareon Conley or 2) Conley has an issue with playing hurt (no heart or commitment). Now I believe, after hearing this latest piece of information, it’s the latter of the two reasons I just mentioned.

  7. There is a reason mark davis hired Reggie McKenzie. There is also a reason we went 12-4 last season. Not 1 NFL team has been solid every year not even the beloved cheating patriots. Yes we had a down year but who can say they know definitely that Conley or melifonwu don’t have the desire. Remember Carr went 3-13 his first year. I believe in McKenzie at draft time. Yes there were players available when we got Conley but I think he will be solid at DB next season and we can focus on other positions this draft. Remember Mack is great Carr is solid 2 of Reggie’s draft picks. But we got talent from FA as well. Irving and Crabtree. You can’t build solid in 1 draft, yet Reggie gave us a chance when he drafted Mack Carr and yes cooper. Green Bay is still a solid team thanks to Reggie.

  8. can anyone find that picture from earlier in the year of conely’s shin? in looked like there was skin and tissue missing and you could see some bone.

    whatever is was it wasn’t shin splints it looked gruesome. like someone peeled off the skin to his shin anf left this open wound.

  9. Shouldn’t judge anyone on defense while playing under Ken Norton. He sucked and defense did too. Player’s looked better a week after his departure. Expect to see what they can do with a real defensive coach next season.

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